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Pulmonary Rehabilitation Locations

Please pardon our dust as we redo this page and validate our data. For facilities outside of Canada and the United States, please use our old pages.

You can use the the State/Province filter below to select a single state. To see all states and provinces, choose "*All*". You can sort this list by city within state or by facility name within state. If you see inaccuracies, please send the corrected listing to: efforts-request@effortslist.org .

NOTE: All of these locations advertise themselves as providers of outpatient pulmonary programs. Please be aware that these programs can vary widely in content and quality. In most instances, you will need to obtain a referral from a physician, at which time you may wish to review with him both the content and quality of alternate programs that may be available in your area.

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Alexander CityRussell Medical Center, 3316 Highway 280,
Alexander City, AL,
Fax: 256/329-7186
Contact: Lucy Lawrence
Website: http://www.russellmedcenter.com/programsandservices/medicalservices/pulmonary.aspx
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/6/2011)
 AnnistonRegional Medical Center, 400 E. 10th Street,
Anniston, AL,

Website: http://www.rmccares.org/services/medicalservices/cardiology.html
Notes: Cardio rehab
(Verified: 10/6/2011)
 AthensLimestone Hospital, 700 W Market St,
Athens, AL,
Fax: 256/233-9512
Contact: Cherri Walker, Asst. Director Therapy ServicesEmail: cherriwa@alhnet.org

Website: http://www.athenslimestonehospital.com/getpage.php?name=respiratory
Notes: Check with Pulmonary Dept.
(Verified: 10/6/2011)
 BirminghamBrookwood Medical Center, 2010 Brookwood Medical Center Dr,
Birmingham, AL,

Website: http://www.bwmc.com/en-us/ourservices/medicalservices/pages/cardiovascularservices.aspx
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/6/2011)
 BirminghamHealthSouth Lakeshore Rehabilitation Hospital, 3800 Ridgeway Drive,
Birmingham, AL,
Fax: 205/262-3862

Website: http://www.healthsouthlakeshorerehab.com/op_services.asp
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/12/2011)
 BirminghamPhysicians Medical Center Carraway, 1600 Carraway Blvd,
Birmingham, AL,

Website: http://www.carraway.com/p_serv_cardio.htm
Notes: Possible cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/12/2011)
 BirminghamPrinceton Baptist Medical Center, 701 Princeton Ave, SW,
Birmingham, AL,

Website: http://www.bhsala.com/body_princeton.cfm?id=742
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/12/2011)
 BirminghamSt. Vincent's Hospital - Birmingham, 810 St Vincent's Drive - Bldg. 3, 1st floor,
Birmingham, AL,
Fax: 205/930-2636
Contact: Jamie KykerEmail: jkyker@stv.org

Website: http://www.stvhs.com/birmingham/pulmonaryrehab.asp
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/12/2011)
 BirminghamTrinity Medical Center – Montclair, 800 Montclair Road,
Birmingham, AL,

Website: http://www.trinitymedicalonline.com/services/heart%20services/pages/cardiac%20rehab.aspx
Notes: Cardio rehab
(Verified: 10/12/2011)
 BirminghamUniversity of Alabama - Birmingham Health System, 1717 Sixth Ave, South, Spain Rehab Center - Rm 480,
Birmingham, AL,
Fax: 205/975-5402

Website: http://www1.uabhealth.org/cs/satellite?c=eha_content_c&cid=1213765434299&pagename=uab_hv/central_template
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/12/2011)
 BoazMarshall Medical Center - South, Therapy Plus Wellness Center, 2505 US Hwy 31,
Boaz, AL,

Website: http://www.mmcenters.com/index.php/services/cardiac_rehab
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/12/2011)
 CullmanCullman Regional Medical Center - ONE Rehab, 1912 Alabama Highway 157, PO Box 1108,
Cullman, AL,
Fax: 256/737-2560

Website: http://www.crmchospital.com/our_services/all_services/rehabilitation_therapy_services.aspx
(Verified: 10/12/2011)
 DothanHealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital, 1736 East Main St.,
Dothan, AL,
Fax: 334/712-9816

Website: http://www.healthsouthdothan.com/rehab_programs.asp
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/12/2011)
 DothanSoutheast Alabama Medical Center, 1480 Ross Clark Circle,
Dothan, AL,

Website: http://www.samc.org/index.php/ourhospital/patientinformation.html
Notes: Found no pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/12/2011)
 FairhopeThomas Hospital, 809 Nicholas Ave,
Fairhope, AL,

Website: http://www.thomashospital.com/services-heartrehab.aspx
Notes: Cardio rehab
(Verified: 10/12/2011)
 FayetteFayette Medical Center, 1653 Temple Ave, PO Box 710,
Fayette, AL, 35555-1314

Website: http://www.dchsystem.com/body.cfm?xyzpdqabc=0&id=36934&action=detail&ref=115
Notes: Cardio rehab only
(Verified: 10/12/2011)
 FlorenceEliza Coffee Memorial Hospital, 205 Marengo St,
Florence, AL,
Fax: 256/740-8525
Contact: Mary Lynn JacksonEmail: mljackson@chgroup.org

Website: http://www.chgroup.org/ecm/aboutus/contactus.php
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/12/2011)
 FoleySouth Baldwin Regional Medical Center, 1613 N McKenzie St,
Foley, AL,
Fax: 251/949-3417

Website: http://www.southbaldwinrmc.com/services/pages/cardiac%20and%20pulmonary%20rehabilitation.aspx
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/12/2011)
 Ft PayneBaptist Medical Center – Dekalb, 200 Medical Center Drive,
Ft Payne, AL,

Website: http://www.dekalbregional.com/services/pages/cardiopulmonary%20services.aspx
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/12/2011)
 GadsdenGadsden Regional Medical Center, 1007 Goodyear Ave.,
Gadsden, AL,
Fax: 256/494-4555
Contact: Carol DavisEmail: CarolDavis@gadsdenregional.com  

Website: http://www.gadsdenregional.com/our%20services/pages/the%20rehab%20center.aspx
Notes: Cardio rehab
(Verified: 10/12/2011)
 GuntersvilleMarshall Medical Center - North, Therapy Plus Wellness Center, 8000 AL Highway 69,
Guntersville, AL,

Website: http://www.mmcenters.com/index.php/services/cardiac_rehab
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/12/2011)
 GuntersvilleTherapy Plus Wellness Center, 40 Medical Park Drive,
Guntersville, AL,

Website: http://www.mmcenters.com/services/cardiac_rehab.php
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/12/2011)
 OpelikaEast Alabama Medical Center, 2000 Pepperell Parkway,
Opalika, AL,

Website: http:////www.eamc.org/programsservices/cardiopulmonaryrehabilitation.aspx
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/12/2011)


AnchorageAlaska Regional Hospital, Health Management Center, 2751 DeBarr Rd. - Suite 250, ,
Anchorage, AK,
Fax: 907/264-1379
Contact: Ruth Townsend, MSEmail: ruth.townsend@ak.columbia.net

Website: http://www.alaskaregional.com/custompage.asp?guidcustomcontentid=8c5ee936-5d40-44f5-8534-9480adaf429c
Notes: Cardio rehab
(Verified: 10/12/2011)
 AnchorageProvidence Alaska Medical Center, Providence Puff-Ins Pulmonary Rehab, 3200 Providence Dr., PO Box 196604,
Anchorage, AK,
Fax: 907/261-4823
Contact: Pat Lara, MS
Website: http://www.providence.org/alaska/education/pulm_pali.htm
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/12/2011)
 FairbanksFairbanks Memorial Hospital, 1650 Cowles Street,
Fairbanks, AK,
Fax: 907/458-6488

Website: http://www.bannerhealth.com/locations/alaska/fairbanks+memorial+hospital/programs+and+services/heart+care/cardiac+rehab/_rehabilitation.htm
Notes: Cardio rehab
(Verified: 10/13/2011)
 JuneauBartlett Regional Hospital, Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 3260 Hospital Dr.,
Juneau, AK,
Fax: 907/463-4919
Contact: Bob Chatfield, RN or Janice Gray, RN
Website: http://www.bartletthospital.org/patientservices/cardiacrehab.html
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/12/2011)


EdmontonEdmonton General, The Caritas Center for Lung Health, 11111 Jasper Ave,
Edmonton, AB, T5K 0L4
Fax: 780/342-8980
Email: tclh@hotmail.com

Website: http://www.caritas.ab.ca/home/hospitals/edmontongeneral/allprograms_edmontongeneral/caritas+centre+for+lung+health.htm
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/12/2011)


BensonBenson Hospital, Cardio/ Pulmonary Rehab, 450 S Ocotillo, P.O. Box 2290,
Benson, AZ,

Website: http://www.bensonhospital.org/outpatient.htm
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/12/2011)
 Casa GrandeCasa Grande Regional Medical Center, 1800 E Florence Blvd.,
Casa Grande, AZ,
Fax: 520-381-6647

Website: http://www.casagrandehospital.com/services/view/respiratory_therapy
Notes: IP & OP Cardio Rehab
(Verified: 10/14/2011)
 ChandlerChandler Regional Hospital, Cardio/Pulmonary Rehab, 475 South Dobson Road,
Chandler, AZ,

Website: http://www.chandlerregional.org/medical_services/cardiopulmonary_services_department/crhv2_m120682
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/12/2011)
 FlagstaffFlagstaff  Medical  Center, Cardio/ Pulmonary Rehab, 1200 North Beaver,
Flagstaff, AZ,

Website: http://www.flagstaffmedicalcenter.com/ourservices/heartandvascularcare/cardiacrehabilitation/
Notes: Cardio rehab
(Verified: 10/12/2011)
 GlendaleArrowhead Hospital, Cardio rehab, 18700 N 64th Avenue - Suite 105,
Glendale, AZ,
Fax: 623/572-4583

Website: http://www.abrazohealth.com/services/cardiac/treatments/cardiac_rehab.aspx
Notes: Cardio rehab
(Verified: 10/13/2011)
 GlendaleBanner Thunderbird Hospital, Cardio rehab, 5555 W Thunderbird Road,
Glendale, AZ,

Website: http://www.bannerhealth.com/locations/arizona/banner+thunderbird+medical+center/programs+and+services/heart+care/cardiac+rehabilitation.htm
Notes: Cardio rehab
(Verified: 10/13/2011)
 GlobeCobre Valley Community Hospital, 5880 S Hospital Drive, P.O. Box 3261,
Globe, AZ,

Contact: Debi Busby, DirectorEmail: Dbusby@cvrmc.org

Website: http://www.cvrmc.org/getpage.php?name=cardio
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/12/2011)
 KingmanKingman Regional Hospital, Cardio rehab, 3269 Stockton Hill Road,
Kingman, AZ,

Website: http:////www.azkrmc.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=28&itemid=88
Notes: Cardio rehab
(Verified: 10/13/2011)
 MesaDesert Samaritan Medical Center, Pulmonary Rehab, 1400 South Dobson Road,
Mesa, AZ,

Website: http://www.bannerhealth.com/locations/arizona/banner+desert+medical+center/programs+and+services/rehabilitation/pulmonary+rehab.htm
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/13/2011)
 PhoenixGood Samaritan Hospital, Cavanaugh Heart Center, 1111 E McDowell Road,
Phoenix, AZ,

Website: http://www.bannerhealth.com/locations/arizona/banner+good+samaritan+medical+center/programs+and+services/heart+care/services/cardiac+rehabilitation.htm
Notes: Cardio rehab
(Verified: 10/13/2011)
 PhoenixParadise Valley Hospital, Cardio rehab, 3811 E Bell Road - Suite 100,
Phoenix, AZ,

Website: http://www.abrazohealth.com/services/cardiac/treatments/cardiac_rehab.aspx
Notes: Cardio rehab
(Verified: 10/13/2011)
 PrescottYavapai Regional Medical Center - West, Cardio rehab, 1003 Willow Creek Road,
Prescott, AZ,

Website: http://www.yrmc.org/departments/pendleton/pendleton.aspx
Notes: Cardio rehab
(Verified: 10/13/2011)
 Prescott ValleyYavapai Regional Medical Center - East, Cardio rehab, 7700 E Florentine Road,
Prescott Valley, AZ,

Website: http://www.yrmc.org/departments/pendleton/pendleton.aspx
Notes: Cardio rehab
(Verified: 10/13/2011)
 Sun CityBoswell Memorial Hospital, Sun Health Center for Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 10401 W Thunderbird Blvd.,
Sun City, AZ,

Website: http://www.bannerhealth.com/locations/arizona/banner+boswell+medical+center/programs+and+services/heart+care/rehabilitation.htm
Notes: Cardio rehab
(Verified: 10/13/2011)
 TucsonCarondelet St Joseph’s Hospital, Carondelet Heart & Vascular Institute, 4888 N Stone Ave,
Tucson, AZ,
Contact: Email:

Website: http://www.carondelet.org/home/hospitals-locations/carondelet-heart-vascular-institute.aspx
Notes: Cardio rehab
(Verified: 10/13/2011)
 TucsonHealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Southern Arizona, 1921 West Hospital Drive,
Tucson, AZ,
Fax: 520/742-2639

Website: http://www.healthsouthsouthernarizona.com/
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/13/2011)
 YumaYuma Regional Medical Center, Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 2550 S. 4th Ave.,
Yuma, AZ,

Website: http://www.yumaregional.org/body.cfm?id=201
Notes: Cardio & pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/13/2011)


ArkadelphiaBaptist Health Medical Center - Arkadelphia, 3050 Twin Rivers Drive,
Arkadelphia, AR, 71923-4299

Website: http://www.baptist-health.com/more_services/cardiac/
Notes: Cardio rehab
(Verified: 10/13/2011)
 BatesvilleWhite River Medical Center, Cardio rehab, 1710 Harrison Street,
Batesville, AR,

Contact: Anna Grantham
Website: http://www.whiteriverhealthsystem.com/cardiac_care.php
Notes: Cardio rehab
(Verified: 10/16/2011)
 BentonvilleMercy Health System of Northwest Arkansas, Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 3101 SE 14th Street,
Bentonville, AR,

Contact: Email:

Website: http://www.mercy4u.com/services/mercy/physical.asp
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/16/2011)
 BentonvilleNorthwest Medical Center - Bentonville, Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 3000 Medical Center Parkway,
Bentonville, AR,

Website: http://www.northwesthealth.com/heart/pages/cardiopulmonary%20rehab.aspx
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/16/2011)
 FayettevilleWashington Regional Center for Exercise, Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 12 E Appleby Road,
Fayetteville, AR,
Fax: 479/463-3494
Contact: John Layes, MEEmail: kweston@wregional.com

Website: http://www.wregional.com/phasesofcardiacrehabilitation
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/16/2011)
 Fort SmithSt Edward Mercy Medical Center, Cardio rehab, 7301 Rogers Ave,
Fort Smith, AR,

Website: http://www.stedwardmercy.com/quality/medsurg/cardiac/rehab.asp
Notes: Cardio rehab
(Verified: 10/16/2011)
 Heber SpringsBaptist Health Medical Center - Heber Springs, , 1800 Bypass Road,
Heber Springs, AR,

Website: http://www.baptist-health.com/more_services/cardiac/
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/16/2011)
 JonesboroNEA Baptist Memorial Hospital, Pulmonary Rehab, 3024 Stadium Blvd,
Jonesboro, AR,

Website: http://www.baptistonline.org/facilities/jonesboro_nea/services/pulmonary_rehab.asp
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/16/2011)
 Little RockBaptist Health Medical Center - Little Rock, 9601 Interstate 630, exit 7,
Little Rock, AR, 72205-7299

Website: http://www.baptist-health.com/more_services/cardiac/
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/16/2011)
 Mountain HomeBaxter Regional Medical Center, 624 Hospital Drive,
Mountain Home, AR,

Website: http://www.baxterregional.org/programs_and_services/73-pulmonary-rehabilitation
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/16/2011)
 North Little RockBaptist Health Medical Center - North Little Rock, 3333 Springhill Drive,
North Little Rock, AR,

Website: http://www.baptist-health.com/more_services/cardiac/
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/16/2011)
 OzarkMercy Hospital - Turner Memorial, Small hospital, may not offer pulmo rehab, 801 W River Street,
Ozark, AR,

Website: http://www.healthgrades.com/hospital-directory/arkansas-ar/mercy-hospital-turner-memorial-hgst3d7d63ff041303
Notes: Found no pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/18/2011)
 RogersSt Mary's Hospital - Mercy Health Center, 5211 Village Parkway,
Rogers, AR,

Website: http://www.mercy4u.com/services/mercy/physical.asp
Notes: Possible cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/18/2011)
 Siloam SpringsSiloam Springs Memorial Hospital, 205 E Jefferson,
Siloam Springs, AR,
Fax: 479/549-2577

Website: http://www.siloamspringsmemorial.com/our%20services/pages/rehabilitation%20services.aspx
Notes: Cardio rehab
(Verified: 10/18/2011)
 SpringdaleNorthwest Medical Center - Springdale, 601 W. Maple Ave.,
Springdale, AR,

Website: http://www.northwesthealth.com/heart/pages/cardiopulmonary%20rehab.aspx
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 StuttgartBaptist Health Medical Center - Stuttgart, , 1703 N Buerkle,
Stuttgart, AR,

Website: http://www.baptist-health.com/maps-directions/bhmc-stuttgart/default.aspx
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 9/17/2011)


KelownaKelowna General Hospital, Rehab day program - details unknown, 2268 Pandosy Street,
Kelowna, BC, V1Y 1T2
Fax: 250/862-4356

Website: http://www.interiorhealth.ca/health-services.aspx?id=280
(Verified: 12/15/2011)
 VictoriaRoyal Jubilee Hospital, Pulmonary Rehab, 1952 Bay Street,
Victoria, BC, V8R 1J8
Fax: 250/755-7684

Website: http://find.healthlinkbc.ca/search.aspx?d=lc000001&ds=sl057681#searchresults
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 12/15/2011)


AnaheimAnaheim Memorial Medical Center, Cardio-Pulmonary Rehab Program, 1111 W. La Palma Ave.,
Anaheim, CA,
Fax: 714/999-3944
Contact: Linda Meimefis, RN, FAACRPREmail: lmeimefis@memnet.org

Website: http://www.anaheimregionalmc.com/clinical-services/heart-center.aspx
Notes: Cardio & pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/23/2011)
 ArcataMad River Community Hospital, Pulmonary Rehab, 3800 Janes Road,
Arcata, CA,

Contact: Carl Willoughby, RRT
Website: http://madriverhospital.com/services/pulmonary_rehab.htm
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/23/2011)
 BakersfieldBakersfield Memorial Hospital, Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 420 34th St.,
Bakersfield, CA,
Fax: 805/327-7368
Contact: Kathy Richardson, RNEmail: krichardson@chw.edu

Website: http://www.bakersfieldmemorial.org/medical_services/heart_and_vascular_services/182096
Notes: Cardio rehab
(Verified: 10/23/2011)
 BerkeleyAlta Bates / Summit Medical Center, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 2450 Ashy Ave,
Berkeley, CA,

Website: http://www.altabatessummit.org/clinical/cardiorehab.html
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/24/2011)
 BrentwoodJohn Muir Health Outpatient Center, Lung Health Services Office - Pulmo Rehab, 2400 Balfour Road,
Brentowood, CA,
Contact: Email:

Website: http://www.johnmuirhealth.com/services/lung-health-services/our-program.html
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 11/5/2011)
 CarmichaelMercy San Juan Hospital, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 6501 Coyle Ave.,
Carmichael, CA,
Fax: 916/537-5413
Contact: Barbara Rife, BS RCP
Website: http://www.mercysanjuan.org/medical_services/rehabilitation_services/pulmonary_rehabilitation/index.htm
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/23/2011)
 ChicoEnloe Medical Center, Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 888 Lakeside Village Commns - Bldg C,
Chico, CA,

Contact: Dorothy Mraz-SmithEmail: Dorothy.MrazSmith@enloe.org

Website: http://www.enloe.org/medical_services/pulmonary_rehabilitation.asp
Notes: Cardio & pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/24/2011)
 ConcordJohn Muir Medical Center, Lung Health Services Office - Pulmo Rehab, 2720 Grant St. - Bldg. I - Suite 3,
Concord, CA,
Fax: 925/674-2036
Contact: Lana Hilling, RCP, FACVPR Email: lana.hilling@johnmuirhealth.com

Website: http://www.johnmuirhealth.com/services/lung-health-services/our-program.html
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/24/2011)
 CovinaCitrus Valley Medical Center Inter-Community Campus, Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 210 W. San Bernadino Rd.,
Covina, CA,
Fax: 626/938-7579
Contact: Cinda Claprood, RCP, CRTT
Website: http://www.cvhp.org/clinical_services/rehabilitation/pulmonary_rehabilitation.aspx
Notes: Cardio & pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/23/2011)
 Daly CitySeton Medical Center, Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 1900 Sullivan - Lower level,
Daly City, CA,
Fax: 650/991-6775
Contact: Chris Garvey, RN, MPAEmail: chrisgarvey@dochs.org

Website: http://www.setonmedicalcenter.org/centers/pulmonary/pages/pulmonaryrehabilitation.aspx
Notes: Cardio & pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/23/2011)
 DowneyDowney Community Hospital, 11500 Brookshire Ave.,
Downey, CA,

Website: http://www.drmci.org/home%20page
Notes: No pulmo rehab listed
(Verified: 10/23/2011)
 EscondidoPalomar Medical Center, Cardio rehab, 555 East Valley Parkway,
Escondido, CA,
Fax: 760/739-2614

Website: http://www.pph.org/pphcontentpage.aspx?nd=231
Notes: Cardio rehab
(Verified: 10/23/2011)
 FremontWashington Hospital, Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 2500 Mowry Ave. - 2nd Floor,
Fremont, CA,
Fax: 510/739-0561
Contact: Margaret Chaika, BS RCPEmail: margaret_chaika@whhs.com

