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Statement of Official Position 

1. EFFORTS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the support of individuals who suffer with Emphysema, a Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).  Its members are committed to the goals of the organization.

2.  EFFORTS is a politically impartial organization.  It does not support any specific party, but will support different bills that might effect our goals, regardless of the political party that sponsors them. 

We believe that the amount of  research being conducted in an effort to find medications specifically for emphysema and to search for a cure for this disease is insufficient.  We further believe that the major medical research centers must place emphysema and related lung disease in the order of importance that reflects this country's mortality figures.  EMPHYSEMA  is the fourth greatest killer and the second leading cause of disabilities in this country.

  We believe that any tobacco settlements with federal, state and/or local governments or insurance companies must include provisions that specific portions of such settlements be earmarked for education against smoking for our nation's youth and for research and development with the purpose of finding more effective treatment and a cure for emphysema and related lung diseases. While we accept full responsibility for continuing to smoke after warnings were issued, it is our belief that cigarette manufacturers sell an addictive and harmful product, and that they did nothing to inform the public of the addictive nature of their product except when forced by the Federal Government.

We have no interest in personally receiving or filing suit for monies because of the disease we have contracted.

5. We believe that the treatments and surgeries for EMPHYSEMA and other lung diseases are very limited and that insurance companies and Medicare must stop withholding reimbursement for these treatments when they are available to and needed by individuals with lung disease.

6. We believe we have a responsibility to help assure the health of future generations. We believe education to prevent smoking should begin early and be included in the public and private schools health programs.

7. We believe that educational programs must be extended to those who are addicted to tobacco, and that drug addiction programs must include comparable help for tobacco addiction.

8. We believe that the public does not understand the devastating effect of EMPHYSEMA on its victims and the indignities they encounter. We believe that education of the general public must be provided, with the intent that those with EMPHYSEMA (COPD) and other lung disease need not feel stigmatized and isolated in dealing with their disease.

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