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EFFORTS — PO Box 20241
Kansas City, MO 64195–0241
Ph: 1–866–END–COPD
The information on (or referenced by) the EFFORTS’ website and discussion lists is not intended or implied to be a substitute for the professional medical advice of your own healthcare providers.


We are a 501©(3) tax-exempt corporation and as such any contributions are tax-deductible.

We have no paid managers or employees — all are volunteers. We have no regular corporate sponsors. We are completely patient operated, and must handle our expenses largely with funds from our own membership. We would appreciate any help offered. You can donate in many ways. By Paypal or credit card here:


or mail to:

P. O. Box 20241
Kansas City, MO. 64195–0241


We also accept memorial contributions. You will receive a receipt, and, if requested, we will advise the grieving family of your donation to EFFORTS.

Thank you very much.
Your contributions help us continue the work begun by Gary Bain in order to realize parts of his/our dream.

Linda Watson, President