Website: http://www.whhs.com/pulmonary-rehabilitation/
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/23/2011)
 FresnoCommunity Medical Center, Pulmonary Rehab, 159 Wayte Lane,
Fresno, CA,
Fax: 559/459-2219
Contact: Ophelia Brandon, RRT, RCT
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 7/1/2016)
 Grass ValleySierra Nevada Memorial Hospital, Cardiac Rehabilitation Center, 155 Glasson Way,
Grass Valley, CA,
Fax: 530/274-6025
Notes: Cardio rehab
(Verified: 10/24/2011)
 HaywardSt. Rose Hospital, Cardio-Pulmonary Rehab Program, 27200 Calaroga Ave.,
Hayward, CA,
Fax: 510/264-4251
Contact: Donna Lopes, BSN, MPA
Notes: Cardio - pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/24/2011)
 KentfieldKentfield Rehabilitation Hospital, 1125 Sir Francis Drake Blvd,
Kentfield, CA,

Website: http://www.kentfieldrehab.com/default.asp?pid=prog
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/24/2011)
 La MesaGrossmont Hospital, 5555 Grossmont Ctr. Dr.,
La Mesa, CA,
Fax: 619/644-4159
Contact: Shelly RotsheckEmail: shelly.rotsheck@sharp.com

Website: http://arp.com
(Verified: 10/24/2011)
 La MesaLa Mesa Pulmonary Rehab, 8881 Fletcher Pkwy,
La Mesa, CA,

(Verified: 10/24/2011)
 LaJollaScripps Memorial Hospital, Cardiac Treatment Center, 9888 Genesee Ave,
La Jolla, CA,
Fax: 619/626-6474
Contact: Lucretia M. Moline-Messick, BSN
Notes: Cardio rehab
(Verified: 10/24/2011)
 LivermoreValleyCare Health System, Pulmo rehab, 1119 East Stanley Blvd.,
Livermore, CA,

Website: http://www.valleycare.com/programs/pulmonary_rehab.html
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 12/15/2011)
 Long BeachLong Beach Memorial Medical Center, Pulmonary Rehab, 2801 Atlantic Ave. - 2nd Floor,
Long Beach, CA, 90801-1428
Fax: 562/933-9224
Contact: Robyn Jervis Lonto, PTEmail: rjerv@juno.com

Website: http://www.memorialcare.org/medical_services/rehabilitation-therapy/pulmonary.cfm
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 12/15/2011)
 Los AngelesBarlow Respiratory Hospital, Pulmonary Rehab, 2000 Stadium Way,
Los Angeles, CA,
Fax: 213/202-6800
Contact: Roger Romero or Prim DesaiEmail: rehab@barlowhospital.org

Website: http://www.barlowhospital.org/main.php?pri=2&sec=2&ter=2
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 12/15/2011)
 MontereyCommunity Hospital - Monterey, Pulmonary Rehab, 576 Hartnell St. - Suite 260,
Monterey, CA,
Fax: 831/658-3000
Contact: Martha Kennifer, RN, BSN
Website: http://www.chomp.org/what-we-do/pulmonary-wellness/pulmonary-rehabilitation/
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 12/15/2011)
 Mountain ViewEl Camino Hospital, Cardiovascular Pulmonary Wellness Center, 2500 Grant Road, Ground floor - Old Main Hospital,
Mountain View, CA,
Fax: 650/966-9242
Contact: Susan Croopnick, RN, MSEmail: Sue-croopnick@elcaminohospital.com

Website: http://www.elcaminohospital.org/heart_vascular_institute/about_the_heart_vascular_institute/programs_services/cardiac_pulmonary_rehab/pulmonary_rehabilitation
Notes: Cardio - pulmo rehab
(Verified: 12/15/2011)
 North HillsSanta Monica / UCLA Medical Center, UCLA Pulmonary Fitness & Rehabilitation, 1250 16th St. - Room 3102,
Santa Monica, CA,
Fax: 310/206-4360

Website: http://www.uclahealth.org/body.cfm?id=453&action=detail&limit_department=27&limit_division=1109&cfid=55314804&cftoken=73740413
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 11/4/2011)
 OjaiOjai Valley Community Hospital, Pulmonary Rehab, 1306 Maricopa Highway,
Ojai, CA,

Website: http://www.cmhshealth.org/patient_services/pulmonary_rehab.shtml
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 11/4/2011)
 Palo AltoCardiac Therapy Foundation / Mid-Peninsula, Cardio rehab, 4000 Middlefield Rd - Suite G-8,
Palo Alto, CA,
Fax: 650/494-1301
Contact: Robin Wedell, RN,BSNEmail: ctf@ctf.csp.com

(Verified: 10/24/2011)
 PlacervilleMarshall Hospital, Cardiac Rehab/Pulmonary Rehab, Marshall Way,
Placerville, CA,
Fax: 530/621-4216
Contact: Joy Vedder
Notes: Cardio - pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/24/2011)
 PomonaCasa Colina Hospital, Outpatient Services , 255 East Bonita Avenue, PO Box 6001,
Pomona, CA, 91769-6001
Fax: 909/596-7845

(Verified: 10/24/2011)
 PomonaPomona Valley Hospital Medical Center, Pulmonary Rehab, 1910 Royalty Dr.,
Pomona, CA,

Website: http://www.pvhmc.org/pulmonary-services/pulmonary-rehab.asp
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 12/15/2011)
 PowayPPH Rehabalitition Services, Gateway Therapy Center, 15725 Pomerado Rd. - Suite 105,
Poway, CA,

(Verified: 10/24/2011)
 Rancho MirageEisenhower Memorial Hospital, Tamkin Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 39000 Bob Hope Drive,
Rancho Mirage, CA, 92270-3296

Contact: Amy Wente, CoordinatorEmail: awente@emc.org

Website: http://www.emc.org/body.cfm?id=168
(Verified: 10/30/2011)
 Redwood CitySequoia Hospital, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 170 Alameda de las Pulgas,
Redwood City, CA,
Fax: 650/367-5887
Contact: Gina Thomas, RCP, RRTEmail: pulrehab@chw.edu

Website: http://www.sequoiahospital.org/medical_services/sdr2_m065100
(Verified: 10/30/2011)
 RosevilleSutter Roseville Medical Center, Johnson Ranch Rehabilitation & Therapy, 2550 Douglas Blvd. - Suite 100,
Roseville, CA,
Fax: 916/780-2888
Contact: Email:

Website: http://www.sutterroseville.org/services/pulmonary.html
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 9/18/2011)
 SacramentoMercy General Hospital, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 4001 J St.,
Sacramento, CA,
Fax: 916/453-4922
Contact: Sally Ravas or Ron SteverEmail: sally.ravas@chw.edu

Website: http://www.mercygeneral.org/medical_services/rehabilitation_services/050621
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/23/2011)
 San DiegoAlvarado Hospital Medical Center, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 6645 Alvarado Road,
San Diego, CA,

Contact: Aimee JohnstonEmail: aimee.johnston@tenethealth.com

Website: http://www.alvaradohospital.com/ws_display.asp?filter=san.diego.rehabilitation.institute%20%28sp%29
(Verified: 10/30/2011)
 San DiegoSharp Memorial Hospital, Rehabilitation Services, 7901 Frost Street,
San Diego, CA,

Website: http://www.sharp.com/rehab/pulmonary-rehabilitation.cfm
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/30/2011)
 San DiegoUCSD Medical Center - Hillcrest, Pulmonary rehab, 200 W. Arbor Dr.,
San Diego, CA, 92103-8411

Contact: Denise D Hermann, MD, FACC or B GreenbergEmail: bgreenberg@ucsd.edu

Website: http://health.ucsd.edu/specialties/pulmonary/pages/rehab.aspx
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/30/2011)
 San FranciscoSaint Francis Memorial Hospital, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 900 Hyde Street - Lower level,
San Francisco, CA,

Contact: Kimberley Kennedy-ShawEmail: kkennedyshaw@chw.edu

Website: http://www.saintfrancismemorial.org/medical_services/195230
(Verified: 10/18/2011)
 San JoseGood Samaritan Hospital - Los Gatos, Pulmonary rehab, 2425 Samaritan Dr.,
San Jose, CA,
Fax: 408/559-2606
Website: http://goodsamsanjose.com/our-services/pulmonary-rehabilitation.dot
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 11/4/2011)
 San JoseO'Connor Hospital, Pulmonary rehab, 2105 Forest Avenue,
San Jose, CA, 95128-1471

Contact: Tim Marzolf, MS, RCEP - Program CoordinatorEmail: ochrehab@chw.edu

Website: http://www.oconnorhospital.org/services/heart_care/pages/rehabilitationsupportservices.aspx
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 11/4/2011)
 San PedroLCM (Little Company of Mary) San Pedro Hospital, Pulmonary rehab, 1300 West 7th St.,
San Pedro, CA,

Website: http://www2.providence.org/sanpedro/services/rehabilitation/pages/default.aspx
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 11/4/2011)
 Santa BarbaraHuman Performance Center, Pulmonary physical therapy, 2320 Calle Real,
Santa Barbara, CA,
Fax: 805/687-5325
Contact: Robert Huhn, PTEmail: rhuhn@hpcsb.com

Website: http://www.hpcsb.com/lung.html
Notes: Pulmonary physical therapy
(Verified: 1/21/2012)
 Santa CruzDominican Santa Cruz Hospital, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 1555 Soquel Drive,
Santa Cruz, CA,
Fax: 831/457-7149
Contact: Cathe PleasantEmail: cpleasa@chw.edu

Website: http://www.dominicanhospital.org/medical_services/cardiology/052821
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 11/4/2011)
 Santa MariaMarian Medical Center, Cardio Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 1400 E. Church Street,
Santa Maria, CA,
Fax: 805/739-3787

Website: http://www.marianmedicalcenter.org/medical_services/214087
(Verified: 11/4/2011)
 SepulvedaVA Medical Center - Sepulveda, , 16111 Plummer St.,
North Hills, CA,

Website: http://www.losangeles.va.gov/visitors/directionssep.asp
(Verified: 11/4/2011)
 St HelenaSt. Helena Hospital, Heart & Vascular Center, 10 Woodland Rd,
St Helena, CA,

Website: http://www.sthelenahospitals.org/condition/pulmonary-rehabilitation
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/23/2011)
 TarzanaValley CORF Inc., Pulmonary Rehab, 5620 Wilbur Ave. - Suite 103,
Tarzana, CA,
Fax: 818/264-7787
Email: valleycorf@gmail.com

Website: http://www.valleycorf.com/pulmonaryrehab.html
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 11/4/2011)
 TorranceLittle Company of Mary Hospital, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation Dept., 4101 Torrance Blvd.,
Torrance, CA,

Website: http://www2.providence.org/torrance/services/heart/pages/cardio-vascular-rehabilitation.aspx
(Verified: 11/4/2011)
 TorranceTorrance Memorial Medical Center, Pulmonary Rehab, 3330 Lomita Blvd.,
Torrance, CA,

Website: http://www.torrancememorial.org/clinical_services/rehabilitation/pulmonary_rehabilitation.aspx
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 11/4/2011)
 VenturaCommunity Memorial Hospital, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 147 N Brent St,
Ventura, CA,

Contact: Juanita Trine, RRT, NPS
Website: http://www.cmhshealth.org/patient_services/pulmonary_rehab.shtml
(Verified: 11/4/2011)
 Walnut CreekJohn Muir Health - Walnut Creek, Pulmonary Rehab, 1601 Ygnacio Valley Rd,
Walnut Creek, CA,
Contact: Email:

Website: http://www.johnmuirhealth.com/services/lung-health-services.html
(Verified: 11/5/2011)
 WeavervilleMountain Community Medical Services (f/k/aTrinity Hospital), Phase II Cardiac / Pulmonary Rehab, 410 N. Taylor St.,
Weaverville, CA,
Fax: 530/623-5702
Contact: Teddy Doppelhauer, RN, PHN
Website: http://www.mcmedical.org/
(Verified: 11/5/2011)
 WestlakeLos Robles Regional Medical Center, Cardiac Rehab & Pulmonary Rehab, 911 Hampshire Rd. - Suite 2,
Westlake, CA,
Fax: 805/497-3825
Contact: Ann Morse, RCP
Website: http://www.losrobleshospital.com/service/line/heart-center/
Notes: Cardio rehab
(Verified: 11/5/2011)


AlamosaSan Luis Valley Regional Medical Center, Cardiac Rehab & Pulmonary Rehab, 106 Blanca Ave,
Alamosa, CO,

Website: http://www.slvrmc.org/ps/rehab/index.htm
Notes: Cardio rehab
(Verified: 11/6/2011)
 AspenAspen Valley Hospital, Pulmo Rehab , 0401 Caslte Creek Road,
Aspen, CO,

Contact: Melody Durham, RN
Website: http://www.aspenvalleyhospital.org/hospital_services/cardiac_rehab.cfm
Notes: Cardio / pulmo rehab
(Verified: 11/12/2011)
 AuroraUniversity of Colorado Hospital, Cardiovascular Rehabilitation, 12605 E 16th Ave,
Auroa, CO,
Fax: 720/848-5301
Website: http://www.uch.edu/conditions/heart-circulation-conditions/cardiac-rehabilitation/
Notes: Cardio rehab
(Verified: 11/12/2011)
 BrightonPlatte Valley Medical Center, Cardio / Pulmonary Rehab, 1600 Prairie Center Parkway,
Brighton, CO,
Fax: 303/498-1845
Contact: Jade Alvarez
Website: http://www.pvmc.org/services/cardiac-pulmonary-rehab.asp
Notes: Cardio / pulmo rehab
(Verified: 11/12/2011)
 BrushEast Morgan County Hospital, Cardio-Pulmonary Rehab Associates, 2400 W. Edison,
Brush, CO,
Fax: 970/842-4826
Contact: Linda Schneider, RNEmail: lschneider@lhsnet.com

Website: http://www.bannerhealth.com/locations/colorado/east+morgan+county+hospital/programs+and+services/heart+care/cardiac+rehab.htm
Notes: Cardio rehab
(Verified: 11/6/2011)
 BurlingtonKit Carson County Memorial Hospital - Parke Wellness Center, Cardio / Pulmonary Rehab, 286 16th St,
Burlington, CO,
Fax: 719/346-5459

Website: http://www.kcchsd.org/parke-wellness-center.htm
Notes: Cardio / pulmo rehab
(Verified: 11/12/2011)
 Canon CitySt. Thomas More Hospital, Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehab Program, 1338 Phay Ave,
Canon City, CO,

Contact: Shawn Saiz, CRT
Website: http://stmhospital.org/cardio-pulmonary-rehabilitation
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 11/6/2011)
 Colorado SpringsCentura Health/Penrose - St. Francis Health System, Cardiac & Pulmonary Wellness Programs, 1644 Medical Ctr. Pt.,
Colorado Springs, CO,
Fax: 719/776-4756
Contact: Dr. Max Morton, PhD.Email: shelleyarrasmith@centura.org

Website: http://www.penrosestfrancis.org/
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 11/6/2011)
 Colorado SpringsMemorial Health System - Plaza Medical Plaza, Pulmonary Rehab, 175 S Union Blvd. - Suite 245,
Colorado Springs, CO,

Website: http://www.memorialhealthsystem.com/wps/wcm/connect/mh/main+navigation/our+services/all+services/pulmonary+rehabilitation
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 11/12/2011)
 CortezSouthwest Memorial Hospital, Cardiovascular Wellness, 1311 N. Mildred Rd.,
Cortez, CO,
Fax: 970/564-2654
Contact: Jodi Harris
Website: http://www.swhealth.org/services/cardiacpulmonaryrehab.htm
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 11/6/2011)
 DenverExempla Lutheran Medical Center, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 2420 W 26th Ave,
Denver, CO,
Fax: 303/420-5296
Contact: Brenda Crowe, CRTEmail: croweb@exempla.org

Website: http://www.exempla.org/body.cfm?id=698
(Verified: 11/25/2011)
 DenverNational Jewish Health, Pulmonary Rehab, 1400 Jackson St,
Denver, CO,

Website: http://www.nationaljewish.org/programs/directory/rehab/pulmonary/
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 11/12/2011)
 DenverPresbyterian / St. Luke's Medical Center, Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehab Program, 1719 E. 19th Ave. - 2C East,
Denver, CO,
Fax: 303/869-6117
Contact: Susan Walker, RN, BSN
Website: http://pslmc.com/conditions_we_treat/heart_care/
Notes: Cardio rehab
(Verified: 11/12/2011)
 DenverRose Medical Center, Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehab Program, 4567 E. Ninth Ave,
Denver, CO,
Fax: 303/320-7464
Contact: Jodi Krantz, CRTT
Website: http://www.rosemed.com/conditions_we_treat/heart_care/rehabilitation.htm
Notes: Cardio rehab
(Verified: 11/12/2011)
 DenverSaint Joseph Hospital - Exempla, Midtown Health & Wellness Center, 2420 W 26th Ave,
Denver, CO,
Fax: 303/866-8477
Website: http://www.exempla.org/body.cfm?id=1336
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 11/6/2011)
 DenverSt. Anthony Hospital Central North, Cardiac Health & Rehabilitation, 4231 W. 16th Ave.,
Denver, CO,

Contact: Paula Zagel, MS
Website: http://www.stanthonyhosp.org/cardiac-rehab
Notes: Cardio rehab
(Verified: 11/12/2011)
 Estes ParkMercy Regional Medical Center, Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehab Program, 555 Prospect Ave,
Estes Park, CO,

Website: http://www.epmedcenter.com/hospital/physicaltherapy.html
Notes: Cardio / pulmo rehab
(Verified: 11/12/2011)
 Ft MorganColorado Plains Medical Center, Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehab Program, 1000 Lincoln St.,
Fort Morgan, CO,
Fax: 970/867-7972
Contact: Gregory BlackburnEmail: gblackburn@cpmc4u.com

Website: http://www.coloradoplainsmedicalcenter.com/services/cardiopulmonary.aspx
Notes: Cardio rehab
(Verified: 11/12/2011)
 Glenwood SpringsValley View Hospital, Cardiac Rehab, 1906 Blake Ave.,
Glenwood Springs, CO,
Fax: 970/945-3426
Contact: Karen Stripp, MS
Website: http://www.vvh.org/pages/p-hvc-cardiac-rehab-svc-46.php
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 11/12/2011)
 Grand JunctionSt. Mary's Hospital, Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehab Program, 2635 N 7th St - Entrance 5,
Grand Junction, CO, 81502-1628
Fax: 970/244-2896
Contact: Jane Wild
Website: http://www.stmarygj.com/heartand-vascular-services
Notes: Cardio rehab
(Verified: 11/12/2011)
 GreeleyNorth Colorado Medical Center, Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehab Program, 1801  16th St.,
Greeley, CO,
Fax: 970/350-6164
Contact: Deb Legel, RNEmail: d.legel@att.net

Website: http://www.bannerhealth.com/locations/colorado/north+colorado+medical+center/programs+and+services/heart+care/cardiac+rehabilitation.htm
Notes: Cardio rehab
(Verified: 11/12/2011)
 GunnisonGunnison Valley Health, Pulmonary Rehab, 711 N Taylor Street,
Gunnison, CO, 81230
Fax: 970/641-4461
Email: infor@gvh-colorado.org

Website: http://www.gvh-colorado.org/page.cfm?pageid=8066
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 11/20/2011)
 LamarProwers Medical Center, Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehab Program, 401 Kendall Drive,
Lamar, CO,
Fax: 719/336-8328

Website: http://www.prowersmedical.com/docs/pulmonary_rehab_brochure.pdf
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 11/20/2011)
 Lone TreeSky Ridge Medical Center, Cardio rehab, 10101 RidgeGate Parkway,
Lone Tree, CO,

Contact: Email:

Website: http://www.www.skyridgemedcenter.com/conditions_we_treat/heart_care/cardiac_rehabilitation.htm
Notes: Cardio rehab
(Verified: 11/25/2011)
 LongmontLongmont United Hospital, Pulmonary Rehab, 1950 W. Mountain View Ave, Health Ambitions Gym,
Longmont, CO,
Fax: 303/651-5230
Contact: Janet Stinson
Website: http://www.luhcares.org/services/heartlungrehab.aspx?parent=rehabilitation#prp
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 11/20/2011)
 Platte ValleyPlatte Valley Medical Center, Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehab Program,
Platte Valley, CO,
Fax: 303/498-1845
Contact: Jade Alvarez
Website: http://www.pvmc.org/services/cardiac-pulmonary-rehab.asp
Notes: Cardio / pulmo rehab
(Verified: 11/12/2011)
 ThorntonVibra Hospital, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, I-25 on 84th Ave,
Thornton, CO,

Contact: Martin C Carlos, RRT, CPFTEmail: macarlos52@msn.com

Website: http://www.northvalleyrehab.com/
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 8/8/2012)


BranfordSaint Raphael Hospital - Branford, LungLife - pulmo rehab, 84 N Main Street,
Branford, CT,
Website: http://www.srhs.org/lunglife
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 11/25/2011)
 BridgeportBridgeport Hospital, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 267 Grant Street,
Bridgeport, CT,

Website: http://www.bridgeporthospital.org/respiratory/
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 11/20/2011)
 BristolBristol Hospital - HeartWorks Cardiac Rehab Program, Cardio rehab, Brewster Rd.,
Bristol, CT, 06011-0977
Fax: 860/585-3463

Website: http://www.bristolhospital.org/services/cardiac/heartworks.aspx
Notes: Cardio rehab
(Verified: 11/25/2011)
 BristolBristol Hospital - The Hoffman Heart Institute, Cardio rehab, 842 Clark Avenue,
Bristol, CT,

Website: http://bhwellnessctr.com/
Notes: Cardio rehab
(Verified: 11/25/2011)
 DanburyDanbury Hospital, Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehab Program, 24 Hospital Ave.,
Danbury, CT,
Fax: 203/731-8628
Contact: Marianne Mitchell, RN
Website: http://www.danburyhospital.org/en/our-services/medicine/programs-and-services/pulmonary-disease/programs-and-services/pulmonary-rehab.aspx
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 11/20/2011)
 EnfieldJohnson Memorial Medical Center, Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehab Program, 7 Elm Street - Suite 203,
Enfield, CT,
Fax: 860/684-8458
Contact: Teresa Selochan, RNEmail: tselochan@jmhosp.org

