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Committee Structure

To reach anyone on this list, send an email to efforts-request@effortslist.org . If you want to reach a specific person, please put that person's name in the subject line.

Executive Board

Our Professional Staff

Linda Watson, President
Edna Fiore  
Jean Rommes
Jim Nelson
Mary Nelson
John Linnell Respiratory Care Practitioner
Joy Hobbs Mark W. Mangus, Sr. RRT,RCP, RPFT,ACCP
Debbie Snodell, Secretary  
Gary Collins, Group Attorney
  Home Medical Equipment
  Peter Bliss, Engineer/Consultant
Support and Rehab Groups Team List Managers
Linda Watson Linda Watson
Joy Hobbs
  Marsha Tomlinson
  Kathy Townsend
  Jim Coudriet
Web Pages Deceased
Mickey Wagner, Vice Pres, Co-founder Jan 20, 2000
Gary Bain, President, Co-founder Aprl 30, 2008
Newsletter Sharon Adkins, Co-founder Dec 30, 2012
  Frank Barrett Vice Pres Nov 27, 2008 
Joan Esposito Vice Pres, Newsletter Dec 27, 2011 
Thomas L Petty, MD Medical
Pat Crowe, List Manager, Nov 3, 2006