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1. To bring together appropriate health, medical, research, political, and insurance divisions of all private and governmental concerns to focus on finding a cure for emphysema and related lung diseases, and to promote those actions which would bring about more specifically effective treatments for emphysema.

2. To promote education as a preventive measure to help keep young people from starting to smoke and encourage others to stop smoking.  Approximately 3000 children start smoking everyday and about 1000 of those will die an early death from a smoking related illness.  We care about all future generations of our children.

3. To help the public understand that those who suffer from lung disease can be extremely ill and susceptible to severe and even fatal complications and still not be bedridden.

4. To actively promote as much funding as possible from the tobacco industry, the government, insurance companies and private sources to research for more effective treatments and a cure for emphysema, and to provide education about emphysema and related lung diseases.
The following must be addressed:

    a.  Provision of basic lung function tests as part of regular health checkups for the purpose of earlier detection and treatment of lung diseases.

    b.  Introduction of methods to allow individuals without proper insurance or medical protection full access to facilities to help them obtain the proper treatment and medicines, including oxygen and monitoring equipment, for their disease. 

    c.  Recognition that nicotine is a drug and that smoking cessation programs such as the programs that exist for alcohol and other drug addictions must be developed.

    d.  Recognition of the need for the costs of medicines and treatments to be at a cost sufficient to be affordable to the individual through Federal and State agencies, Drug Manufacturers, Insurance Companies and Medical Facilities, all working together, to ensure that an individual or family can depend on acceptable care without being deprived any required treatment.

5. To work for international recognition of our organization, goals and activities.

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