Website: http://www.jmmc.com/cardiac.php
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 11/25/2011)
 HartfordHartford Hospital, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 80 Seymour St.,
Hartford, CT,
Fax: 860/545-3406
Contact: Email:

Website: http://www.harthosp.org/patientvisitors/departmentcontacts/contactpulmonaryrehab/default.aspx
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 11/20/2011)
 HartfordSaint Francis Hospital and Medical Center, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 114 Woodland Street,
Hartford, CT,

Contact: Mary Lou Benoit-ConnorsEmail: stfrinfo@stfranciscare.org

Website: http://www.stfranciscare.org/outpatient_pulmonary_rehabilitation_program.aspx
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 11/20/2011)
 ManchesterManchester Memorial Hospital, Cardio rehab, 71 Haynes Street,
Manchester, CT,

Website: http://www.echn.org/service-directory/cardiac-services.aspx
Notes: Cardio rehab
(Verified: 11/25/2011)
 MeridenMidState Medical Center, Cardiac rehab, 435 Lewis Ave,
Meriden, CT,
Contact: Email:

Website: http://www.midstatemedical.org/services_clinical_heart.aspx
Notes: Cardio rehab
(Verified: 11/25/2011)
 New BritianHospital for Special Care, Pulmonary exercise program, 2150 Corbin Ave.,
New Britian, CT,
Contact: Elyse CarrollEmail: info@hfsc.org

Website: http://hfsc.org/areas-specialization/pulmonary-care/pulmonary-programs
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 11/25/2011)
 New HavenSaint Raphael Hospital, LungLife - pulmo rehab, 175 Sherman Ave.,
New Haven, CT,
Fax: 203/789-4081
Contact: Rebecca Stockdale-Woolley, RN
Website: http://www.srhs.org/lunglife
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 11/25/2011)
 New LondonLawrence & Memorial Hospital, Pulmo rehab, 365 Montauk Ave,
New London, CT,

Website: http://lmhospital.org/conditions-services/pulmonary-rehab.aspx
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 11/25/2011)
 NorwalkNorwalk Hospital, Cardiac rehab, Maple Street,
Norwalk, CT,

Website: http://www.norwalkhospital.org/common.aspx?id=2285
Notes: Cardio rehab
(Verified: 11/25/2011)
 StratfordPulmonary Rehabilitation Associates, LLC, Pulmonary Rehabilitation Associates, LLC, 2505 Main Street, Suite 205,
Fax: 203/375-4000
Contact: Email: info@pulmonaryrehab.com

Website: http://www.pulmonaryrehab.com/pulmonaryrehab.html
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 10/3/2016)
 VernonRockville General Hospital, Cardio rehab, 31 Union Street,
Vernon, CT,

Website: http://www.echn.org/service-directory/cardiac-services.aspx
Notes: Cardio rehab
(Verified: 11/25/2011)
 WallingfordGaylord Hospital, Pulmo rehab, Gaylord Farm Road,
Wallingford, CT,
Fax: 203/284-3586
Contact: Email:

Website: http://www.gaylord.org/home/ourservices/medicallycomplex/pulmonaryprogram.aspx
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 11/25/2011)
 WaterburySt. Mary's Hospital, Pulmo rehab, 56 Franklin St.,
Waterbury, CT,

Contact: Charliss Feuerstein, RN, BS
Website: http://stmh.org/patient_services/pulmonary.html
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 12/15/2011)
 WaterburyWaterbury Hospital Health Center, Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehab Program, 64 Robbins St.,
Waterbury, CT,
Fax: 203/573-6733
Contact: Dawn Smith, RNC, MSNEmail: whcvr@cardio.med.yale.edu

Website: http://www.waterburyhospital.org/services/misc/misc_svc.htm
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 12/15/2011)
 WinstedCharlotte Hungerford Hospital, Pulmo rehab, 540 Litchfield St, The Hungerford Center,
Torrington, CT,
Fax: 860/738-6692
Website: http://www.charlottehungerford.org/offsite_services/pulmonary_rehab.asp
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 12/15/2011)


BrooksvilleBrooksville Regional Hospital, Pulmo rehab, 17240 Cortez Blvd.,
Brooksville, FL,

Contact: Kath
Website: http://www.brooksvilleregional.com/services/cardiac-pulmonary-rehabilitation-programs/pulmonary-rehabilitation/default.aspx
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 12/24/2011)
 CelebrationFlorida Hospital Celebration Health, Pulmo rehab, 400 Celebration Place,
Celebration, FL,

Website: http://www.floridahospital.com/services/pulmonaryrehabilitation.aspx
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 12/25/2011)
 ClearwaterMorton Plant Mease Lung Center, Pulmo rehab, 206 Jeffords Street, ,
Clearwater, FL,
Fax: 727/462-7811
Contact: Email:

Website: http://www.mortonplant.com/body.cfm?id=763
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 12/25/2011)
 CrestviewNorth Okaloosa Medical Center, Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehab Program, 550 W. Redstone Ave. - 1st floor,
Crestview, FL,

Website: http://www.northokaloosa.com/heart/pages/cardiac%20rehabilitation.aspx
Notes: Cardio rehab
(Verified: 12/25/2011)
 Ft MyersLee Memorial Health System, Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehab Program, 16131 Rosebush Court, ,
Ft. Myers, FL,
Fax: 941/432-3041
Contact: Nayda Agosto
Website: http://www.leememorial.org/mainlanding/pulmonary_rehab.asp
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 12/25/2011)
 HollywoodMemorial Healthcare System, Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehab Program, 3501 Johnson St.,
Hollywood, FL,
Fax: 954/967-2904
Contact: Kenrick Smith, MS
Website: http://www.memorialfitnesscenter.com/rehabilitation/cardiac-pulmonary-rehabilitation.cfm
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 12/25/2011)
 InvernessCitrus Memorial Hospital, Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehab Program, 502 W. Highland Blvd.,
Inverness, FL, 34452-4754
Fax: 352/726-5948
Contact: Vikram N. Shah, MD
Website: http://www.citrusmh.com/medical-services/cardiopulmonary/
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 12/25/2011)
 JacksonvilleMayo Clinic Jacksonville, , 4500 San Pablo Road,
Jacksonville, FL,
Fax: 904/953-2898

Website: http://www.mayoclinic.org/cardiovascular-disease-jax/cardiopulmonary-rehabilitation.html
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 12/25/2011)
 JupiterJupiter Medical Center, Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehab Program, 1210 S. Old Dixie Hwy.,
Jupiter, FL,

Website: http://www.jupitermed.com/body.cfm?id=285
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 12/25/2011)
 LargoSun Coast Hospital, Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehab Program, 2025 Indian Rock Rd.,
Largo, FL,

Contact: Carla Burton, RRT
Website: http://largomedical.com/our-services/heart/cardiac-rehabilitation.dot
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 12/25/2011)
 LeesburgLeesburg Regional Medical Center, Pulmo rehab, 600 E. Dixie Ave.,
Leesburg, FL,

Contact: Rose Lathen, Mgr
Website: http://www.cfhalliance.org/svc_rehab_pulmonary.htm
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 1/4/2012)
 MarathonFishermens Hospital, Cardiac Rehab & Pulmonary Rehab, 3301 Overseas Hwy.,
Marathon, FL,

Contact: Cindy Shattuck, RN
(Verified: 9/21/2011)
 NaplesNaples Community Hospital - Briggs Pavilion, Pulmo rehab, 399 Ninth Street, North,
Naples, FL,

Website: http://www.nchmd.org/default.aspx?id=162
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 1/4/2012)
 New Smyrna BeachBert Fish Medical Center, Pulmo rehab, 401 Palmetto Street,
New Smyrna Beach, FL,
Fax: 386/424-5079
Website: http://bertfish.com/services/cardiopulmonary/
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 1/4/2012)
 OcalaMunroe Regional Medical Center, Pulmo rehab, 1500 SW First Ave, LifeTime Center,
Ocala, FL,

Website: http://www.munroeregional.com/our-services/cardiopulmonary_rehabilitation.aspx
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 1/4/2012)
 OrlandoFlorida Hospital Orlando, Pulmo rehab, 601 East Rollins Street,
Orlando, FL,

Website: http://www.floridahospital.com/services/pulmonaryrehabilitation.aspx
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 12/25/2011)
 PensacolaBaptist Hospital, Pulmo rehab, 1717 N. "E" St. - Suite 335,
Pensacola, FL,
Fax: fax: 850/469-7848
Contact: Beth Buck-Hoffmann
Website: http://www.ebaptisthealthcare.org/heartfirst/pulmonaryrehab.aspx
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 1/4/2012)
 Safety HarborMease Countryside Cardiac Rehab, Pulmo rehab, 1840 Mease Dr - Suite 105, Medical Arts Building,
Safety Harbor, FL,
Fax: 727/725-6605
Contact: Email:

Website: http://www.mortonplant.com/body.cfm?id=763
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 12/25/2011)
 SarasotaSarasota Memorial Hospital's Institute for Advanced Medicine, Pulmo rehab, 5880 Rand Blvd.,
Sarasota, FL,
Fax: 941/917-1881
Contact: Janet Sclafani, RRT, RPFTEmail: janet-sclafani@SMH.com

Website: http://www.smh.com/p.aspx?p=515
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 1/4/2012)
 SebastianIndian River Memorial Hospital, Pulmo rehab, 7750 Bay St., Bay Street Center,
Sebastian, FL,
Fax: 561/581-1261
Contact: Tim Howald, RRT
Website: http://www.irmc.cc/gui/content.asp?w=pages&r=204&pid=19
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 1/19/2012)
 St PetersburgPalms of Pasadena Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 1501 Pasadena Ave,
St. Petersburg, FL,
Fax: 727/341-7096
Website: http://www.palmspasadena.com/services/rehab/cardio/
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 1/19/2012)
 Sun City CenterSouth Bay Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehab at South Bay, 4051 Upper Creek Drive - Suite 103,
Sun City Center, FL,
Fax: 813/634-6365
Contact: Theresia Baker, RRTEmail: drowinslow@msn.com

Website: http://www.southbayhospital.com/our-services/rehabilitation.dot
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 1/19/2012)
 SunriseHealthSouth Sunrise Rehabilitation Hospital, Pulmo rehab, 4399 North Nob Hill Road,
Sunrise, FL,
Fax: fax: 954/746-1378

Website: http://www.healthsouthsunrise.com/en/hospital-programs/rehabilitation-programs/pulmonary-disease
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 1/19/2012)
 The VillagesThe Villages Health System, Pulmo Rehab, 1451 El Camino Real,
The Villages, FL,

Website: http://www.cfhalliance.org/svc_rehab_pulmonary.htm
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 1/4/2012)
 TitusvilleParish Medical Center, Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 2210 Cheney Hwy,
Titusville, FL,

Website: http://www.parrishhealthandfitness.com/amenities-services/cardio-pulmonary-rehab.cfm
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 9/21/2011)
 Vero BeachIndian River Memorial Hospital, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 1000 36th St,
Vero Beach, FL,
Fax: 561/562-9065
Contact: Tim Howald, RRTEmail: timh@irmh.com

Website: http://www.irmc.cc/gui/content.asp?w=pages&r=204&pid=19
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 1/4/2012)
 Winter HavenWinter Haven Hospital, A Way to Better Breathing, 200 Ave. F, N. E.,
Winter Haven, FL,
Fax: 863/291-6017
Contact: Stephen Paganella, RT, RPFT
Website: http://www.winterhavenhospital.org/facilities/respsvcs/pulmonaryrehab.asp
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 1/19/2012)
 Winter ParkWinter Park Memorial Hospital, Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation Department, 200 North Lakemont Avenue,
Winter Park, FL,
Fax: 407/646-7084
Contact: JoDee DiLorenzo, RRT
Website: http://www.floridahospital.com/services/pulmonaryrehabilitation.aspx
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 12/25/2011)


AtlantaEmory University Hosp, Pulmo rehab, 1365 Clifton Road, NE,
Atlanta, GA,
Fax: 404/712-7774

Website: http://www.emoryhealthcare.org/rehabilitation-medicine/services/pulmonary-rehab.html
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 1/19/2012)
 AugustaUniversity Hospital, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehab, 1350 Walton Way,
Augusta, GA,
Fax: 706/774-2152
Contact: Teresa B. WatersEmail: livie@uh.org

Website: http://www.universityhealth.org/body.cfm?id=38115&action=detail&ref=89
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 1/24/2012)
 AustellGeorgia Lung Associates, Georgia Lung Center at Cobb, 3820 Medical Park Dr.,
Austell, GA,
Fax: 770/739-5411

Website: http://www.georgialung.com/pulmonary.html
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 1/24/2012)
 DecaturDekalb Medical Center, Long Term Acute Care Rehab Services, 450 N Candler Street,
Decatur, GA,
Fax: 404/501-7157
Contact: Email:

Website: http://www.dekalbmedical.org/dekalbmedicallongtermacutecare/rehabservices.aspx
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 1/24/2012)
 DemorestHabersham County Medical Center, HCMC Cardiac Disease Reversal & Rehab, 541 Historic Hwy 441-N, ,
Demorest, GA,
Fax: 706/754-8785
Contact: Mary Bell Thomason
Website: http://www.habershammedical.com/hc.nsf/view/cardiacandpulmonaryrehabilitation
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 1/24/2012)
 LawrencevilleGwinnett Hospital System, Pulmo Rehab, 1000 Medical Center Blvd.,
Lawrenceville, GA,
Fax: 770/682-2233
Website: http://www.gwinnettmedicalcenter.org/respiratory-care/gmccontentpage.aspx?nd=188
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 1/24/2012)
 MariettaGeorgia Lung Associates , Pulmo rehab, 400 Tower Road - Suite 200,
Marietta, GA,
Fax: 770/514-1390

Website: http://www.georgialung.com/pulmonary.html
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 1/24/2012)
 MariettaWindy Hill Hospital at Cobb Pulmonary Assoc., Pulmo rehab, 140 Vann St - Suite 340,
Marietta, GA,
Fax: 770/419-8135
Contact: Marilyn Reasor, RRT
Website: http://www.wellstar.org/medical-care/pulmonary/pages/pulmonary-care.aspx
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 1/24/2012)
 MilledgevilleOconee Regional Medical Center, Cardiovascular-Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 821 North Cobb St.,
Milledgeville, GA,
Fax: 912/451-2909
Contact: Sandra K. Kilgore, RNC
Website: http://www.oconeeregional.com/content.aspx?page=rehabilitation%20services
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 1/24/2012)
 SavannahSt. Joseph's/Candler Health System, Pulmo rehab, 5353 Reynolds St. - Suite 120,
Savannah, GA,
Fax: 912/692-6488
Contact: Melanie Willoughby, RN
Website: http://www.sjchs.org/body.cfm?id=517
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 1/24/2012)


HonoluluOhana Pacific Rehabilitation Services, 1314 S King St. - Suite 1451,
Honolulu, HI,

Email: info@ohanapacificrehab.com

Website: http://www.ohanapacificrehab.com/services
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 1/24/2012)
 KailuaOhana Pacific Rehabilitation Services, 354 Uluniu St - Suite 404,
Kailua, HI,

Email: info@ohanapacificrehab.com

Website: http://www.ohanapacificrehab.com/services
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 1/24/2012)


Couer d' AleneKootenai Heart Center, Cardio-pulmonary Rehabilitation, 2003 Lincoln Way,
Couer d' Alene, ID,
Fax: 208/666-2895
Contact: Becky Reagan, RRT
Website: http://kootenaihealth.org/index.asp?w=pages&r=30&pid=64
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 1/24/2012)
 MoscowGritman Medical Center, Pulmo rehab, 700 S. Main St.,
Moscow, ID,
Fax: 208/883-6571
Contact: Jody Polley, DirectorEmail: jody.polley@gritman.org

Website: http://www.gritman.org/services-cardiac-rehabilitation.html
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 1/24/2012)


AnnaUnion County Hospital, Pulmo rehab, 517 N. Main,
Anna, IL,

Website: http://www.unioncountyhospital.com/services/pages/cardiopulmonary%20rehabilitation.aspx
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 1/24/2012)
 Arlington HeightsNorthwest Community Healthcare, Pulmo rehab, 900 W. Central Rd., ,
Arlington Heights, IL,
Fax: 847/618-7919
Contact: Diane ColvilleEmail: dcolville@nch.org

Website: http://www.nch.org/medical-services/pulmonary-rehab/index.php
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 1/24/2012)
 AuroraProvena Mercy Center - Sister Rita Heart Center, Pulmo rehab, 1325 N. Highland Ave.,
Aurora, IL, 60506-1449
Fax: 630/801-2684
Contact: Connie Blatner, RN, BSN
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 2/11/2012)
 AuroraSunrise Health Center Aurora, Pulmo rehab, 274 E Indian Trail Road,
Aurora, IL,

Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 2/11/2012)
 BellevilleMemorial Hospital, "Lively Lungs" Phase II Rehab Program, 4500 Memorial Dr,
Belleville, IL,

Contact: Shirley Schultz, RRT
Website: http://www.memhosp.com/services/pulmonaryandrespiratory/pages/default.aspx
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 2/11/2012)
 BerwynMacNeal Health Network, Cardiopulmonary Rehab & Fitness Center, 3248 S.Oak Park Ave,
Berwyn, IL,
Fax: 708/783-3180
Contact: John Brofman, MDEmail: drothenb@macneal.com

Website: http://www.macneal.com/services/cardiaccare.aspx
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 2/11/2012)
 CantonGraham Wellness Center @ Graham Hospital, Pulmo rehab, 235 W Walnut St,
Canton, IL,
Fax: 309/649-5179
Contact: Carla Bahr, RN
Website: http://www.grahamhospital.org/wellnesscenter/
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 2/11/2012)
 CarlinvilleCarlinville Area Hospital , Pulmonary Rehab, 20733 North Broad Street,
Carlinville, IL,

Website: http://www.cahcare.com/services.php?page=pulmonary-rehabilitation
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 2/11/2012)
 ChicagoOur Lady of the Resurrection Medical Center, Pulmonary Rehab, 5645 W Addison Street,
Chicago, IL,

Website: http://www.reshealth.org/rhcservices/service_detail.cfm?rhcserviceid=71
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 2/11/2012)
 ChicagoRehabilitation Institute of Chicago, Pulmonary Rehab, 345 E. Superior St.,
Chicago, IL,

Contact: Brenda Williams, RT
Website: http://www.ric.org/conditions/pulmonary/index.aspx
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 2/11/2012)
 ChicagoResurrection Medical Center, Center for Heart & Lung Fitness, 7447 W Talcott Ave,
Chicago, IL,

Website: http://www.reshealth.org/rhcservices/service_detail.cfm?rhcserviceid=71
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 2/11/2012)
 ChicagoSwedish Covenant Hospital @Galter LifeCenter, Pulmonary Rehab, 5145 N California Avenue,
Chicago, IL,
Fax: 773/728-3584
Email: Jrichter@schosp.org

Website: http://swedishcovenant.org/medical-services/pulmonary-rehabilitation/pulmonary-rehabilitation
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 2/11/2012)
 ElginSherman Hospital, Pulmonary Rehab, 1019 E. Chicago St.,
Elgin, IL,
Fax: 847/429-6265
Contact: Joanne Herd, RN
Website: http://www.shermanhealth.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/sher-1797-rehab-brochure.pdf
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 2/11/2012)
 EvanstonEvanston Northwestern Healthcare, Outpatient Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 2650 Ridge - Rm 6302,
Evanston, IL,
Fax: 847/570-1967
Contact: Barbara Kuhn, RN
Website: http://www.northshore.org/pulmonary-medicine/pulmonary-rehabilitation/
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 2/11/2012)
 GalesburgGalesburg Cottage Hospital, Pulmonary Rehab, 695 Kellogg Ave.,
Galesburg, IL,
Fax: 309/345-4487
Contact: Russell Dahms, MS
Website: http://www.cottagehospital.com/services/pages/respiratory%20care%20services.aspx
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 3/18/2012)
 GenevaDelnor Community Hospital / Cadence Health, Pulmonary Rehab, 300 Randall Rd.,
Geneva, IL,
Fax: 630/208-5507
Contact: Diane Ball, RN
Website: http://www.delnor.com/pulmonaryrehabilitation
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 3/18/2012)
 Granite CityGateway Regional Medical Center, Pulmonary Rehab, 2100 Madison Ave.,
Granite City, IL,
Fax: 618/798-3602
Contact: Beverly Motil, RN
Website: http://www.gatewayregional.net/services/pages/pulmonary%20rehabilitation%20%29%20%29.aspx
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 3/18/2012)
 HerrinHerrin Hospital, Pulmonary Rehab, 201 S. 14th St., ,
Herrin, IL,
Fax: 618/988-9034
Contact: Raja Maddipotti, MD- director
Website: http://www.herrinhospital.org/home.nsf/herrin/pulmonaryrehab?open&type=hh
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 3/18/2012)
 HinsdaleAdventist Hinsdale Hospital, Cardio-pulmonary Rehabilitation, 120 N Oak Street,
Hinsdale, IL,
Contact: Sandra Steininger
Website: http://www.keepingyouwell.com/ahh/careservices/cardiaccare/cardiacrehabilitation.aspx
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 3/18/2012)
 JacksonvillePassavant Area Hospital, Cardio-pulmonary Rehabilitation, 1600 W Walnut Street, ,
Jacksonville, IL,

Website: http://www.passavanthospital.com/index.cfm?pageid=72
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 3/18/2012)
 JerseyvilleJersey Community Hospital, Cardio-pulmonary Rehabilitation, 400 Maple Summit Road,
Jerseyville, IL,

Website: http://www.jch.org/services/cardiopulmonary-services/cardiac-pulmonary-rehab/
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 3/18/2012)
 La GrangeAdventist La Grange Memorial Hospital, Pulmonary Rehab, 5101 S Willow Springs Road,
LaGrange, IL,

