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The information on (or referenced by) the EFFORTS’ website and discussion lists is not intended or implied to be a substitute for the professional medical advice of your own healthcare providers.

Inhaled Medications Chart

Bronchodilators Inhaled Corticosteroids
Anticholinergics Beta–2 Agonists
Generic Brand Generic Brand Generic Brand
ipratropium bromide ATROVENT albuterol sulfate PROVENTIL, VENTOLIN, PROAIR beclomethasone dipropionate QVAR
tiotropium bromide SPIRIVA levalbuterol tartrate XOPENEX budesonide PULMICORT
aclidinium bromide TUDORZA terbutalinee None ciclesonide ALVESCO
umeclidinium INCRUSE ELLIPTA salmeterol xinafoate SEREVENT flunisolide AEROBID
aformoteroltartrate BROVANA fluticasone FLOVENT
formoterol fumarate FORADIL, PERFOROMIST mometasone ASMANEX
indacaterol ARCAPTA NEOHALER triamcinolone acetoide AZMACORT
indacaterol maleate ONBREZ BREEZHALER fluticasone furoate ARNUITY ELLIPTA

Combination Medications Chart

Brand Name Bronchodilators Inhaled Corticosteroids
Anticholinergics Beta–2 Agonists
COMBIVENT, DUONEB ipratropium bromide albuterol
ADVAIR salmeterol fluticasone propionate
SYMBICORT formoterol fumarate dihydrate budesonide
DULERA formoterol fumarate dihydrate mometasone furoate
BREO ELLIPTA vilanterol fluticasone furoate
ANORO ELLIPTA umeclidinium vilanterol
ULTIBRO BREEZEHALER glycopyrronium bromide indacaterol maleate
STIOLTO RESPIMAT tiotropium bromide olodaterol
BEVESPI AEROSPHERE glycopyrrolate formoterol fumarate

Shaded areas indicate “long–acting” medications:
  • long–acting beta–agonist = LABA
  • short–acting, anticholinergic (muscarinic) = SAMA
Clear boxes in the chart indicate “short–acting” medications:
  • short–acting beta–agonist = SABA
  • short–acting anticholinergic (muscarinic) = SAMA

Suggested Sequence of Administration

1.) Take short–acting drugs at least 2 hours before long–acting drugs in the same class to avoid interfering with the long–acting drug's action.

2.) If you MUST take the short acting medications FIRST, ALWAYS wait at least 2 hours before taking any long–acting medications! If SABA is used on a regular scheduled basis, always take it after the LABA, and never less than 2 hours before it.

If you MUST take the SABA agonist before taking the LABA, wait at least 2 hours before taking the LABA after taking the SABA!

3.) If you must use a SABA on a rescue basis, wait at least 2 hours before taking your next dose of LABA.

4.) If you use a SAMA in addition to your LAMA, ALWAYS take it after the LAMA and never less than 2 hours before the LAMA.

Updated October 28, 2016 Noah Greenspan, DPT, CCS, EMT–B & Mark W Mangus (updated 4/27/17), Sr, BSRC, RRT, RPFT, FAARC

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