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More Information About Our Disease

The information herein comes from many sources on the Internet as well as from our members and Medical Professionals. The information is meant as a means to help educate folks with emphysema and related lung disease in learning to deal with COPD.  Information contained herein should always be confirmed with your own personal physician.  We thank the sources we have used for providing this information to us.

Should you have suggestions for additions to the information shown on this page, please contact the list management -   efforts-request@effortslist,org

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Mother Nature.Com-Emphysema

Causes, Symptoms, Overviews Diagnosis,Tests, & Testing Medicines, Medical Devices
Basic Information about COPD (Animated Video) Basic Information about Spirometry (Animated Video) COPD Medicines
How lungs work Spirometry - GoldCOPD's PowerPoint Slides Advair (Seretide outside US)
The Respiratory System Pulmonary Function Tests - Basic Ariflo (PDE-4 Inhibitor) in Development
What happens if I smoke with Emphysema? Pulmonary Function Tests - More Avelox (new antibiotic for chronic bronchitis)
COPD, Emphysema, or Bronchitis? Pulmonary Function Tests - Interpretation Brovana (arformoterol solution)
Asthma or COPD? Reading Your PFT Report Foradil (Oxis outside US)
Chronic Bronchitis or Emphysema? Peak Flow Meters Perforomist (formoterol solution)
Diagnosing Lung Disease Blood Gases Manual Spiriva
Diagnosing COPD Understanding Medical Tests - Information on all tests Xopenex (levalbuterol)
Diagnosing Emphysema Understanding Your Lab Test Results Nasal Wash Treatment (for stuffy nose)
What is Alpha1 Emphysema? PFT Predicted Values (NIOSH)  
Alpha1 (AAT) Fact Sheet  -- Calculators -- Herbs, Botanicals & Supplements (Sloan Kettering)
Mild, Moderate or Severe? PFT Predicted Values (Johns Hopkins) Drug Details (4500+ Drugs) 
End Stage? PEF (Peak Flow) Normal Values Drug Interactions Checker
Pink Puffer/Blue Bloater BODE Index Drug Interactions Checker also
Pulmonary Hypertension Lung Age (for Smoking Cessation) Interactions-Medicines, Vitamins, Herbs
Congestive Heart Failure SaO2/PaO2 Equivalent Values  -- Prednisone --
Why do our feet swell?   All about Prednisone
Short of Breath or Winded? Breathing Techniques Answers to FAQ about Prednisone
Runny Nose, Bladder Probs, Panic Attacks, SOB Breathing Distress Prednisone and your eyes
  Pursed Lip and Diaphragmatic Breathing Bruises and Bloodspots
Exercise, Rehabilitation    -- Inhalers/Nebulizers/Other Devices --
Even Modest Exercise Helps! Nutrition Suggested sequence of multiple inhaled medications
Pulmonary Rehab - Guidelines Nutritional Guidelines for People With COPD How to use inhalers (illustrated)
Pulmonary Rehab - Handbook Eating Right (AARC) How to Use Spiriva Handihaler (Video)
Home Exercise (NIA Guide) Online What Should You Eat (Lincare) How to use inhalers (animated videos)
Home Exercise (NIA Guide) Printed, DVD, or VHS Tape COPD Nutrition (Apria) How to use a spacer
More Home Exercises COPD Nutrition (Olivija's page) How to use a nebulizer
Exercises for People With Breathing Problems (Huff n Puff) Eating well when you have COPD (Yahoo Health) Nebulizer - Omron, incl. Ultrasonic Portable
Starting a Home Exercise Program Nutritional Support, Body Weight, and COPD (Part 1) Nebulizer - Mystique Ultrasonic Portable
An RRT’s Notes/Advice on Treadmill Exercise Nutritional Support, Body Weight, and COPD (Part 2) Nebulizer - PulmoAide
  Micro-Nutrients for Older Adults Acapella (Mucus Clearance Device) -Video [slow loading]