Website: http://www.keepingyouwell.com/almh/careservices/pulmonaryrehab.aspx
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 3/18/2012)
 Lake ForestNorthwestern Lake Forest Hospital, Pulmonary Rehab, 660 N. Westmoreland Rd.,
Lake Forest, IL,
Fax: 847/295-3362
Contact: Patricia Burleson, BSNEmail: pburleson@lakeforesthospital.com

Website: http://www.lfh.org/pulmonary_rehabilitation
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 3/18/2012)
 LindenhurstVista Medical Center - East, Cardio-Pulomnary Rehab, 1050 Red Oak Lane,
Lindenhurst, IL,
Fax: 847/360-4236
Contact: Nancy Sislow, RN
Website: http://www.vistahealth.com/directions/pages/vista%20surgery%20center.aspx
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 3/22/2012)
 MacombMcDonough District Hospital, Pulmonary Rehab, 525 E. Grant St.,
Macomb, IL,
Fax: 309/833-1589
Contact: Cindy Davis, RN
Website: http://www.mdh.org/departments-mainmenu-33/rehabilitation-services-mainmenu-47/418-pulmonary-rehabilitation-page.html
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 3/18/2012)
 Melrose ParkGottlieb Memorial Hospital, Pulmonary Rehab, 701 W. North Ave.,
Melrose Park, IL,
Fax: 708/681-3709
Contact: Madelyn Riley, RRT
Website: http://www.gottliebhospital.org/medical_services/services_a-z/medical_program_detail.cfm?customel_datapageid_1461=1995
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 3/18/2012)
 MurphysboroSt. Joseph Memorial Hospital, Pulmonary Rehab, 2 S. Hospital Dr.,
Murphysboro, IL,
Fax: 618/684-6243
Contact: Raja Maddipotti, MD- director
Website: http://www.stjosephmemorialhospital.org/home.nsf/sjmh/pulmonaryrehabilitation?open&type=sjmh
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 3/22/2012)
 New LenoxSilver Cross Hospital, Pulmonary Rehab, 1900 Silver Cross Blvd.,
New Lenox, IL,

Website: http://www.silvercross.org/our-services/pulmonary-program
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 3/18/2012)
 PeoriaMethodist Medical Center of Illinois, Cardio-Pulomnary Rehab, 900 Main St.,
Peoria, IL,
Fax: 309/672-5903
Contact: Michelle Williams, MSEmail: afischer@mmcl.org

Website: http://www.mymethodist.net/services/cardiovascular/rehab/
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 3/22/2012)
 PrincetonPerry Memorial Hospital, Cardio-Pulmonary Rehab Phase II & III, 530 Park Ave., East,                      ,
Princeton, IL,
Fax: 815/876-2000
Contact: Betty BoehleEmail: marketng@perry-memorial.org

Website: http://www.perry-memorial.org/top-navigation/medical-services/cardiac-rehab/
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 3/22/2012)
 ShelbyvilleShelby Memorial Hospital, Pulmonary Rehab, 200 S. Cedar,
Shelbyville, IL,
Fax: 217/774-5011
Contact: Penny Jiter, RN
Website: http://mysmh.org/our-services/rehabilitative-therapies/cardiac-rehabilitation.php
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 3/22/2012)
 TaylorvilleTaylorville Memorial Hospital, Pulmonary Rehab, 201 E. Pleasant, ,
Taylorville, IL,
Fax: 217/287-7226
Contact: Carol Coady, RN
Website: http:////www.taylorvillememorial.org/services/pulmonary-rehab/default.aspx
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 3/22/2012)
 Tinley ParkInnovative Care Therapy Center, Pulmonary Rehab, 18425 W Creek Drive,
Tinley Park, IL,
Fax: 708/532-1899
Contact: Karen Regan, RRTEmail: info@ictherapycenter.com

Website: http://www.ictherapycenter.com/services
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 3/22/2012)
 UrbanaCarle Foundation Hospital, Pulmonary Rehab, 602 W. University Ave., ,
Urbana, IL,
Fax: 217/326-2743
Contact: Debbie Brusveen
Website: http://www.carle.org/medicalservices/pulmonary-medicine.aspx
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 3/22/2012)
 UrbanaProvena Covenant Medical Center, Cardio-Pulomnary Rehab, 1400 W. Park - Room C-102,
Urbana, IL,
Fax: 217/337-2089
Contact: Christi Kleiss, RN
Website: http://www.provena.org/covenant/body.cfm?id=979
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 3/22/2012)
 WheatonCentral DuPage Hospital at Danada, Cardio-Pulomnary Rehab, 7 Blanchard Cir. - Suite LLA,
Wheaton, IL,
Fax: 630/682-1285
Contact: Cathy Scandora, RCPEmail: Catherine_Scandora@cdh.org

Website: http://www.cdh.org/medical-services/services-a-z/rehabilitation-services/pulmonary-rehabilitation.aspx
Notes: Cardio-pulmo rehab
(Verified: 3/31/2012)


BedfordDunn Memorial Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 1600 23rd St.,
Bedford, IN,
Fax: fax: 812/276-1211
Contact: Jeni Embree, RN
(Verified: 9/23/2011)
 BloomingtonBloomington Hospital & Healthcare System, HearTeam Cardio-Pulmonary Rehab, 601 W. Second St.,
Bloomington, IN,
Fax: fax: 812/353-9281
Contact: Susan O. Connor
(Verified: 9/23/2011)
 ColumbusColumbus Regional Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 2400 E. 17th St.,
Columbus, IN,
Fax: fax: 812/376-5941
Contact: Dan Spartz, RRTEmail: rehabilitationcenter@crh.org

(Verified: 9/23/2011)
 ConnersvilleHealth Works, 3542 Western Ave.,
Connersville, IN,

Contact: Tracy Winkler, RN
(Verified: 9/23/2011)
 EvansvilleHealthSouth Tri-State Rehabilitation Hospital, 4100 Covert Ave.,
Evansville, IN,
Fax: fax: 812/476-4270

(Verified: 9/23/2011)
 EvansvilleSt. Mary's Healthcare Services, Heart Institute Cardiopulmonary Rehab, 1400 Professional Blvd.,
Evansville, IN,
Fax: fax: 812/475-8460
Contact: Teresa Veech, RNEmail: sayers@stmarys.org

(Verified: 9/23/2011)
 Fort WayneLutheran Hospital of Indiana, 7950 W. Jefferson Blvd.,
Fort Wayne, IN,

(Verified: 9/23/2011)
 HobartSt Mary's Hospital Rehab program, 1354 S Lake Park Ave,
Hobart, IN,

(Verified: 9/23/2011)
 IndianapolisCommunity Hospital North, 7150 Clearvista Dr.,
Indianapolis, IN,

Contact: Jean Moon-Scrimager RRTEmail: cmoon-scrimager@ecommunity.com

(Verified: 9/23/2011)
 IndianapolisIndiana University Medical Group, W.I.N. Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 250 University Blvd.,
Indianapolis, IN,
Fax: fax: 317/274-4492
Contact: Dodie LaMagno, CRRTEmail: ppuntenn@iupui.edu

(Verified: 9/23/2011)
 IndianapolisIU Health Methodist Hosp. , Pulmonary Rehab & Patient Ed. Program, I-65 at 21st St.,
Indianapolis, IN,
Fax: fax: 317/962-6621
Contact: Debbie Koehl, RRTEmail: dkoehl@iuhealth.com

(Verified: 9/23/2011)
 KokomoHealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Kokomo, 829 N Dixon Road,
Kokomo, IN,
Fax: fax: 765/452-7470

(Verified: 9/23/2011)
 LogansportLogansport Memorial Hospital, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehab, 1101 Michigan Ave.,
Logansport, IN,
Fax: fax: 219/753-1451
Contact: Nancy J. Williamson, RN
(Verified: 9/23/2011)
 MerrillvilleMethodist Hospital, Center for Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 303 E. 89th Ave.,
Merrillville, IN,
Fax: fax: 219/738-6624
Contact: Norma L. Reitz, RN
(Verified: 9/23/2011)
 MichiganSt. Anthony Memorial Health Centers, Cardiac-Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 301 W. Homer St.,
Michigan City, IN,
Fax: fax: 219/877-1814

(Verified: 9/23/2011)
 MuncieBall Memorial Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 2401 University Ave.,
Muncie, IN,

(Verified: 9/23/2011)
 NoblesvilleRiverview Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 395 Westfield Rd.,
Noblesville, IN,
Fax: fax: 317/776-7983
Email: samplrgal@aol.com

(Verified: 9/23/2011)
 PeruDukes Memorial Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 275 W. 12th St.,
Peru, IN,
Fax: fax: 765/472-9053
Contact: Sheila SchipperEmail: sschipper@dukeshospital.org

(Verified: 9/23/2011)
 PrincetonGibson General Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 1808 Sherman Dr.,
Princeton, IN,

(Verified: 9/23/2011)
 RichmondReid Hospital & HealthCare, Cardiac Rehab, 1401 Chester Blvd,
Richmond, IN,

(Verified: 9/23/2011)
 ShelbyvilleMajor Hospital , 150 W. Washington St,
Shelbyville, IN,

(Verified: 9/23/2011)
 South BendMemorial Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Lung Center, 409 N. Michigan St.,
South Bend, IN,

Contact: Joann Ciszczon, RRTEmail: lungctr@memorialsb.org

(Verified: 9/23/2011)
 VincennesWabash Valley Respiratory Clinic, 406 N First St.,
Vincennes, IN,
Fax: fax: 812/885-2769
Contact: Larry Klemann
(Verified: 9/23/2011)
 WabashWabash County Hospital, Cardiac Rehab Pulmonary Rehab, 710 N. East St.,
Wabash, IN,
Fax: fax: 219/569-2380
Contact: Palema J. Smith, RN
(Verified: 9/23/2011)


AlbiaMonroe County Hospital, Cardio-Pulmonary Rehab, 6580 165th St.,
Albia, IA,

Contact: Cindy Grimes, RN
(Verified: 9/21/2011)
 AmesMary Greeley Medical Center, Cardiac Rehabilitation Department, 1111 Duff Ave.,
Ames, IA,
Fax: fax: 515/956-2810
Contact: Anne Stark, RRT
(Verified: 9/21/2011)
 BooneBoone County Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 1015 Union St.,
Boone, IA,
Fax: fax: 515/432-0880
Contact: Denise D. Turner
(Verified: 9/21/2011)
 BurlingtonBurlington Medical Center, Cardiac Rehab & Pulmonary Rehab, 602 N. Third St,
Burlington, IA,
Fax: fax: 319/753-3221
Contact: Darlene Dieterich, LPN
(Verified: 9/21/2011)
 Cedar RapidsEastern Iowa Rehabilitation Clinic, 1845 51st Street, NE,
Cedar Rapids, IA,

Email: easterniowarehab@qwest.net

(Verified: 9/21/2011)
 Council BluffsAlegent Health Mercy Hospital, 800 Mercy Drive,
Council Bluffs, IA,
Fax: fax: 712/325-2448

(Verified: 9/21/2011)
 DavenportGenesis Medical Center, Genesis Pulmonary Rehab, 1227 E. Rusholme St.,
Davenport, IA,
Fax: fax: 319/421-1775
Contact: Claudia Tarr
(Verified: 9/21/2011)
 DavenportMidwest Therapy Centers, Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility, 2035 Bridge Ave,
Davenport, IA,
Fax: fax: 563/326-0700
Contact: Carol Harris, CRT/RCPEmail: charris@midwest-therapy.com

(Verified: 9/21/2011)


AbileneMemorial Hospital, Cardiac Rehab/Pulmonary Rehab, P. O. Box 69,
Abilene, KS, 67410-0069
Fax: fax: 785/263-6622
Contact: Mary Reel AS RRT
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 ChanuteNeosho Memorial Regional Medical Center, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 629 S. Plummer, PO Box 426,
Chanute, KS, 66724-0426
Fax: fax: 316/431-6564
Contact: Jeff Scobee RRT
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 Clay CenterClay County Medical Center, Caring Hearts Cardiopulmonary Rehab, 617 Liberty, PO Box 512,
Clay Center, KS,
Fax: fax: 785/632-2221
Contact: Kenneth E. Conley RRT
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 El DoradoSusan B. Allen Memorial Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 720 W. Central,
El Dorado, KS,
Fax: fax: 316/321-9205
Contact: Melinda L. May RRT BHSEmail: gmmay@msn.com

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 EmporiaNewman Memorial County Hospital, 1201 W. 12th Avenue,
Emporia, KS,

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 HutchisonHutchinson Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 1701 E. 23rd St.,
Hutchinson, KS,
Fax: fax: 316/669-4201
Contact: Adrienne Edwards RN BS
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 IolaAllen County Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 101 S. First,
Iola, KS,
Fax:   fax: 316/365-1140
Contact: Becky McFadden RN CRNI
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 Kansas CityProvidence Medical Center, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehab & Health Serv., 8929 Parallel Pkwy.,
Kansas City, KS,
Fax: fax: 913/596-4093
Contact: Michele Faris RN BSNEmail: mfaris@pmc-sjh.org

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 LawrenceLawrence Memorial Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehab, 325 Maine,
Lawrence, KS,
Fax: fax: 785/749-6154
Contact: Cindy Ford CRTT
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 OlatheOlathe Medical Center, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 20333 W. 151st St.,
Olathe, KS,
Fax: fax: 913/791-3552
Contact: Helen M. Peterson RN BS
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 Overland ParkOverland Park Regional Medical Center, Columbia Medical Plaza, 12200 W. 106th Street - Suite B-10,
Overland Park, KS,
Fax:      fax: 913/492-6778

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 Overland ParkShawnee Mission Medical Center,
Overland Park, KS,

Contact: ask for Lorraine open Monday Wednesday & Friday 8:00 – 4:00.
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 SalinaSalina Regional Health Center, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 400 S. Santa Fe,
Salina, KS,
Fax: fax: 785/452-6969
Contact: Patti Reilly RRTEmail: paumick@srhc.com

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 WichitaVia Christi Regional Medical Center, Via Christi Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 3600  E. Harry,
Wichita, KS, 67218-3718
Fax: fax: 316/691-6723
Contact: Susan Barrett BHS RRT
(Verified: 7/30/2012)
 WichitaWesley Rehabilitation Hospital, 8338 West 13th St., N,
Wichita, KS,
Fax: fax: 316/729-8888

(Verified: 9/20/2011)


AshlandOur Lady of Bellefonte Hospital, Pulmonary & Cardiac Rehabilitation, St. Christophers Dr.,
Ashland, KY,
Fax: fax: 606/833-9486
Contact: Donna Holbrook RN MSN
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 BardstownFlaget Memorial Hospital, 201 Cathedral Manor,
Bardstown, KY,

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 CampbellsvilleLifeConnections Cardiopulmonary Rehab, 1700 Old Lebanon Rd.,
Campbellsville, KY,
Fax: fax: 502/789-5863
Contact: Debra Benningfield RN
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 CynthianaHarrison Memorial Hospital, New Hope Cardio Pulmonary Rehabilitation, P.O. Box 250,
Cynthiana, KY,
Fax: fax: 606/234-9857
Email: smarsh@kih.net

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 EdgewoodHEALTHSOUTH Northern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital, 201 Medical Village Drive,
Edgewood, KY,
Fax: fax: 606/341-2813

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 EdgewoodSt. Elizabeth Medical Center-South, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, One Medical Village Dr.,
Edgewood, KY,
Fax: fax: 606/578-5789
Contact: Rosi Forment
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 GlasgowT J Samson Community Hospital, Outpatient Pulmonary Rehab, 1301 N. Race St.,
Glasgow, KY,
Fax: fax: 502/651-4352
Contact: Rhonda MillerEmail: rmiller@tjsamson.org

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 GreenvilleMuhlenberg Community Hospital, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 440 Hopkinsville St.,
Greenville, KY,
Fax: fax: 502/338-8427
Contact: Deborah Stobaugh RN BSN
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 HendersonMethodist Hospital, 1305 N. Elm St.,
Henderson, KY,
Fax: fax: 502/827-7346
Contact: Mia Johnson RRT
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 LexingtonCardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 2050 Versailles Road,
Lexington, KY,

Email: acf1@cardinalhill.org

Website: http://www.cardinalhill.org/services/outpatient/chrh/outpatient-therapy
(Verified: 11/24/2011)
 LouisvilleBaptist Hospital East, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 4000 Kresge Way,
Louisville, KY,
Fax: fax: 502/897-7018
Contact: Karen Bell RRTEmail: kbell@bhsi.com

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 LouisvilleFrazier Rehabilitation Center, Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program & BB, 220 Abraham Flexner Way,
Louisville, KY,
Fax: fax: 502/582-0528
Contact: Carolyn Cunningham MS RN
Website: http://www.jhsmh.org/health-services/rehab-services-frazier-rehab/specialties/pulmonary-rehab-program.aspx
(Verified: 9/2/2012)
 LouisvilleNorton Aududon Hospital, Pulmonary Rehab, 1 Audubon Plaza Drive,
Louisville, KY,

Website: http://www.nortonhealthcare.com/pulmonaryrehabilitation
(Verified: 9/2/2012)
 LouisvilleSts Mary & Elizabeth Hospital, Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program & BB, 1850 Bluegrass Ave,
Louisville, KY,

Website: http://www.jhsmh.org/locations/sts-mary-elizabeth-hospital.aspx
(Verified: 9/2/2012)
 LouisvilleTaylor Regional Hospital, Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program & BB, 1700 Old Lebanon Rd.,
Louisville, KY,

Website: http://www.jhsmh.org/locations/taylor-regional-hospital.aspx
(Verified: 9/2/2012)
 Richmond Pattie A. Clay Hospital, Vital Recovery Center, E K U By-Pass,
Richmond, KY,
Fax: fax: 859/625-3198
Contact: Rob Stromberg
(Verified: 9/20/2011)


AlexandriaChristus St. Francis Cabrini Hospital Pulmonary Rehab, 3330 Masonic Drive,
Alexandria, LA,
Fax: fax: 318/448-6737

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 AlexandriaHealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Alexandria, 104 North Third St.,
Alexandria, LA,
Fax: fax: 318/449-1369

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 Baton RougeGeneral Health System, PO Box 2511,
Baton Rouge, LA,

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 ChalmetteChalmette Medical Center, Cardiac Rehabilitation & Fitness Center, 9000 Patricia St. - Suite 101,
Chalmette, LA,
Fax: fax: 504/277-2192
Contact: Barbara W. Hughes RN BSN
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 CovingtonSt. Tammany Parish Hospital, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 16300 Hwy 1085, Paul D Cordes Outpatient Pavilion,
Covington, LA,
Fax: fax: 985/898-3775
Contact: Missy Moore, RRT, coordinatorEmail: mwmoore@stph.org

Website: http://www.stph.org/content/pulmonaryrehabilitation.htm
(Verified: 11/26/2012)
 DelhiDelhi Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Center, 508 Broadway,
Delhi, LA,
Fax: fax: 318/878-9682
Contact: Dawn Lively RTEmail: cardpulm@iamerica.net

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 HoumaTerrebonne General Medical Center, 8116 Main St.,
Houma, LA,

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 LafayetteHEALTHSOUTH Rehabilitation Hospital of Lafayette, 204 Energy Pkwy.,
Lafayette, LA,
Fax: fax: 318/261-1726

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 LafayetteOur Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Ctr, 611 St. Landry St.,
Lafayette, LA,
Fax: fax: 318/289-2785
Contact: Penny Thibodeaux MEd CEP
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 Lake CharlesSt. Patrick Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 524 S. Ryan St.,
Lake Charles, LA,
Fax: fax: 318/491-7155
Contact: Debbie Glasspool
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 MetairieEast Jefferson General Hospital, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehab, 4200 Houma Blvd.,
Metairie, LA,
Fax: fax: 504/456-8019
Contact: Sherry Amadon BS RRT
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 MonroeSt. Francis Medical Center, Marie Easterling RRT CEP, 920 Oliver Rd. - Suite B,
Monroe, LA,
Fax: fax: 318/327-6202
Contact: Mary Nelson RRTEmail: easterm@stfran.com

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 New OrleansPendleton Memorial Methodist Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehab, 5620 Read Blvd.,
New Orleans, LA,
Fax: fax: 504/244-5810
Contact: Teri Kessel RN
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 New OrleansTouro Hospital, Touro Fitness Center/Outpatient Cardiopulmonary Rehab, 1401 Foucher St.,
New Orleans, LA,
Fax: fax: 504/897-8693
Contact: Carrie "Suzette" Guillotte RRT
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 New OrleansTulane University Hospital and Clinic, 1415 Tulane Avenue,
New Orleans, LA,
Fax: fax: 504/586-3817
Contact: Jimmy Renfroe BBA RRT RPFT
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 OpelousasOpelousas General Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Center, 520 Prudhomme Lane,
Opelousas, LA,
Fax: fax: 318/948-5111
Contact: Charisse Comeaux CEP LPNEmail: charissecomeaux@opelousasgeneral.com

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 ShreveportDubuis Hospital of Shreveport, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehab Programs, One St. Mary Pl. - 6th Fl.,
Shreveport, LA,
Fax: fax: 318/678-1065
Contact: Debbie Dalton RRT
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 ShreveportHighland Hospital, Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehab, 1453 E. Bert Kouns, Industrial Loop,
Shreveport, LA,
Fax: fax: 318/798-8630
Contact: Colette Murray RN
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 ThibodauxThibodaux Regional Medical Center, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 602 North Acadia Rd.,
Thibodaux, LA,
Fax: fax: 504/449-2536

(Verified: 9/20/2011)


BiddefordSouthern Maine Medical Center, Breath of Life/Healthy Heart, One Medical Center Dr., P. O. Box 626,
Biddeford, ME,
Fax: fax: 207/283-7611
Contact: David Timmerman MTS CRTT
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 BiddefordUniversity of New England, Bodywise, 11 Hills Beach Rd.,
Biddeford, ME, 04005

Contact: Mimi Mills MA
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 LewistonSt. Mary's Regional Medical Center, The Breathing Center/ Cardiac Rehab, Campus Ave., P.O. Box 291,
Lewiston, ME, 04243-0291
Fax: fax: 207/777-8577
Contact: Karlene Fenderson RRTEmail: karlene@exploremaine.com

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 PortlandMercy Hospital, Upbeat!, 144 State St.,
Portland, ME, 04101
Fax: fax: 207/879-3036
Contact: Terry Girouard RNC MSEmail: upbeat@mercyme.com

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 PortlandNew England Rehabilitation Hospital Of Portland, 335 Brighton Ave. - Rm 201,
Portland, ME, 04102
Fax: fax: 207/879-8446

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 RockportPen Bay Medical Center,
Rockport, ME, 04856

Contact: Janey Barthelette RRTEmail: jbarthelette@penbayhealthcare.org

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 YorkYork Hospital, 15 Hospital Dr.,
York, ME, 03909-1099
Fax: fax: 207/363-0095
Contact: Lester Darigan RRT
(Verified: 9/20/2011)


BaltimoreChurch Hospital, Pulmonary Rehabilitation Services, 100 N. Broadway,
Baltimore, MD, 21231
Fax: fax: 410/522-8109
Contact: Eddie T. Hill RRTEmail: eddieh@helix.org

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 BaltimoreFranklin Square Hospital Center, Pulmonary Rehabilitation Services, 9000 Franklin Sq. Dr.,
Baltimore, MD, 21237
Fax: fax: 410/682-8249
Contact: Barbara M Schenk RRTEmail: greg@helix.org

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 BaltimoreJohns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, Heart Health Program Cardiac Rehab, 4940 Eastern Ave.,
Baltimore, MD, 21224
Fax: fax: 410/550-1682
Contact: Kacie Plummer RRTEmail: kplummer@jhmi.edu

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 BaltimoreSt. Agnes Healthcare, Cardiac Outpatient Rehab & Pulmonary, 900 Canton Ave.,
Baltimore, MD, 21229-5201
Fax: fax: 410/368-3508
Contact: Carli Ream RRTEmail: cream@stagnes.org

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 ChestertownKent and Queen Anne's Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 100 Brown St.,
Chestertown, MD, 21620
Fax: fax: 410/778-7657
Contact: Christine Brice RRT
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 ColumbiaHoward County General Hospital, Cardiac Rehab Pulmonary Rehab, 5755 Cedar Lane,
Columbia, MD, 21044
Fax: fax: 410/740-7512
Contact: Martine Milman RRT
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 EastonShore Health System of Maryland, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation Memorial Hospital, 219 S. Washington St.,
Easton, MD, 21601
Fax: fax: 410/763-8137
Contact: Marybeth Daniels RNC
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 FrederickFrederick Memorial Healthcare System, Preventive Cardiology & Rehabilitation, 400 W. 7th St.,
Frederick, MD, 21701
Fax: fax: 301/698-3729
Contact: Jaime Dixon RNEmail: card@fmh.org

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 Glen BurnieNorth Arundel Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 301 Hospital Dr. Rehab. Dept.,
Glen Burnie, MD, 21061
Fax: fax: 410/582-0846
Contact: Barbara Sale MHS PT
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 LaPlataCivista Medical Center, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 701 Charles Street,
LaPlata, MD, 20646

(Verified: n/a)
 LeonardtownSt Mary's Hospital, Grace Anne Dorney Pulmonary and Cardiac Rehabilitation, 25500 Point Lookout Road,
Leonardtown, MD, 20653

(Verified: n/a)
 OlneyMontgomery General Hospital, Ground Floor Rehabilitation Services, 18101 Prince Philip Drive,
Olney, MD, 20832
Fax: fax: 301/774-8724

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 Prince FrederickCalvert Memorial Hospital, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 100 Hospital Road,
Prince Frederick, MD, 20678

(Verified: n/a)
 RockvilleMontgomery Therapy LLC, 15200 Shady Grove Road - Suite 204,
Rockville, MD,
Fax: fax: 301/417-2653
Contact: Sherri LednerEmail: sledner@montgomerytherapy.com 

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 SalisburyHEALTHSOUTH Chesapeake Rehabilitation Hospital, 220 Tilghman Road,
Salisbury, MD, 21804
Fax: fax: 410/546-8388

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 SalisburyPeninsula Regional Medical Center, Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehab & Fitness Plus, 100 E. Carroll St.,
Salisbury, MD, 21801
Fax: fax: 410/543-7053
Contact: Jeanne E. RuffEmail: ruff_j@peninsula.org

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 Silver SpringHoly Cross Hospital, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 1500 Forest Glen,
  Silver Spring, MD, 20910
Fax: fax: 301/754-7384
Contact: Ann November-Moss RRTEmail: novema@holycrosshealth.org

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 StevensvilleShore Health System, 130 Love Point Road,
Stevensville, MD,

(Verified: n/a)
 TowsonSunrise Health Center Towson, 658 Kenilworth Drive - Suite 100,
Towson, MD, 21204

(Verified: n/a)


AttleboroSturdy Memorial Hospital, Cardiac Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 211 Park St., P. O. Box 2963,
Attleboro, MA , 02703
Fax: fax: 508/236-7909
Contact: Donna Hopkinson BSCRT
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 AyerDeaconess-Nashoba Hospital, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation,   200 Groton Rd.,
Ayer, MA, 01432
Fax: fax: 978/784-9574
Contact: Kathleen Pietras BSN RN-C
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 BeverlyBeverly Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 85 Herrick St.,
Beverly, MA, 01915
Fax: fax: 978/921-7073
Contact: David Smith RRT
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 BostonBrigham & Women's Hospital, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehab, 75 Frances St.,
Boston, MA, 02115
Fax: fax: 617/732-7421
Contact: Gloria Simons RN RRTEmail: gsimons@bics.bwh.harvard.edu

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 BrocktonBrockton Hospital, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 680 Centre,
Brockton, MA, 02302-3395
Fax: fax: 508/941-6336
Contact: Wayne Reynolds RNEmail: info@brocktonhospital.com

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 BurlingtonLahey Clinic Medical Center, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 41 Mall Rd.,
Burlington, MA, 01805
Fax: fax: 781/744-2832
Contact: Jon Kelley PT
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 ConcordEmerson Hospital, Cardiac Rehab/Pulmonary Rehab, 133 O. R. N. A. C.,
Concord, MA, 01742-4169
Fax: fax: 978/287-3738
Contact: Jenny Gormley RN MSN
(Verified: n/a)
 Fall RiverSouthcoast Hospitals Group-Charlton Site, Rehab Services Mitchell Therapy Center, 363 Highland Ave.,
Fall River, MA, 02720
Fax: fax: 508/679-7665
Contact: Joyce Grusmark
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 FalmouthFalmouth Hospital, Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 100 Ter Heun Dr.,
Falmouth, MA, 01540

Contact: Doreen Cleary RRT
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 Great BarringtonFairview Hospital, 29 Lewis Ave,
Great Barrington, MA, 01230

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 HaverhillWhittier Rehabilitation Hospital, 76 Summer Street,
Haverhill, MA,

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 LowellSaints Memorial Medical Center, Rt. 38, Hospital Drive,
Lowell, MA, 01853

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 LudlowHealthsouth Rehab. Hosp. of Western Mass, Phase I & II Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 14 Chestnut Pl.,
Ludlow, MA, 01056
Fax: fax: 413/547-6530
Contact: Jacklyn M. Stacy RRT
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 MilfordMilford Whitinsville Regional Hospital, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 14 Prospect St.,
Milford, MA, 01757
Fax: fax: 508/473-2744
Contact: Suzanne Nome RN CS
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 MiltonMilton Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 92 Highland St.,
Milton, MA, 02186
Fax: fax: 617/696-1090
Contact: Paula Danz
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 New BedfordSouthcoast Hospital-St. Luke's Site, Rehab Services, 101 Page St.,
New Bedford, MA, 02740
Fax: fax: 508/999-5206
Contact: Joyce Grusmark
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 NorthamptonCooley Dickinson Hospital, 30 Locust St.,
Northampton, MA, 01060

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 PittsfieldBerkshire Medical Center, Pulmonary Rehabilitation Services Medical Arts Complex, 777 North Street - 4th floor,
Pittsfield, MA, 01201

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 PlymouthJordan Hospital, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehab Programs, 275 Sandwich St.,
Plymouth, MA, 02360
Fax: fax: 508/830-2651
Contact: Karen Carafoli RNC MSEmail: jhosp5@capecod.net

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 South DennisEagle Pond Rehabilitation and Living Center, One Love Lane,
South Dennis, MA, 02660
Fax: fax: 508/385-7064
Email: health@eaglepond.com

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 South WeymouthSouth Shore Hospital, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 55 Fogg Rd.,
South Weymouth, MA, 02190
Fax: fax: 781/340-8119
Contact: Joseph RussellEmail: joseph_russell@sshosp.org

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 SpringfieldBaystate Medical Center, 3300 Main St. - Suite 2-A, ,
Springfield, MA, 01199
Fax: fax: 413/794-7125
Contact: Marie Lemoine MSN RNEmail:    marie.lemoine@bhs.org

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 SpringfieldWeldon Center for Rehabilitation, Cardiac & Pulmonary  Rehabilitation, 233 Carew St.,
Springfield, MA, 01102-9012
Fax: fax: 413/748-6826
Contact: Richard Serafino RRTEmail: weldoncard1@sphs.com

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 StoughtonNew England Sinai Hospital and Rehabilitation Center, 150 York Street,
Stoughton, MA, 02072

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 WarehamSouthcoast Hospitals Group-Tobey Site, Rehab Services, 43 High St.,
Wareham, MA, 02571
Fax: fax: 508/291-3721
Contact: Joyce Grusmark
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 WorcesterSt Vincent Hospital at Worcester Medical Center, Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program, 20 Worcester Center Blvd.,
Worcester, MA, 01608

Contact: Judy Gray RN MSEmail: Judithanne.Gray@tenethealth.com

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 WorcesterUMass Memorial Medical Center,  55 Lake Ave North,
Worcester, MA, 01655
Fax: fax: 508/856-8350
Contact: Debbie Cappucci CRT /Cindy French ANP.Email: cappuccd@ummhc.org

(Verified: 9/20/2011)


AdrianBixby Medical Ctr Lenawee Health Alliance, Farver Ctr Cardiovascular Rehab & Prevent, 818 Riverside Ave.,
Adrian, MI, 49221
Fax: fax: 517/265-0880
Contact: Tammy McGhee RRT
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 Ann ArborUniversity of Michigan, Pulmonary Rehab, 250 Eisenhower - Suite 130,
Ann Arbor, MI,

Contact: Jennifer
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 Bay CityBay Medical Center, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 3190 E. Midland Rd.,
Bay City, MI, 48706
Fax: 989/667-6610
Contact: Penny CatesEmail: pennyc@med.umich.edu

(Verified: 2/28/2012)
 CommerceHuron Valley-Sinai Hospital, 1 William Carls Drive,
Commerce, MI, 48382
Fax: fax: 248/937-5002
Contact: Pat Oberlee RRT CPFT or Farrel Heilmann RRT
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 DearbornOakwood Hospital, Pulmonary Rm. 2-103, 18101 Oakwood Blvd.,
Dearborn, MI, 48123

Contact: Darlene
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 DetroitHenry Ford Hospital, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 2799 West Grand Blvd.,
Detroit, MI, 48202

Contact: Sandra Truesdell MSN RN
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 DetroitSt. John Hospital & Medical Center, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 4849 Canyon,
Detroit, MI, 48236
Fax: fax: 313/343-6052
Contact: Jaqueline Croaker CRTT
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 FarmingtonBotsford General Hospital, West Cardiology - Pulmonary, 28050 Grand River  Ave.,
Farmington Hills, MI, 48336
Fax: fax: 248/471-8555
Contact: Kimberly Guesman RN MSN
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 FlintMclaren Regional Medical Center, 4466 W. Bristol Rd,
Flint, MI, 48507
Fax: 989/667-6646
Contact: Valerie K. McLeod R.R.T.Email: Valriem@mclaren.org

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 Grand HavenNorth Ottawa Community Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 1309 Sheldon Rd.,
Grand Haven, MI, 49417

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 Grand RapidsSpectrum Health Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Pulmo Rehab, 2902 Bradford St, NE,
Grand Rapids, MI,

Contact: Dana Owieswma RT, Mgt
Website: http://www.spectrumhealth.org/pulmrehab
(Verified: 11/16/2012)
 Grand RapidsSt. Mary's Health Services, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 200 Jefferson S. E.,
Grand Rapids, MI, 49503
Fax: fax: 616/732-3081
Contact: Maryann Masterton RN
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 Grosse Point FarmsBonsecours Cottage Health Services, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 159 Kercheval Ave.,
Grosse Pointe Farms, MI, 48236

Contact: Kathy Kinney
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 HancockPortage Health System, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehab, 200 Michigan Ave.,
Hancock, MI, 49930-1495
Fax: fax: 906/487-7813
Contact: Shelby Seaton Hamar MAEmail: sshamar@phsys.org

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 HollandHolland Community Hospital, Cardiac Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 602 Michigan Ave.,
Holland, MI, 49423
Fax: fax: 616/394-3387
Contact: Susan Hulst RNEmail: sushul@hoho.org

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 JacksonFoote Hospital, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 1100 E. Michigan Ave. - Suite 102,
Jackson, MI, 49201
Fax: fax: 517/780-7233
Contact: Linda L. Straight RN MA
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 KalamazooKalamazoo Rehabilitation and Sleep Center, 2340 E. Centre Street,
Portage, MI, 49002
Fax:   fax: 269/327-7196
Contact: Cindy Mertin RRT
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 LansingIngham Regional Medical Center, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 1122 W. Holmes - Suite 2,
Lansing, MI, 48910
Fax: fax: 517/887-2728
Contact: David Lloyd BS RRT
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 LansingSparrow Health Systems, Cardiac Rehabilitation, 1215 E. Michigan Ave.,
Lansing, MI, 48909-7980
Fax: fax: 517/364-5366

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 LudingtonMemorial Medical Center, Cardiac Rehabilitation, One Atkinson Dr.,
Ludington, MI, 49431
Fax: fax: 616/845-2137
Contact: Marti Miller MS PT
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 Macomb TownshipBeaumont Medical Center, 15979 Hall Road,
Macomb Township, MI, 48044
Fax: fax: 586/416-8491
Contact: Laura J. Sullivan RRT
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 MarletteMarlette Community Hospital, Cardiac & Pulmonary Health & Rehab, 2770 Main St., PO Box 307,
Marlette, MI, 48453-0307
Fax: fax: 517/635-4234
Contact: Jane Penzien RRT
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 MarquetteMarquette General Hospital, Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab,   420 W. Magnetic,
Marquette, MI, 49855
Fax:   fax: 906/225-7865
Contact: Pam O'Donnell RRT RPFT
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 MonroeMercy-Memorial Hospital, Cardiac & Pulmonary Health & Rehab., 901 N. Macomb,
Monroe, MI, 48162
Fax:   fax: 734/240-5310
Contact: Shelly Lasey RN BSN
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 Mt ClemensSt Joseph West Hospital, Pulmo Rehab - Lyn Ponia, 15855 Nineteen Mi Rd,
Mt Clemens, MI, 48038

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 MuskegonMercy General Health Partners, 1212 E. Sherman,
Muskegon, MI, 49444
Fax: fax: 616/733-5161
Contact: Brenda Hopma RN
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 MuskegonMercy General Hospital, Oak Campus, 1700 Oak Ave.,
Muskegon, MI, 49442

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 OwossoMemorial Healthcare Center, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation,  826 W. King St.,
Owosso, MI, 48867
Fax: fax: 517/725-1519
Contact: Cindy Everett BS RRT
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 PontiacNorth Oakland Medical Center, Pulmonary Rehab - Pat A., 461 West Huron,
Pontiac, MI, 48341

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 PontiacSt. Joseph Mercy-Oakland, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 44405 Woodward,
Pontiac, MI, 48341
Fax: fax: 248/858-3275
Contact: Sue
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 Port HuronMercy & Port Huron Hospitals, Breather’s Club, 1221 Pine Grove,
  Port Huron, MI, 48060

Contact: Geri
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 RedfordValley Hill Therapy Center, 25958 W. Six Mile Road,
Redford, MI, 48240 
Fax:   fax: 313/387-3838
Contact: Sarah Groeneveld CRT and Janet Mounsey RRT
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 RochesterCrittenton Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehab, 1101 W. University Dr.,
Rochester, MI, 48307
Fax: fax: 248/608-2222
Contact: Dan Tunnecliffe BS RRT
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 Royal OakBeaumont Health Center, 4949 Coolidge Hwy,
Royal Oak, MI, 48072
Fax: fax: 248/655-5999

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 Royal OakBeaumont Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Education Center, 3601 West Thirteen Mile Rd.,
Royal Oak, MI, 48072-2793

Contact: Teena Culhane RRT
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 SaginawCovenant HealthCare, Cardiovascular Health & Wellness, 5400 Mackinaw,
Saginaw, MI, 48604
Fax: fax: 517/797-5035
Contact: Mary Gray
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 Sterling HeightsBeaumont Hospital, East Campus, 44300 Dequindre Road,
Sterling Heights, MI, 48314
Fax: fax: 248/964-0220

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 Traverse CityMunson Medical Center, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehab, 1105 Sixth St.,
Traverse City, MI, 49684
Fax: fax: 616/935-6720
Contact: Karen Kain MS RRTEmail: kpkain@hotmail.net

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 TroyBeaumont Hospital, 44201 Dequindre Road,
Troy, MI, 48085
Fax: fax: 248/964-4020

(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 WarrenSt John Macomb Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehab, 11800 E. Twelve Mile Road,
Warren, MI, 48093

Contact: Sandra Pfunk or Deanna Graves
(Verified: 9/20/2011)
 YpsilantiSt. Joseph Mercy Hospital & Michigan Heart, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehab, 5325 Elliot Dr. - Suite 202,
Ypsilanti, MI, 48197
Fax: fax: 734/712-2792
Contact: Teri Schillinger RRTM
(Verified: 9/20/2011)


Albert LeaAlbert Lea Medical Center, HealthReach Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehab., 1705 S. E. Broadway,
Albert Lea, MN, 56007
Fax: fax: 507/373-1524
Contact: P. Peterson OTEmail: rorvick.jane@mayo.com

(Verified: 9/19/2011)
 AlexandriaDouglas County Hospital, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 111 17th Ave., E.,
Alexandria, MN, 56308
Fax: fax: 320/762-6144
Contact: David Holm RRT
(Verified: 9/19/2011)
 AppletonAppleton Municipal Hospital,
Appleton, MN,

(Verified: 9/19/2011)
 AustinAustin Medical Center,
Austin, MN,

(Verified: 9/19/2011)
 BemidjNorth Country Regional Hospital, Cardiac Rehab, 1100 W. 38th St.,
Bemidji, MN, 56601
Fax: fax: 218/759-5607
Contact: Kathy Fulk RRT
(Verified: 9/19/2011)
 CanbyCanby Community Health Services,
Canby, MN,

(Verified: 9/19/2011)
 CrookstonRiverview Healthcare Association, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 323 S. Minnesota,
Crookston, MN, 56716
Fax: fax: 218/281-9526
Contact: Joan Morlan RNEmail: cardpulm@riverhealth.org

(Verified: 9/19/2011)
 CrosbyCuyuna Regional Medical Center, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 320 E. Main St.,
Crosby, MN, 56441
Fax: fax: 218/546-6091
Contact: Robert McLaughlin CRTT EMT-P
(Verified: 9/19/2011)
 Deer RiverDeer River Health Care Center, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 1002 Comstock Drive,
Deer River, MN, 56636
Fax: fax: 218/246-3028
Contact: Chris Vinson RN.Email: cvinson@drhc.org

Website: http://www.drhc.org/
(Verified: 9/19/2011)
 EdinaFairview Southdale Hospital, Pulmonary Rehab, 6401 France Ave.,
S Edina, MN, 55435
Fax: fax: 952/924-5982
Contact: Mary Pat RuffEmail: mruff3@fairview.org

(Verified: 9/19/2011)
 FridleyUnity Hospital,
Fridley, MN,

(Verified: 9/19/2011)
 GlencoeGlencoe Area Health Center,
Glencoe, MN,

(Verified: 9/19/2011)
 Golden ValleyLakeland Health Services, 9211 Plymouth Ave.,
Golden Valley, MN, 55427
Fax: fax: 763/512-1560
Contact: Ted Wawrzyniak BS RRT
Website: http://kelandhealthservices.com
(Verified: 9/19/2011)
 Grand RapidsGrand Itasca Clinic & Hospital, 1601 Golf Course Rd,
Grand Rapids, MN, 55744

(Verified: 9/19/2011)
 HastingsRegina Medical Center, Cardio Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 1175 Nininger Rd.,
Hastings, MN, 55033

Contact: Michael Schweitzer RT
(Verified: 9/19/2011)
 MankatoImmanuel-St. Joseph's Mayo Health System, 1025 Marsh St., P. O. Box 8673,
Mankato, MN, 56002-8673
Fax: fax: 507/385-6566
Contact: Mollie Murphy RRT
(Verified: 9/19/2011)
 MinneapolisNorth Memorial Health Care,
Minneapolis, MN,

(Verified: 9/19/2011)
 Park RapidsSt. Joseph's Area Health Services, Cardiopulmonary Rehab Program, 600 Pleasant Ave.,
Park Rapids, MN, 56470
Fax: fax: 218/732-1368
Contact: Mary Nelson RNEmail: marynelson@chi-midwest.org

(Verified: 9/19/2011)
 RochesterMayo Clinic Rochester, 200 First St. S.W.,
Rochester, MN, 55905
Fax: fax: 507/284-0161