Oxygen, Oxygen EQUIPMENT, Oximeters   Flutter® Valve (Mucus Clearance Device)
Long Term Oxygen Therapy (UK) Surgery - LVRS, BVR, STENTS, Transplants Flutter Valve and Balloons?
Notes on Oxygen Therapy, by several RRTs Surgical Therapy for COPD Flutter Purchase Source
Transtracheal Oxygen (TTO) History of Lung Volume Reduction Surgery Flutter Valve and Balloons?
Liquid Oxygen and Medicare About Lung Volume Reduction Surgery ‘Doser’- an Inhaler Use Counter
All about Portable Oxygen systems History of NETT, and Participant Qualifications  Counterstrips - Inhaler Use Counters
Oxlife Portable O2 DC Concentrator National Emphysema Treatment Trial (NHLBI)  Mucus Clearing Devices (Richard D. Martin)
Oxymatic Portable Oxygen Systems National Emphysema Treatment Trial (Baylor) 
Helios Portable O2 System (Liquid) [BVR] - How Bronchial Volume Reduction Works  Exacerbations & Panic Attacks 
Smart Dose Auto-Adjusting Portables [BVR] - Emphasys Endobronchial Valve (EBV) How to help control Panic Attacks
Other Portable O2 Systems (Gas) [BVR] - Spiration Intra-Bronchial Valve (IBV) Control Breathing/Panic Attacks (Long) 
Cannulas (Salter Labs) [BVR] - Aeris Adhesive Procedure (BLVR)  Pursed Lip and Diaphragmatic Breathing
Water in Oxygen Supply Tubing ('Rain-out') EASE - Exhale Airway Stents for Emphysema  Bladder Control Problems 
Oxygen Flow Meter (Jameson Liter Meter) Lung Transplant  
Oxygen Flow Meter (Oxyview®)  Transplant Support SLEEPING DISORDERS (Tired all the time) 
What is an Oximeter; how does it work? BiPap or Ventilator?  Sleep Apnea - All About It (OSA)
Update on Oximeters and how they work. ( Mary Burns, RN)   Sleep Apnea - (The Sleep Foundation) 
Use of an Oximeter from a Pilot’s viewpoint Personal Experiences of Surgeries  Sleep and COPD 
Letter for Oximeter Prescription By Doctor Diary of a recipient of an LVRS- Richard Young  Sleep Study 'In Progress' 
How an oximeter works Personal accounts of an LVRS – Joe Kowalski   Sleep Apnea and a CPAP 
Oximeter Sources Personal accounts of LVRS Experiences  Tips on using a CPAP 
Digit Pulse Oximeter Personal accounts of Lung Transplant approvals  The difference between a CPAP and a BiPap 
Air Hunger?  Oxygen OK, But.. Personal NETT experiences  Noninvasive Ventilation 
O2 Backpacks, Shoulder Bags (1)    
O2 Backpacks, Shoulder Bags (2)
Making the Most of YOUR Doctor Visits  Coping Tips 
O2 Backpacks,Shoulder Bags (3) Communicating With Your Doctor_(Video) Coping with Everyday Life: Tips from our members 
Refurbished Concentrators Tips for Talking to Your Doctor  Disabled Parking Permits 
Wheelchairs, Gadgets and Helpers Talking to Your Doctor about COPD   - For Family and Friends - 
  What to Ask Your Doctor on the First Visit  Sick Lungs Don't Show 
Traveling with Oxygen Medical Information Form An Open Letter to Family
Disabled Parking Permits Unhappy with your Doctor? Relationships with Spouse, Family and Friends
Travel Preparations (Checklist) Living with and caring for persons with COPD
Travel with Oxygen (Breathin' Easy) Tips & Articles Excellent Additional Medical Sites and Info
O2 Sources while traveling Questions answered by Our Medical Professionals
Portable Concentrators & Other O2 on Airlines Living Well with COPD (AACP CHEST)
Patient Information about Air Travel with Oxygen Encyclopedia of Respiratory Terminology
  Merck Manual: Lung and Airway Disorders
  FDA- New Drug Development Procedures
Mayo Clinic COPD Information 
Interactive Health Tutorials
  Medical Hoaxes
  COPD - NY Times Health Information
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