(Verified: 9/19/2011)
 St. CloudSt. Cloud Hospital, ,
St. Cloud, MN,

(Verified: 9/19/2011)
 St. Louis ParkLakeland Health Services, 4500 Park Glen Rd - Suite 390,
St. Louis Park, MN, 55416
Fax: fax: 952/848-5052
Contact: Ted Wawrzyniak BS RRTEmail: tedw@lakelandhealthservices.com

(Verified: 9/19/2011)
 St. PaulAllina Health System/United Hospital, Exercare: Rehab & Clinical Exercise Programs, 340 Walnut St.,
St. Paul, MN, 55102
Fax: fax: 651/220-7118
Contact: Karen J. Tennis RN
(Verified: 9/19/2011)
 St. PaulHealth Partners - Regions Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehab/Lifestyle Mgmt, 2635 University Ave, W. - Suite 165,
St. Paul, MN, 55114
Fax: fax: 651/645-3179
Contact: Sherry Grismer, MSEmail: sheryl.l.grismer@healthpartners.com

(Verified: 9/19/2011)
 St. PaulUnited Hospital of Allina Health System, Cardiovascular Pulmonary Rehab., 333 N. Smith Ave.,
St. Paul, MN, 55102
Fax: fax: 651/268-2019
Contact: Monica Rudiger
(Verified: 9/19/2011)
 StillwaterLakeview Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 927 W. Churchill St.,
Stillwater, MN, 55082
Fax: fax: 651/430-4520
Contact: Shari Odenwald RNEmail: shario@lakeview.org

(Verified: 9/19/2011)
 Thief River FallsNorthwest Medical Center, Better Breathing Cardiac Rehabilitation, 120 LaBree Ave. S,
Thief River Falls, MN, 56701
Fax: fax: 218/681-5614
Contact: Tammy Hansen RRCP CPFTEmail: tlh@means.net

(Verified: 9/19/2011)
 VirginiaVirginia Regional Medical Center, 901 9th St. N.,
Virginia, MN, 55792

(Verified: 9/19/2011)
 WillmarRice Memorial Hospital, Cardiac Rehabilitation & Adult Fitness, 301 Becker Ave. S.W.,
Willmar, MN, 56201
Fax: fax: 320/231-4575
Contact: Kurt Koenen RRT RCPEmail: kkoe@rice.willmar.mn.us

(Verified: 9/19/2011)
 WinonaWinona Community Memorial Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Programs, 855 Mankato Ave.,
Winona, MN, 54603
Fax: fax: 507/457-4413

(Verified: 9/19/2011)
 WyomingFairview Lakes Reg. Medical Ctr.,
Wyomuing, MN,

(Verified: 9/19/2011)


BolivarCitizens Memorial Healthcare, Cardiopulmonary Rehab, 1500 N Oakland Ave,
Bolivar, MO, 65613-3011
Fax: fax: 417/328-6243
Contact: Linda Sharp
Website: http://www.citizensmemorial.com/rehabilitation/cardio-pulmonary-rehab.html
(Verified: 7/29/2012)
 Cape GirardeauSaint Francis Medical Center, Cardiopulmonary Rehab, 211 St Francis Drive,
Cape Girardeau, MO,

Website: http://www.sfmc.net/hearthospitalrehabilitation.htm
(Verified: 7/29/2012)
 Lee's SummitSaint Luke's East Hospital, Pulmonary Rehab, 20 NE Saint Luke’s Boulevard,
Lee's Summit, MO,

Contact: Vickie Klein CRT, CPFTEmail: vjklein@saint-lukes.org

Website: http:////www.saintlukeshealthsystem.org/service/saint-lukes-east-hospital-pulmonary-rehabilitation
Notes: Pulmo Rehab is Monday thru Thursday 6:30 am to 5:00 pm
(Verified: 12/13/2012)
 PerryvillePerry County Memorial Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehab, 434 N West Street,
Perryville, MO,

Website: http://www.pchmo.org/services-therapycardiopulmonary.aspx
(Verified: 7/29/2012)
 St JosephHeartland Regional Medical Center, Pulmonary Rehab, 5325 Faraon Street, East Wing,
St Joseph, MO,

Website: http://tiny.cc/v8a8hw
(Verified: 7/29/2012)
 St Peters Barnes-Jewish St Peters Hospital (BJ), Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehab, 10 Hospital Dr - Entrance B,
St Peters, MO,
Fax: fax: 636/916-9767
Contact: Susan Dreckshage, PR charge
Website: http://tiny.cc/vy97hw
(Verified: 7/29/2012)


AlbionBoone County Health Center, PO Box 151,
Albion, NE, 68620
Phone: 4023953149 Fax: fax: 402/395-5165
Email: carreh@boonecohealth.org Gayla Oakley RN

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 AllianceBox Butte General Hospital , 2101 Box Butte,
Alliance, NE, 69301
Fax: fax: 308/762-1556
Contact: Nancy Leisy RN
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 BeatriceBeatrice Community Hospital , 1110 N., PO Box 278,
Beatrice, NE, 68310
Phone: 4022237328 Fax: fax: 402/223-6732
Contact: Kerri Jones BS MAEmail: kjones@bchhc.org

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 BenkelmanDundy County Hospital , 1313 North Cheyenne,
Benkelman, NE, 69021
Phone: 3084232204 Fax: fax: 308/423-2298
Contact: Kevin StiefelEmail: kstiefel2003@yahoo.com

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 BlairMemorial Community Hospital , 810 N. 22nd Street, PO Box 250,
Blair, NE, 68008
Phone: 4024261163 Fax: fax: 402/426-1290
Contact: Jim Wilkening RRT
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 CambridgeTri Valley Health Systems , West Highway 6 & 34,
Cambridge, NE, 69022
Phone: 3086973329 Fax: fax: 308/697-3158
Contact: Julie Sayer CRT
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 Central CityLitzenberg Memorial County Hospital , 1715 26th Street,
Central City, NE, 68826
Phone: 3089463015 Fax: fax: 308/946-2633
Contact: Laurie Paup Johnson RNEmail: candy.zywiec@symphonyhealth.com

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 ChadronChadron Community Hospital , 821 Morehead Street,
Chadron, NE, 69337
Phone: 3084325521 Fax: fax: 308/432-0411
Contact: Diane LecherEmail: hh_hospicedir@chadronhospital.com

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 ColumbusColumbus Community Hospital , 3020 18th Street , PO Box 819,
Columbus, NE, 68602-0819
Phone: 4025623344 Fax: fax: 402/562-3348
Contact: Deb OlsonEmail: cjsprunk@columbushosp.org

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 CozadCozad Community Hospital , 300 East 12th Street, PO Box 108,
Cozad, NE, 69130
Phone: 3087842261 Fax: fax: 308/784-4691
Contact: Cindy Benjamin RRT
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 Daivd CityButler County Health Care Center , 372 S 9th Street,
David City, NE, 68632
Phone: 4023671255 Fax: fax: 402/367-1350
Contact: Thor Anderson RRTEmail: cardiac.rehab@bchccnet.org

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 FairburyJefferson Community Health Center , 2200 H Street Box, PO Box 277,
Fairbury, NE, 68352
Fax: fax: 402/729-2102
Contact: Elsie E. Houser RN BSNEmail: elsie.houser@jchc.us

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 Falls CityCommunity Medical Center, PO Box 399,
Falls City, NE, 68355
Phone: 4022452428 Fax: fax: 402/245-6648
Contact: Patrick Brennan RRT
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 FremontFremont Area Medical Center , 450 East 23rd Street,
Fremont, NE, 68025
Phone: 4027273329 Fax: fax: 402/727-3339
Contact: Diane Novak RRT
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 GenevaFillmore County Hospital , 1325 H Street, PO Box 193,
Geneva, NE, 68361
Phone: 4027593167 Fax: fax: 402/759-3889
Contact: Dorothy Balaban RN
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 GordonGordon Memorial Hospital , 300 East 8th,
Gordon, NE, 69343
Phone: 3082820401 Fax: fax: 308/282-0431
Contact: Shirley Larsen RN
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 GothenburgGothenburg Memorial Hospital Clinic , Nuclear Study, 910 20th St, PO Box 469,
Gothenburg, NE, 69138
Phone: 3085373661 Fax: fax: 308/537-4095
Contact: Myra Gronewald RNEmail: rehab@ghospital.org

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 Grand IslandSaint Francis Medical Center , 2062 W. Faidley,
Grand Island, NE, 68803
Phone: 3083985899 Fax: fax: 308/398-5370
Contact: Seann Julian RRTEmail: klierman@sfmc-gi.org

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 HastingsMary Lanning Memorial Hospital , 715 N Saint Joseph,
Hastings, NE, 68901
Phone: 4024615079 Fax: fax: 402/461-5040
Contact: Jan Williams RN BSNEmail: jwilliams@mlmh.org

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 HoldredgePhelps Memorial Health Center , 1215 Tibbals St.,
Holdrege, NE, 68949
Phone: 3089952172 Fax: fax: 308/995-4936
Contact: Tracey Elliot CRT
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 ImperialChase County Community Hospital , 600 W. 12th St,
Imperial, NE, 69033
Phone: 3088827254 Fax: fax: 308/882-7341
Contact: Linda Nelson RRT
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 KaerneyGood Samaritan Hospital , PO Box 1990,
Kearney, NE, 68848-1990
Phone: 3088657186 Fax: fax: 308/865-2949
Contact: Sheri Eatherton RNEmail: sherieatherton@catholichealth.net

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 LexingtonTri-County Hospital, PO Box 980,
Lexington, NE, 68850
Phone: 3083248315 Fax: fax: 308/324-8335
Contact: Christy Wiese RRT
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 LincolnBryan LGH Medical Center, Health Enhancement Services, 1600 S. 48th,
Lincoln, NE, 68506

Contact: Diane Vogel RN BSEmail: dvogel@bryanlgh.org

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 LincolnSaint Elizabeth Regional Medical Center, Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 555 S. 70th St.,
Lincoln, NE, 68510
Phone: 4022198717 Fax: fax:402/219-8716
Contact: Pam Robertson RN BSNEmail: probertson@stez.org

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 LynchNiobrara Valley Hospital , , P.O. Box 118,
Lynch, NE, 68746
Phone: 4025692451 Fax: fax: 402/569-2474
Contact: Dawn Hanzlik RN
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 McCookCommunity Hospital , 1301 East H Street,
McCook, NE, 69001-8344
Phone: 3083452650 Fax: fax: 308/345-8358
Contact: Kyle Lines RRT or Ranae Williams RN
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 Nebraska CitySt. Mary's Hospital, Cardiac Company & Pulmonary Partners, 1314 3rd Ave.,
Nebraska City, NE, 68410
Phone: 4028733321 Fax: fax: 402/873-9033
Contact: Diana McNeilly RN
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 NelighAntelope Memorial Hospital, 102 W 9th Street,
Neligh, NE, 68756

Contact: Carol Anderson RN
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 NorfolkFaith Regional Health Services , 110 N 29th St. - Suite 202,
Norfolk, NE, 68701
Phone: 4026447560 Fax: fax: 402/644-7648
Contact: Brian Blecher RN-CEmail: bblecher@frhs.org

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 North PlatteGreat Plains Regional Medical Center , 601 W. Leota, PO Box 1167,
North Platte, NE, 69103-1167
Phone: 3085358635 Fax: fax: 308/696-8637
Contact: Sharron Nejedly RRTEmail: nejedlys@mail.gprmc.com

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 OaklandOakland Memorial Hospital , 601 E. 2nd,
Oakland, NE, 68045
Phone: 4026855601 Fax: fax: 402/685-6223
Contact: Mary Fran Bacon RNEmail: bacon@mercyhealth.com

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 OmahaAlegent Health Bergan Mercy , Cardiopulmonary Rehab, 7710 Mercy Road,
Omaha, NE, 68124
Phone: 4023985907 Fax: fax: 402/398-5658
Contact: Vicki Lindberg RNEmail: vlindber@alegent.org

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 OmahaAlegent Health Immanuel , 6901 N 72nd Street,
Omaha, NE, 68122-1799
Phone: 4025722575 Fax: fax: 402/572-3281
Contact: Tim Schiffbauer BS RRT
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 OmahaAlegent Health Lakeside Wellness Center , , 16909 Lakeside Hills Court - Suite 100,
Omaha, NE, 68130
Phone: 4027585712 Fax: fax: 402/572-5711
Contact: Pam Gaines RNEmail: pgaines@alegent.org

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 OmahaCreighton University Med Center , 601 N. 30th St,
Omaha, NE, 68131
Phone: 4024495864 Fax: fax: 402/449-4073
Contact: Ella McAlexander LPN RRTEmail: ella.mcalexander@tenethealthcare.com

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 OmahaMethodist Hospital , 8303 Dodge Street,
Omaha, NE, 68114
Phone: 4023544190 Fax: fax: 402/354-4024
Contact: Patty Bauer BS RRT RN
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 O'NeillAvera St. Anthony's Hospital , 300 N. 2nd St, PO Box 269,
O'Neill, NE, 68763
Fax: fax: 402/336-5120
Contact: Beth Grenz RNEmail: bethc.grenz@avera-sta.org

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 OrdValley County Health System ., 217 Westridge Dr,
Ord, NE, 68862
Phone: 3087283211 Fax: fax: 308/728-3228
Contact: Steve Kusek
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 OsmondOsmond General Hospital , 5th & Maple, PO Box 429,
Osmond, NE, 68765
Phone: 4027483393 Fax: fax: 402/748-3188
Contact: Carey Krepel RT LPNC
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 PapillionAlegent Health Midlands Community Hospital , 11111 S 84th Street,
Papillion, NE, 68046
Phone: 4025933465 Fax: fax: 402/593-3468
Contact: DeAnn Utter RRTEmail: dutter@alegent.org

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 PlainviewPlainview Area Health System , PO Box 489,
Plainview, NE, 68769
Phone: 4025824245 Fax: fax: 402/582-3940
Contact: Elaine Hulse RRT
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 ScottsbluffRegional West Medical Center , 3911 Avenue B,
Scottsbluff, NE, 69361
Phone: 3086301138 Fax: fax: 308/630-1970
Contact: Lynn Macken RN MA
Website: http://mc.net
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 SewardMemorial Health Care Systems ., 300 N Colombia Ave,
Seward, NE, 68434
Phone: 4026432971 Fax: fax: 402/646-4583
Contact: Lisa Kimsey RRTEmail: mchsdfriedli@alltel.net

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 SuperiorBrodstone Memorial Nucholls County Hospital , 520 E.10th,
Superior, NE, 68978
Fax: fax: 402/879-3401
Contact: Carla Ost RNEmail: cost@brodstonehospital.org

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 WahooSaunders County Health Service , 805 W 10th Street, PO Box 185,
Wahoo, NE, 68066
Phone: 4024434191 Fax: fax: 402/443-1418
Contact: Rich Hunter RRT
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 WayneProvidence Medical Center , 1200 Providence Road,
Wayne, NE, 68787
Phone: 4023757953 Fax: fax: 402/375-7963
Contact: Terri Beza RNEmail: tbeza@providencemedical.com

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 West PointSt. Francis Memorial Hospital , 430 N Monitor,
West Point, NE, 68788
Phone: 4023726722 Fax: fax: 402/372-6729
Contact: Carol Franzluebbers RN BSNEmail: cardiac@fcswp.org

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 YorkYork General Health Care Services , 2222 Lincoln Ave.,
York, NE, 68467
Phone: 4023620462 Fax: fax: 402/362-0470
Contact: Joan ManningRNEmail: joanie.manning@yorkgeneral.org

(Verified: 9/17/2011)


Carson CityCarson-Tahoe Hospital, Carson Rehabilitation Center, 900 East Long Street,
Carson City, NV,
Phone: 7758817141

(Verified: n/a)
 HendersonParagon Healthcare, 1701-8 N Green Valley Pkwy - Suite B,
Henderson, NV, 89074
Phone: 7029142790
Email: ParagonHealthcareLV@yahoo.com

Website: http://www.geocities.com/paragonhealthcarelv/paragonhealthcare.html
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 Las VegasGood Shepherd Healthcare, 2451 S Buffalo Drive - Suite 100,
Las Vegas, NV, 89117-2749
Phone: 7028933333

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 Las VegasGood Shepherd healthcare, 4275 Burnham Ave - Suite 255,
Las Vegas, NV, 89119-8204 .
Phone: 7023801060

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 Las VegasHEALTHSOUTH Rehabilitation Hospital of Las Vegas, 1250 South Valley View Blvd.,
Las Vegas, NV, 89102
Phone: 7022593443 Fax: fax: 702/259-3402

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 Las VegasSpring Mountain Rehab, 2701 N. Tenaya Way - Suite 290,
Las Vegas, NV, 89128
Phone: 7028694401 Fax: fax: 702/869-9904
Contact: Robert M. Lampert M.D. FCCPEmail: springmtn290@msn.co

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 Las VegasSummit Healthcare, , 1661 E Flamingo Rd - Suite 6,
Las Vegas, NV, 89119
Phone: 7028933333
Email: SummitHealthcareLV@yahoo.com

Website: http://www.geocities.com/summithealthcarelv/summithealthcare.html
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 North Las VegasLake Mead Hospital Medical Center, 1409 E.Lake Mead Blvd,
North Las Vegas, NV, 89030
Phone: 7026575538 Fax: fax: 702/657-5605

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 RenoWashoe Health System, Washoe Heart Health Center, 75 Pringle Way,
Reno, NV, 89502
Phone: 7759825714 Fax: fax: 775/982-5064
Contact: Bob Richard RRTEmail: dplourde@washoehealth.com

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 SparksNorthern Nevada Medical Center, SPEAR (Sierra Pulmonary Education and Rehabilitation) program,
Sparks, NV,
Phone: 7753512625

(Verified: 9/17/2011)

New Hampshire

ClaremontValley Regional Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Dept., 243 Elm St.,
Claremont, NH, 03743
Fax: fax: 603/542-1834
Contact: Laurie Waterman RRT BSEmail: waterman@wrh.org

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 ConcordConcord Hospital, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 250 Pleasant St.,
Concord, NH, 03301
Fax: fax: 603/228-7134
Contact: Heidi Pelchat RCP
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 ConcordHealthsouth Rehabilitation Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 254 Pleasant St.,
Concord, NH, 03301
Phone: 6032269800 Fax: fax: 603/226-9703
Contact: Steve Faives BS RRT
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 KeeneCheshire Medical Center, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene, 580 & 590 Court Street,
Keene, NH, 03431
Phone: 6033524111

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 LaconiaLakes Region General Hospital, Community Wellness Ctr Exercise Program, 80 Highland St.,
Laconia, NH, 03246
Phone: 6035272810 Fax: fax: 603/527-7158
Contact: Patricia Roy RRT
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 ManchesterElliot Hospital Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program, 1 Elliot Way,
Manchester, NH, 03103
Phone: 6036632366 Fax: fax: 603/663-2913
Contact: Stacie A. Sanborn BS RRTEmail: Ssanborn@elliot-hs.org

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 NashuaPulmonary Rehab Program, Southern New Hampshire Medical Center, Prospect St.,
Nashua, NH, 03033
Phone: 6035775737603
Contact: Esther Moverman RRT RCPEmail: esther.moverman@snhmc.org

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 PeterboroughMonadnock Community, Pulmonary Rehab Program, 452 Old Street Rd.,
Peterborough, NH, 03458
Fax: fax: 603/924-9586
Contact: Kevin R. Krawiec RRT M Ed
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 PortsmouthPortsmouth Regional Hospital, Cardiac Rehab/Pulmonary Rehab, 333 Borthwick Ave., PO Box 7004,
Portsmouth, NH, 03802-7004
Phone: 6.03433489560343E+19
Contact: Darlene A. Cowcer BS RRT
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 SalemNortheast Rehabilitation Hospital, 70 Butler Street,
Salem, NH, 03079

(Verified: n/a)

New Jersey

Browns MillsDeborah Heart and Lung Hospital, 200 Trenton Rd,
Browns Mills, NJ,

(Verified: n/a)
 Cape May CourthouseBurdette Tomlin Memorial Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehab & Fitness Center, 2 Stone Harbor Blvd.,
Cape May Court House, NJ, 08210
Phone: 6094632348 Fax: fax: 609/463-2618
Contact: Jeffrey Andrews MA MBA
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 Cedar KnollsSunrise Health Center, 8 Saddle Road - Suite 202,
Cedar Knolls, NJ, 07927-1901
Phone: 9734551122
Contact: Rhonda Olsson, Administrator
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 Cherry HillAdvantage Therapy Centers, 1198 Route 70 East,
Cherry Hill, NJ, 08003

Contact: Ed Mehaffey, RRTEmail: edm@adtherapy.com

Website: http://therapy.com
(Verified: 9/22/2011)
 Cherry HillBreathCaire Pulmonary Wellness, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 1155 Marlkress Rd.,
Cherry Hill, NJ, 08003
Phone: 8567517522 Fax: fax: 856/751-7544
Contact: Patricia Laychock RRTEmail: info@breathcaire.com

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 DoverSt Clare’s Health System/Dover, 400 W Blackell St,
Dover, NJ, 07801-2525
Phone: 9739893128 Fax: fax: 973/989-3221
Contact: Carmella Thomas RRT
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 ElmerThe Elmer Heart & Lung Center, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, W Front St, PO Box 834,
Elmer, NJ, 08318
Phone: 6093587557 Fax: fax: 609/358-3534
Contact: Dee Shropshire RN
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 FlemingtonHunterdon Medical Center, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Services, 2100 Wescott Dr.,
Flemington, NJ, 08822
Phone: 9087886371 Fax: fax: 908/788-6162
Contact: Lisa Buckley RN MS
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 FreeholdCentrastate Healthcare System, 901 West Main Street,
Freehold, NJ, 07728
Phone: 7327802268 Fax: fax: 732/294-2671

Website: http://ntrastate.com
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 HackensackHackensack University Medical Center, Cardiac Prevention & Rehab Center, 30 Prospect Ave.,
Hackensack, NJ, 07601
Phone: 2019962333 Fax: fax: 201/996-3533
Contact: Bruce Gelotte RRT
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 HolmdelBayshore Community Hospital, 727 North Beers Street,
Holmdel, NJ, 07733
Phone: 7327395961 Fax: fax: 732/888-7340
Contact: James Ashe R.R.T.; Ellen Nixon R.N.
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 LivingstonSaint Barnabas Medical Center, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Old Short Hills Rd.,
Livingston, NJ, 07039
Phone: 9733228789 Fax: fax: 973/322-8305
Contact: Douglas Green MD
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 ManahawkinSouthern Ocean County Hospital, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 1140 Rt. 72 W.,
Manahawkin, NJ, 08050
Phone: 6099783001 Fax: fax: 609/978-3137
Contact: Barbara Engle RRTCRFT
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 MorristownMorristown Memorial Hospital, Cardiac Health Center, 95 Madison Ave.,
Morristown, NJ, 07962-1956
Phone: 9739717230 Fax: fax: 973/290-7556
Contact: Linda J. Yovanovich RN MPA
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 Mt. LaurelAdvantage Therapy Centers, 1001 Briggs Road - Suite 270,
Mt. Laurel, NJ, 08054
Phone: 8568400700
Contact: Ed Mehaffey, RRTEmail: edm@adtherapy.com

Website: http://therapy.com
(Verified: 9/22/2011)
 PatersonSt. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 703 Main St.,
Paterson, NJ, 07503
Phone: 9737542352 Fax: fax: 973/754-2366
Contact: Kathleen Witterschein RN BSN
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 PomonaBacharach Rehabilitation Hospital, 61 W. Jimmie Leeds Road,
Pomona, NJ,
Phone: 6097482090
Contact: Faith Crowe RN BSN
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 PrincetonMedical Center at Princeton, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 253 Witherspoon St.,
Princeton, NJ, 08540
Phone: 6094974285 Fax: fax: 609/497-4494
Contact: Bonnie Butler
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 SewellAdvantage Therapy Centers, 100 Kings Way East - B4,
Sewell, NJ, 08080
Fax: fax: 856/256-1020
Contact: Ed Mehaffey, RRTEmail: edm@adtherapy.com

Website: http://therapy.com
(Verified: 9/22/2011)
 Somers PointShore Memorial Hospital, Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation, New York & Sunny Aves.,
Somers Point, NJ, 08244
Phone: 6096534677 Fax: fax: 609/653-4672

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 SummitOverlook Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Center, 99 Beauvoir Ave., P. O. Box 220,
Summit, NJ, 07902
Phone: 9085222945 Fax: fax: 908/522-3584
Contact: Pramod Goodluck MD
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 TrentonCapital Health System, Mercer Campus, 446 Bellevue Avenue,
Trenton, NJ, 08618
Phone: 6093944340

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 TrentonCapital Health System at Fuld, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Program, 750 Brunswick Ave.,
Trenton, NJ, 08638
Phone: 6093946699 Fax: fax: 609/394-6136
Contact: Betsy Smyth RN BSN
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 WestwoodPascack Valley Hospital, Old Hook Road,
Westwood, NJ, 07675
Phone: 2013583609

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 WoodburyUnderwood Memorial Hospital, The Heart Center, 17 W. Red Bank Ave. - Suite 301,
Woodbury, NJ, 08096
Phone: 6098532123 Fax: fax: 609/845-7550
Contact: Debbie Newman Kassekert MSN RNC
(Verified: 9/17/2011)

New Mexico

AlbuquerquePresbyterian Healthplex, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 6301 Forest Hills Dr.N.E.,
Albuquerque, NM, 87109
Phone: 5.05823839950582E+19
Email: phaines@phs.org Pamela Haines RRT

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 ClovisPlains Regional Medical Healthplex, 2217 Dillon St.,
Clovis, NM,

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 Los AlamosLos Alamos Medical Center, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 3917 West Rd.,
Los Alamos, NM, 87544
Phone: 5.05661910150566E+19
Contact: Miyuki Coombs RNEmail: smckenz@lhsnet.com

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 Santa FeSt. Vincent Hospital, The Center For Living Well, 455 St. Michael's Dr,
Santa Fe, NM, 87505

Contact: Barb Severs CRTEmail: barb.severs@stvin.org

(Verified: 9/17/2011)

New York

AlbanyAlbany St Peter’s Hospital, Outpatient Rehabilitation, 315 South Manning Blvd.,
Albany, NY, 12208
Phone: 5185251372
Contact: Alice AbramsEmail: barbara.bates@med.va.gov

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 AlbanyVA Medical Center, 113 Holland Ave.,
Albany, NY, 12208
Fax: fax: 518/462-0528
Contact: Judith Masti PT or Barbara Bates MD Senior Physiatrist
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 BinghamtonUnited Health Services Hospitals Inc, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 20-42 Mitchell Ave.,
Binghamton, NY, 13903
Phone: 6077622512 Fax: fax: 607/762-2732
Contact: Steve Armon
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 BronxvilleLawrence Hospital, Center for Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehab, 55 Palmer Ave., PO Box 90354,
Bronxville, NY, 10708
Phone: 9147876000 Fax: fax: 914/787-6004
Contact: Kathleen Shannon RRTEmail: mrk61@sprintmail.com

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 BrooklynCardiaCare Exercise Institute, , 5327 18th Ave.,
Brooklyn, NY, 11204
Phone: 7182367707 Fax: fax: 718/236-3300
Contact: Norman H. Kupferstein MD
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 BuffaloKaleida Health, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehab Programs, 100 High St.,
Buffalo, NY, 14203
Phone: 7.16859260571685E+19
Contact: Jean Manno RN MSEmail: CRP282@pol.bgh.edu

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 CarmelPutnam Hospital Center, Stoneleigh Avenue,
Carmel, NY, 10512
Phone: 9142795711 Fax: fax: 914/279-7482

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 CooperstownBassett Healthcare Pulmonary Clinic, One Atwell Road,
Cooperstown, NY, 13326
Phone: 6075473456

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 East PatchogueCaremax, Pulmonary Rehab Outpatient,
East Patchogue, NY, 11772

Contact: Anna Barbatsoulis RN
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 FreevilleFinger Lakes Physical Therapy, 24 Main Street,
Freeville, NY, 13068
Phone: 6078443440

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 GloversvilleNathan Littauer Hospital & Nursing Home, 99 E. State Street,
Gloversville, NY, 12078

Email: info@nlh.org

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 Great NeckLife Line Cardiac Exercise Center, 560 Northern Blvd.,
Great Neck, NY, 11021
Phone: 5164821267 Fax: fax: 516/482-4063
Contact: Dr. Stephen SilvermanEmail: drsilverman@lifelinecardiac.com

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 HarrisCommunity General Hospital of Sullivan Co, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Bushville Road, PO Box 800,
Harris, NY, 12777
Fax: fax: 914/794-3561
Contact: Nadine P. Gallagher RN RRT
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 HuntingtonHuntington Hospital (Long Island Jewish), 270 Park Ave,
NY, NY, 11743
Phone: 6313512699
Contact: Susan Finkelstein RRT MSEmail: staff@hunthosp.org

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 IthacaFinger Lakes Physical Therapy, 402 3rd Street,
Ithaca, NY, 14850
Phone: 6072729937

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 KenmoreKenmore Mercy Hospital, Pulmonary Health & Rehabilitation, 2950 Elmwood Ave.,
Kenmore, NY, 14217-1390
Phone: 7164476482 Fax: fax: 716/447-6483
Contact: Linda Schmieder CRTT RNEmail: schmiedr@mercywny.org

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 LowvilleLewis County General Hospital, Second Wind Pulmonary Rehab Program, 7785 N. State St., Ste. 250,
Lowville, NY, 13367
Phone: 3153765488 Fax: fax: 315/376-5442
Contact: Sheree A. Vora RN BSNEmail: voramd@northnet.org

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 MineolaWinthrop University Hospital, 222 Station Plaza, N. - Suite 400,
Mineola, NY, 11501
Phone: 5166632579 Fax: fax: 516/663-4888
Contact: Mara Bernstein L.R.T.Email: rehab@winthroppulmonary.com

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 New Hyde ParkLong Island Jewish Medical Center, Pulmonary and Critical Care Division, 270-05 76th Ave.,
New Hyde Park, NY, 11042
Phone: 7184707230 Fax: fax: 718/470-1035

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 New YorkBeth Israel Medical Center, Center for Cardiac-Pulmonary Health, 16th St. & 1st Ave. - 3rd Flr Dazian Pvln, 3rd floor Dazian Pavilion,
New York, NY, 10003
Phone: 2124202357 Fax: fax: 212/844-1446
Contact: Elaine Espinosa PTEmail: eespinos@bethisraelny.org

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 New YorkFauth Center for Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation, New York Presbyterian Hospital, 622 West 168th St., Vanderbilt Clinic 3-363,
New York, NY, 10032
Phone: 2123050890 Fax: fax: 212/305-0412
Contact: Kim Stavrolakes MS PT Rehabilitation Coordinator.
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 New YorkJames P. Mara Center for Lung Disease, St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center, 1000 10th Avenue - Suite 3A-55, ,
New York, NY, 10019
Phone: 2125235471

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 New YorkNew York University Medical Center, Joan & Joel Smilow Cardiac Rehab Center, 530 1st Ave., HCC 9,
New York, NY, 10016
Phone: 2122636129 Fax: fax: 212/263-7476
Contact: Ana Mola RN MAEmail: anna.mola@med.nyu.edu

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 New YorkPulmonary Wellness & Rehabilitation Center, 22 West 38th Street,
New York, NY, 10018
Phone: 2129210214 Fax: fax: 212/921-0217
Contact: Noah Greenspan PT CCS Program DirectorEmail: contact@pulmonarywellness.com

Website: http://www.pulmonarywellness.com
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 New YorkThe Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, 400 East 34th St.,
New York, NY, 10016
Phone: 2122636037 Fax: fax: 212/263-0418

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 New YorkTherapeutic Inspirations, 144 East 44th Street,
New York, NY,
Phone: 2124903800

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 OgdensburgHepburn Medical Center, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Program, 214 King St.,
Ogdensburg, NY, 13617
Fax: fax: 315/393-7250
Contact: James L. Akins RNEmail: lakins@aldus.northnet.org

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 OswegoOswego Hospital, Lakeside Heart Center-Cardio/Pulmonary,
Oswego, NY, 13126
Phone: 3153431378 Fax: fax: 315/343-5369
Contact: Kevin Kain
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 Port JeffersonSt. Charles Hospital & Rehabilitation Center, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 200 Belle Terre Rd.,
Port Jefferson, NY, 11777
Phone: 5164746859 Fax: fax: 516/474-6861
Contact: Pattianne Weber PT
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 PotsdamCanton-Potsdam Hospital, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 50 Leroy St.,
Potsdam, NY, 13676
Fax: fax: 315/265-0562
Contact: Jackie Scanlon RCP
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 RomeRome Memorial Hospital, 1500 N. James St,
Rome, NY, 13440
Phone: 3153387160
Contact: James Dowsland RRT
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 Saratoga SpringsSaratoga Hospital, Rehab Center, 59 Myrtle Street,
Saratoga Springs, NY, 12866-1070
Phone: 5185800395 Fax: fax: 518/580-0371

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 SlingerlandsSt. Peter's Physical Therapy & Fitness, 1240 New Scotland Road,
Slingerlands, NY, 12159
Phone: 5184751818
Contact: Alice Abrams
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 SmithtownSt. John’s Episcopalian. Hosp., Pulmonary Rehab Outpatient, Rt 25-A,
Smithtown, NY, 11787

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 SouthamptonSouthampton Hosp. , Pulmonary Rehab Outpatient, 265 Meetinghouse Rd.,
Southampton, NY, 11968
Phone: 7268435
Contact: Ann Cuccia
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 SyracuseSt. Joseph's Hospital Health Center Cardio/Pulmo Rehab, Taft Rd,
Syracuse, NY, 13212
Phone: 4587171

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 UticaHospital, Pulmonary Rehab & In-Patient Rehab, 1676 Sunset Ave.,
Utica, NY, 13502-5474
Phone: 3157386481 Fax: fax: 315/738-2183
Contact: Roberta Light CRTT
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 UticaSt. Lukes Memorial Hospital Center, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, PO Box 479,
Utica, NY, 13476
Phone: 3157986784 Fax: fax: 315/798-6245
Contact: Cheryl Perry RN
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 WatertownSamaritan Medical Center, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 830 Washington St,
Watertown, NY, 13601
Phone: 3157854208 Fax: fax: 315/785-4297
Contact: Anne Hall BSN RNEmail: ahall@shsny.com

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 West HaverstrawHelen Hayes Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehab & Wellness, Route 9W,
West Haverstraw, NY, 10933
Phone: 9147864486 Fax: fax: 914/786-4781
Contact: Steven W. Lichtman E D
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 West IslipGood Samaritan Hospital Medical Center, Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program, 1000 Montauk Hwy.,
West Islip, NY, 11795
Phone: 5163764108 Fax: fax: 516/376-3281
Contact: Donna McEvoy RRT
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 White PlainsBurke Rehabilitation Hospital, 785 Mamaroneck Avenue,
White Plains, NY, 10605
Phone: 9145972500
Email: burke@burke.org

(Verified: 9/17/2011)

North Carolina

AsheboroRandolph Hospital Inc., Cardiopulmonary Rehab, 634 White Oak St.,
Asheboro, NC, 27203-4606
Phone: 3366337752 Fax: fax: 336/633-7750
Contact: Laurie Hunt RRT MS
(Verified: n/a)
 AshevilleMission St. Joseph's Healthcare System, Heart Path Cardiac Rehab Program, 509 Biltmore Ave.,
Asheville, NC, 28801
Fax: fax: 828/259-3539
Contact: Mary RichardEmail: mary.richard@msj.org

(Verified: 11/16/2012)
 BooneAppalachian Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Appalachian State University, 232 Boone Heights Drive,
Boone, NC,
Fax: fax: 828/268-9055
Contact: Jeffrey SoukupEmail: soukupjt@appstate.edu

(Verified: 11/16/2012)
 BrevardTransylvania Community Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehab, 1116 Hospital Dr., ,
Brevard, NC, 28712
Fax: fax: 828/883-5180
Contact: Theresa Redmond BSN MSEmail: teriredmond@yahoo.com

(Verified: 11/16/2012)
 CharlottePresbyterian Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 125 Baldwin Ave - Suite 200,
Charlotte, NC, 28204
Phone: 7043163709 Fax: fax: 704/384-8895
Email: ccwalser@novanthealth.org

(Verified: n/a)
 CharlotteSouthCare Therapy Inc, Outpatient Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 3535 Randolph Road - Suite 208,
Charlotte, NC, 28211
Phone: 7044421119

(Verified: n/a)
 CharlotteSouthCare Therapy Inc, Outpatient Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 10320 Mallard Creek Road - Suite 270,
Charlotte, NC, 28262
Phone: 7045030007

(Verified: n/a)
 ClydeHaywood Regional Health and Fitness Center, Lifespan Cardian Rehab, 75 Leroy George Drive,
Clyde, NC, 28721
Fax: fax: 828/452-8063
Contact: Rachel LeekEmail: rachel.leek@haymed.org

(Verified: 11/16/2012)
 ConcordNortheast Medical Center, Northeast Medical Center CRP & PRP, 301 Medical Park Dr.,
Concord, NC, 28025
Phone: 7047831020 Fax: fax: 704/783-1007
Contact: Mike Lippard MAEmail: mlippard@northeastmedical.org

(Verified: n/a)
 DurhamDurham Regional Hospital's Wellness Institute, Cardiac Rehab & The Lung School, 2609 N. Duke St. - Bldg #700,
Durham, NC, 27704
Phone: 9192205261 Fax: fax: 919/220-6101
Contact: Dorothy Potter RRTEmail: potterdl@drh.duhs.duke.edu

(Verified: n/a)
 EdentonChowan Hospital, Heart Bond, 211 Virginia Rd., PO Box 629,
Edenton, NC, 27932
Phone: 2524826232 Fax: fax: 252/482-6274
Contact: Cindy L. Coker BSN MPAEmail: cindy.coker@chowan.org

(Verified: n/a)
 Elizabeth CityAlbemarle Hospital in Elizabeth City, 1144 N. Road Street,
Elizabeth City, NC,

(Verified: n/a)
 ElkinHugh Chatham Memorial Hospital, Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital Cardio Rehab,
Elkin, NC,

Contact: Marc WomeldorfEmail: mwomeldorf@hughchatham.org

(Verified: 11/16/2012)
 FayettevilleCape Fear Valley Health System, Healthy Hearts/Breath of Life Programs, PO Box 2000,
Fayetteville, NC, 28302
Phone: 9106097822 Fax: fax: 910/609-4061
Contact: Marcie F. Justice MSEmail: mfjustice@capefearvalley.com

(Verified: n/a)
 FletcherFletcher Hospital, Inc., Park Ridge Cardio-Pulmo Rehab,
Fletcher, NC,

Contact: David JacklinEmail: david.jacklin@ahs.org

(Verified: 11/16/2012)
 Forest CityRutherford Hospital, 2270 US Hwy 74A - Suite 341,
Forest City, NC,

Contact: Babara SimpsonEmail: bsimpson@rutherfordhosp.org

(Verified: 11/16/2012)
 FranklinFranklin Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Program, 1214 E. Main St.,
Franklin, NC, 28734
Fax: fax: 828/369-9103
Contact: Tom Forkner MA FAACVPREmail: franklinfitness@dnet.net

(Verified: 11/16/2012)
 GastoniaGastonia Memorial Hospital, The Cardiac Rehabilitation Center, 660 Summitt Crossing Pl #202,
Gastonia, NC,

Contact: Geary MimsEmail: mimsg@gmh.org

(Verified: 11/16/2012)
 GreensboroMoses Cone Health System-Heart Center, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehab, 1200 N. Elm St.,
Greensboro, NC, 27401
Phone: 3368327700 Fax: fax: 336/832-8572
Contact: Karen L. PierceEmail: karen.pierce@mosescone.com

(Verified: n/a)
 GreenvilleD.H. County Memorial Hospital - University Health Systems of Eastern Carolina Life Works, 2100 Stantonsburg Rd., PO Box 6028,
Greenville, NC, 27835-6028
Phone: 2528165736 Fax: fax: 252/816-8224
Contact: Cynthia H. Mayo MSN FAACVPREmail: cmayo@pcmn.com

(Verified: n/a)
 HendersonvilleMargaret R. Pardee Memorial Hospital, Heart Life, 212 B Thompson St,
Hendersonville, NC,
Fax: fax: 828/696-1081
Contact: Joel TiptonEmail: joel.tipton@pardeehospital.org

(Verified: 11/16/2012)
 HickoryCatawaba Valley Medical Center, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Program, 810 Fairgrove Church Rd. S.E.,
Hickory, NC, 28602
Fax: fax: 828/322-6559
Contact: Patrick Howard Benfield RN MAEmail: pbenfield@catawbmemorial.org

(Verified: 11/16/2012)
 HickoryFrye Regional Medical Center, Frye Regional Center Cardiopulmonary Rehab, 420 N Center Street,
Hickory, NC,

Contact: Butch DeBoeverEmail: butch.deboever@tenenthealth.org

(Verified: 11/16/2012)
 High PointHigh Point Regional Health System, HeartStrides Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehab, PO Box HP-5,
High Point, NC, 27261
Phone: 3368016914 Fax: fax: 336/884-6026
Contact: David G. Moye BS MBAEmail: dmoye@hprhs.com

(Verified: n/a)
 HighlandsHighlands-Cashiers Hospital, Healthtracks, PO Box 190,
Highlands, NC,

Contact: Yvonne SmithEmail: vsmith@hchospital.org

(Verified: 11/16/2012)
 JeffersonAshe Memorial Hospital, AHM Mountain Hearts, 200 Hospital Drive,
Jefferson, NC,

Contact: Susan MooneyhanEmail: tzsr@skybest.com

(Verified: 11/16/2012)
 LaurinburgScotland Memorial Hospital, 500 Lauchwood Dr,
Laurinburg, NC, 28352
Phone: 9102917331
Contact: Jill Brown RRTEmail: Jill.Brown@Scotlandhealth.org

(Verified: n/a)
 LenoirCaldwell Memorial Hospital, Caldwell Memorial Cardiac Rehab, PO Box 1890,
Lenoir, NC,

Contact: Darren HartEmail: dhart@caldwell-mem.org

(Verified: 11/16/2012)
 MarionThe McDowell Hospital, Inc., The McDowell Hospital Cardia Rehab, PO Bo 730,
Marion, NC,

Contact: Donna ZhantEmail: donna.shant@msj.org

(Verified: 11/16/2012)
 Morehead CityCarteret General Hospital Cardiac/Pulmonary Outpatient Rehabilitation, PO Drawer 1619,
Morehead City, NC, 28557-1619
Phone: 2528086616

(Verified: n/a)
 MurphyMurphy Medical Center, Mountain Heans Cardiac Rehab, 4130 US Hwy 64 East,
Murphy, NC,

Contact: Amy TroutEmail: atrout@murphymed.org

(Verified: 11/16/2012)
 New BernCraven Regional Medical Center, 2000 Neuse Blvd.,
New Bern, NC, 28561
Phone: 2526338600 Fax: fax: 252/633-3213
Contact: Ken Witt MA
(Verified: n/a)
 Rocky MountNash Health Care Systems Community Health Services, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 2450 Curtis Ellis Dr.,
Rocky Mount, NC, 27804
Phone: 2529375194 Fax: fax: 252/937-1866
Contact: Andy LewisEmail: rehab4life@aol.com

(Verified: n/a)
 ShelbyCleveland Memorial Hospital, Cardiac Rehab, 201 E Grover Street,
Shelby, NC,

Contact: Johnny StameyEmail: johnny.stamey@carolinashealthcare.org

(Verified: 11/16/2012)
 Spruce PineSpruce Pine Community Hospital, Heart Path at Spruce Pine Com. Hospital, 125 Hospital Dr.,
Spruce Pine, NC, 28777
Fax: fax: 828/765-0824
Contact: John Cook RNEmail: john.cook@msj.org

(Verified: 11/16/2012)
 WilmingtonNew Hanover Regional Medical Center, New Hope Pulmonary / Cardiac Rehab, 2131 S. 17th St, PO Box 9000,
Wilmington, NC, 28402
Phone: 9103432543 Fax: fax: 910/815-5405
Contact: Michael K. Howard MBA RRT
(Verified: n/a)
 Winston-SalemWake Forest Univ. Baptist Medical Center, Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab., Medical Center Blvd.,
Winston-Salem, NC, 27157
Phone: 3367168855 Fax: fax: 336/713-8856
Email: slongino@wfubmc.edu

(Verified: n/a)

North DaKota

BismarckMedCenter One, Heart & Lung Care, 222 North Seventh Street,
Bismarck, ND,
Phone: 7013235201

(Verified: 9/17/2011)


AkronAkron General Medical Center, Cardio & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 400 Wabash Ave,
Akron, OH, 44307
Fax: 330/374-7995
Contact: Betty Oprian RN MSNEmail: boprian@agmc.org

Website: http://www.akrongeneral.org/portal/page/portal/agmc_pagegroup/agmc_page
(Verified: 11/24/2011)
 AkronSumma Health System, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 95 Arch Street - Suite G-25,
Akron, OH, 44309
Fax: 330/375-4980
Contact: Jennifer Andrus RCP RRT AE-CEmail: andrusj@summa-health.org

Website: http://www.summahealth.org/home/medicalservices/respiratory
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 11/24/2011)
 AshtabulaAshtabula County Medical Center, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 2420 Lake Ave.,
Ashtabula, OH, 44004

Contact: Arthur Molinoff MD
Website: http://mchealth.org
(Verified: 11/24/2011)
 BellefontaineMary Rutan Hospital, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 205 Palmer Rd., ,
Bellefontaine, OH, 43311
Fax: 937/592-7600
Contact: Email:

Website: http://www.maryrutan.org/services/cardiacrehabilitation.aspx
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 11/24/2011)
 CambridgeSoutheastern Ohio Regional Medical Center, Cardiac Rehabilitation, 1341 Clark St.,
Cambridge, OH, 43725
Fax: 740/439-8159
Contact: Kim Orr, RRTEmail: jbben@seormc.org

Website: http://seormc.org/services/pulmonary-rehab
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 11/24/2011)
 CincinnatiBethesda North, Pulmonary Rehab at Trihealth Pavilion, 6200 Pfeiffer Rd. - 2nd FL,
Cincinnati, OH, 45242
Fax: 513/985-6761
Contact: Joyce Fugate RN MS
Website: http://www.trihealth.com/aus/srv/services_directory.aspx
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 11/24/2011)
 CincinnatiGood Samaritan Hospital, Pulmo rehab, 375 Dixmyth Ave,
Cincinnati, OH, 45220-2475

Website: http://www.trihealth.com/aus/srv/services_directory.aspx
(Verified: 11/24/2011)
 ColumbusMount Carmel East, Pulmonary Rehab, 6001 E Broad St,
Columbus, OH, 43213

Website: http://www.mountcarmelhealth.com/hospital-programs/pulmonology.html
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 11/24/2011)
 ColumbusOhio State University Medical Center - Morehouse Medical Plaza, Pulmonary Rehab, 2050 Kenny Road - Suite 1010,
Columbus, OH, 43221

Website: http://medicalcenter.osu.edu/patientcare/healthcare_services/center_for_wellness_prevention/rehabilitation/pulmonary_rehabilitation/pages/index.aspx
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 11/24/2011)
 ColumbusOSU CarePoint East, Pulmonary Rehab, 543 Taylor Ave - Suite 3068,
Columbus, OH, 43203
Fax: 614/688-6305

Website: http://medicalcenter.osu.edu/patientcare/healthcare_services/center_for_wellness_prevention/rehabilitation/pulmonary_rehabilitation/pages/index.aspx
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 11/24/2011)
 DaytonSouthview Hospital, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 1997 Miamisburg - Centerville Rd,
Dayton, OH, 45459
Fax: 937/438-6585
Contact: Michelle Norton CRTTEmail: michelle.norton@kmcnetwork.org

Website: http://www.kmcnetwork.org/southview_pulmonary_rehab/index.cfm
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 11/24/2011)
 DoverUnion Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Dept., 659 Boulevard,
Dover, OH, 44622
Fax: 330/364-0953
Website: http://www.unionhospital.org/dept-pulmonary-rehabilitation/
Notes: Pulmo rehab
(Verified: 11/24/2011)
 FostoriaFostoria Community Hospital, 501 Van Buren St.,
Fostoria, OH., 44830
Phone: 4194366809 Fax: fax: 419/436-6672
Contact: Catherine Swisher RRT RCPEmail: catherine.swisher@promedica.org

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 GalionGalion Community Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Center, 269 Portland Way S.,
Galion, OH, 44833
Phone: 4194684841 Fax: fax: 419/468-5184
Contact: Robin Gottfried RN
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 HicksvilleCommunity Memorial Hospital, Health Fit Rehabilitation Center, 208 North Columbus,
Hicksville, OH, 43526-1299
Phone: 4195426692
Email: cmhhosp@bright.net

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 Huber HeightsHuber Health Center, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 8701 Old Troy Pike,
Huber Heights, OH, 45424
Fax: 937/558-3319
Contact: Michelle Norton CRTTEmail: michelle.norton@kmcnetwork.org

Website: http://www.kmcnetwork.org/southview_pulmonary_rehab/index.cfm
(Verified: 11/24/2011)
 KetteringKettering Medical Center, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 3535 Southern Blvd.,
Kettering, OH, 45429
Phone: 9372967272 Fax: fax: 937/296-7824
Contact: Diannah Henderson RNEmail: diannah-henderson@ketthealth.com

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 LancasterFairfield Medical Center, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation/Fitness, 401 N. Ewing St.,
Lancaster, OH, 43130
Phone: 7406878174 Fax: fax: 740/687-8983
Contact: Lisa Lanning RNEmail: cardrehab@fmchealth.org

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 LimaSt. Rita's Medical Center, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 730 W. Market St.,
Lima, OH, 45801
Phone: 4192268746 Fax: fax: 419/226-9535
Contact: Suzanne Hendershot MA
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 MansfieldMedCentral Health System, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 335 Glessner Ave.,
Mansfield, OH, 44903-2265
Phone: 4195268455 Fax: fax: 419/526-8246
Contact: Kathy Johnson
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 MarionMarion General Hospital, 1000 McKinley Park Drive,
Marion, OH,
Phone: 7403756055

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 Martins FerryEast Ohio Regional Hospital, Respiratory & Occupational Lung Disease, 90 N. 4th St.,
Martins Ferry, OH, 43935
Phone: 7406334215 Fax: fax: 740/633-4124
Contact: Gregory Ray or Diana LaRoche
Website: http://stohioregionalhospital.com
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 MarysvilleMemorial Hospital of Union County, The Health Center, 500 London Ave.,
Marysville, OH, 43040
Phone: 9376446115 Fax: fax: 937/644-3631
Contact: Debra L. Stubbs MS
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 MaumeeSt. Luke's Hospital, 5901 Monclova Road,
Maumee, OH, 43537
Phone: 4198978449 Fax: fax: 419/897-8441
Email: debbie.matthews@stlukeshospital.com

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 Mayfield HeightsEuclid Hillcrest Huron & South Point Hsptls, Health System Cardiac Pulmonary Rehab, 6780 Mayfield Rd.,
Mayfield Heights, OH, 44124
Phone: 4404497999 Fax: fax:440/449-2576
Contact: R. Gambino RN BSN
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 MedinaMedina General Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 1000 E. Washington,
Medina, OH, 44256

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 NewarkLicking Memorial Hospital, Pulmonary Rehab, 1320 W Maint Street,
Newark, OH, 43055

Website: http://www.lmhealth.org/hservices.aspx?mid=30&id=102
(Verified: 11/24/2011)
 OregonSt. Charles Mercy Hospital, 2600 Navarre Ave.,
Oregon, OH, 43616
Phone: 4196967494

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 ParmaParma Community General Hospital, 7007 Powers Boulevard,
Parma, OH,
Phone: 4407434026

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 PortsmouthSouthern Ohio Medical Center, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehab - L.I.F.E. Center, 1248 Kinney's Lane,
Portsmouth, OH, 45662
Phone: 7403567397 Fax: fax: 740/353-4038
Contact: Ginny Pinson BSN RNEmail: matizm@somc.org

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 RavennaCardiac/Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Robinson Memorial Hospital, 6847 N. Chestnut Street,
Ravenna, OH, 33266
Phone: 3302972394
Contact: Sandra Eskridge RRT
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 SalemCardiopulmonary Rehab, Salem Community Hospital, 1995 East State Street,
Salem Ohio, OH,
Phone: 3303327415 Fax: fax: 330/332-7703

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 SidneyWilson Memorial Hospital, Life Enhancement Center for C-P Rehab, 915 W. Michigan Ave.,
Sidney, OH, 45365
Phone: 9374985574 Fax: fax: 937/498-5537
Contact: Teresa R. Detano RRT RCT
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 SpringfieldMercy Medical Center, Cardiopulmonary Wellness, 1343 N. Fountain Blvd.,
Springfield, OH, 45501
Phone: 9373905204 Fax: fax: 937/390-5569
Contact: Vivian Lebaroff BA RRT
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 TiffinMercy Hospital of Tiffin, 485 West Market St., PO Box 727,
Tiffin, OH, 44883
Phone: 4487656

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 ToledoRiverside Mercy Hospital, 1600 N. Superior St.,
Toledo, OH, 43604
Phone: 7296019

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 ToledoSt. Vincent Mercy Medical Center, Heart Shape, 2213 Cherry St.,
Toledo, OH, 43608-2691
Phone: 4192510605 Fax: fax: 419/251-0608
Contact: Debbie Hayward RRT
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 TroyUpper Valley Medical Center, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 3130 N. County Rd. - Suite 25-A,
Troy, OH, 45373
Phone: 9374404677 Fax: fax: 937/440-4399
Contact: Marcia Smith RTEmail: rjenkins@uvmc.com

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 UrbanaMercy Memorial Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Wellness, 904 Scioto St.,
Urbana, OH, 43078
Phone: 9374846140 Fax: fax: 937/653-3917
Contact: Vivian Lebaroff BA RRT
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 WauseonFulton County Health Center, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 725 S. Shoop Ave,
Wauseon, OH, 43567
Phone: 4193302692 Fax: fax: 419/337-5393
Contact: Carol Conn RN BSN
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 West UnionAdams County Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 210 N. Wilson Dr.,
West Union, OH, 45693
Phone: 9375441505
Contact: Sharon Ashley RNC MSN
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 WestervilleMt. Carmel Health System, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 185 W. Schrock Rd.,
Westerville, OH, 43081
Phone: 6142345754 Fax: fax: 614/234-2449
Contact: Peggy Judy
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 WilmingtonClinton Memorial Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 610 W. Main St., P. O. Box 600,
Wilmington, OH, 45177
Phone: 9373829632 Fax: fax: 937/382-9321
Contact: Raymond W. Mick BSN RNEmail: clinmemhosp@in-touch.com

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 WoosterWooster Community Hospital, ,
Wooster, OH,

Email: jfreehahn@wchosp.org

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 Wright Patterson AFBWright-Patterson AFB Medical Center, 4881 Sugar Maple Drive,
WPAFB, OH, 45433
Phone: 2571992

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 YoungstownPulmonary Rehabilitation Associates, Second Wind, 925 Trailwood Dr., P. O. Box 14130,
Youngstown, OH, 44514-7130
Phone: 3307587575 Fax: fax: 330/758-1833
Contact: Alan J. Cropp MD FCCPEmail: secondwindrehab@yahoo.com

(Verified: 9/17/2011)


BartlesvilleJane Phillips Medical Center, Wellness Center, 3500 E. Frank Phillips Blvd,
Bartlesville, OK, 74006
Phone: 9183311150 Fax: fax: 918/331-1103
Contact: Mike BassEmail: deewinters@jpmc.org

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 Oklahoma CityHEALTHSOUTH Rehabilitation Hospital, 700 NW 7th St.,
Oklahoma City, OK, 73102
Phone: 4.05236313140523E+19

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 Oklahoma CityINTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center, 3300 N. W. Expy.,
Oklahoma City, OK, 73112
Phone: 4.05949404440594E+19
Contact: Irene Terry RN BSN
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 Oklahoma CityOklahoma Rehab & Therapy Center, 212 S. Quadrum Drive - Bldg. A,
Oklahoma City, OK, 73108
Phone: 4059469600

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 TulsaNortheast Oklahoma Rehabilitation Hospital, 3219 S. 79th East Ave.,
Tulsa, OK, 74145-1343

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 TulsaSaint Francis Hospital, 6161 S Yale Ave. - Suite B-101,
Tulsa, OK, 74136
Phone: 9184946487 Fax: fax: 918/4946472
Contact: Monica Beeson CRTT162 Coordinator
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 TulsaSt John Medical Center, Pulmonary Rehab Program, 1819 E. 19th Street,
Tulsa, OK, 74104
Phone: 9187443635
Contact: Carol Price - Coordinator
(Verified: 9/17/2011)


BarrieCentre for Pulmonary Rehabilitation of Barrie, 115 Bell Farm Rd. - Suite 101,
Barre, ON,

Contact: Tammy Howards or Tammy TrewEmail: cprb@live.ca

(Verified: 9/27/2011)
 HamiltonHamilton Health Sciences Corp. Chedoke Campus, Respiratory Rehabilitation Program, Holbrook Bldg. - Rm C-1003, PO Box 2000 ,
Hamilton, ON, L8N3Z5
Fax: fax: 905/521-5062
Contact: David Stubbing, MB, BSEmail: stubbing@ihis.cmh.on.ca

(Verified: 9/27/2011)
 KitchenerGrand River Hospital, Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program, 3570 King St. E.,
Kitchener, ON, N2A 2W1
Fax: fax: 519/894-8351

(Verified: 9/27/2011)


EugeneSacred Heart Medical Center, Respiratory Care Services, 677 E. 12th St. - Suite 240, Suite 240,
Eugene, OR, 97440
Phone: 5416867442 Fax: fax: 541/984-4252

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 Grants PassThree Rivers Community Hospital, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 124 N. W. Midland - Suite 105, Ste. 105,
Grants Pass, OR, 97526-1088
Phone: 5419555492 Fax: fax: 541/955-5461
Contact: Mary Etta Smith
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 LebanonMid Valley Healthcare, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 525 N. Sundown Hwy.,
Lebanon, OR, 97355
Phone: 5414517515 Fax: fax: 541/451-7832
Contact: Randy Cox RRT
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 NewportSamaritan Pacific Community Hospital,
Newport, OR., 97365

Contact: Cheryl Crow RN.Email: pulmrehab@pchd.net

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 OntarioHoly Rosary Medical Center, Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 351 S.W. 9th St.,
Ontario, OR, 97914
Phone: 5418817090 Fax: fax: 541/881-7049
Contact: Patricia Amato RN MNEmail: pattyamato@chiwest.com

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 PortlandAdventist Medical Center, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 10123 S. E. Market St.,
Portland, OR, 97216
Phone: 5032516830 Fax: fax: 503/261-6001
Contact: Judy Rice RN CCRN
(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 PortlandProvidence Hospital, 4805 NE Glisan,
Portland, OR, 97213-2967
Phone: 5032156049

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 ReedsportLower Umpqua Hospital, 600 Ranch Road,
Reedsport, OR, 97467
Phone: 5412712171

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 RoseburgMercy Medical Center, Rebuilding Your Heart & Soul, 2700 Stewart Pkwy.,
Roseburg, OR, 97470
Phone: 5416774877 Fax: fax: 541/677-4878
Contact: Susan Piekarski CRTTEmail: susanpiekarski@chi.com

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 SalemSalem Hospital Regional Rehabilitation Ctr., Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation , 2561 Center St, N. E.,
Salem, OR, 97310
Phone: 5033705980 Fax: fax: 503/370-4910
Contact: Linda J. Tier RRTEmail: linda.tier@salemhospital.org

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 The DallesMid-Columbia Medical Center, 1700 E. 19th St.,
The Dalles, OR, 97058
Phone: 5412967324 Fax: fax: 541/296-7606
Contact: Darlene Caldwell CRTEmail: E:MAIL: darlenec@mcmc.net

(Verified: 9/17/2011)
 TualatinLegacy Meridian Park Hospital, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 19300 S. W. 65th Ave.,
Tualatin, OR, 97062
Phone: 5036922548 Fax: faxx: 503/692-2477
Contact: Sue Craven RN
(Verified: 9/17/2011)


AllentownGood Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital, 501 St. John St.,
Allentown, PA, 18103
Phone: 6107763100

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 AllentownSacred Heart Hospital, Cardiac & Pulmonary Programs, 421 Chew St.,
Allentown, PA, 18102-3490
Phone: 6107764880 Fax: fax: 610/606-4411
Contact: Sandra Barette RN MAEmail: 4everski@fast.net

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 AllentownSunrise Health Center, 1245 S Cedar Crest Blvd. - Suite 205,
Allentown, PA, 18103
Phone: 6104392770 Fax: fax: 610/439-5009
Contact: Patty Longenhagen RRT AE-C Email: PLongenhagen@sunriselifecenters.com

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 BerwickBerwick Hospital Center, Cardiopulmonary Treatment Center, 701 E. 16th St.,
Berwick, PA, 18603
Phone: 7177595172
Contact: Sharon Slowick RN
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 BethlehemGood Shepherd Muhlenberg Rehabilitation Center, 2855 Schoenersvillle Road,
Bethlehem, PA, 18017
Phone: 6108075600
Email: slee@gsrh.org

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 BlossburgLaurel Health Pulmonary Rehab, Laurel Wellness Center,
Blossburg, PA, 16901

Contact: Michele Comes RRTEmail: mcomes@laurelhs.org

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 Bryn Mawr Main Line Hospitals, Inc. - Bryn Mawr Hospital, Pulmonary Diagnostic & Wellness Center, 130 S. Bryn Mawr Ave.,
Bryn Mawr, PA, 19010
Phone: 6105263343 Fax: fax: 610/526-3808
Contact: Max Tugendreich RRT RPFT
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 ChambersburgThe Chambersburg Hospital, 112 North Seventh Street,
Chambersburg, PA, 17201
Phone: 7172677715

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 CoudersportCharles Cole Memorial Hospital, G. Howard & Edith Pinney Irwin Rehab Ctr., U.S. Rt. 6 E.,
Coudersport, PA, 16915
Phone: 8142745351 Fax: fax: 814/274-5525
Contact: Stacia Nolder RN
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 DanvillePenn State Geisinger Health System, Second Wind Pulmonary Rehab/Cardiac Rehab, 100 N. Aladewy Ave.,
Danville, PA, 17822
Phone: 5702716655 Fax: fax: 570/271-5845
Contact: Debra L. Sandas RN MSN
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 East StroudsburgPocono Medical Center, Cardiac Rehab/Pulmonary Rehab, 206 E. Brown St.,
East Stroudsburg, PA, 18301
Phone: 5704763376 Fax: fax: 570/476-3331

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 ErieThe Pulmonary Rehabilitation Center, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 3580 Peach St. - Suite 103-B,
Erie, PA, 16508
Phone: 8148687581 Fax: fax: 814/866-3580
Contact: Peggy Scarpitti RN
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 GreencastleGreencastle Health Services, John L. Grove Medical Center, 50 Eastern Avenue,
Greencastle, PA, 17225
Phone: 7175975337

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 GreensburgWestmoreland Regional Hospital, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehab, 532 W. Pittsburgh St.,
Greensburg, PA, 15601
Phone: 4128325096 Fax: fax: 412/832-6673
Contact: Cheri McShea PT
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 Grove CityUnited Community Hospital, Heart Beats-Cardiac Breathe Easy-Pulmonary, 631 N. Broad St. Ext.,
Grove City, PA, 16127
Phone: 7244587872 Fax: fax: 724/458-1269
Contact: Hernan Acevedo RRT RPFTEmail: uch@pathway.net

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 HarrisburgPinnacle Health - Polyclinic Campus, Cardio & Pulmo Rehab, 2501 N Third Street - 3 Landis Bldg.,
Harrisburg, PA, 17110
Fax: 717/782-6812
Contact: Sue Acri, RRTEmail: SAcri@pinnaclehealth.org

Website: http://www.pinnaclehealth.org/facilities-locations/cardiac-pulm-rehab
(Verified: 10/18/2011)
 HermitageSharon Regional Health System, Pulmonary Rehab Program - Lung Center, 2320 Highland Ave,
Hermitage, PA, 16148-2819
Phone: 7249833899
Contact: Kimberly Hunchuk Director
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 HuntingdonJ. C. Blair Memorial Hospital, 1225 Warm Springs Ave.,
Huntingdon, PA, 16652-2398
Phone: 8146432290

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 JeannetteMonsour Medical Center, Cardio-Pulmonary Wellness, 70 Lincoln Hwy.,
Jeannette, PA, 15644
Phone: 7245270481 Fax: fax: 724/527-3310
Contact: Nancy Broadway RN CCRN
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 LancasterLancaster Regional Medical Center, 250 College Avenue, P O Box 3509,
Lancaster, PA, 17604-3509
Phone: 7172818593
Contact: Charyl Garner RRT
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 LewisburgEvangelical Community Hospital, One Hospital Drive,
Lewisburg, PA, 17837
Phone: 5705224490
Contact: Nina L. Camp RRTEmail: ncamp@evanhospital.com

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 LewistownLewistown Hospital, 400 Highland Avenue,
Lewistown, PA, 17044

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 McConnellsburgFulton County Medical Center, 216 South First Street,
McConnellsburg, PA, 17233
Phone: 7174853155 Fax: fax: 717/485-5605
Email: fcmc@desupernet.net

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 McKees RocksThe Pulmonary Health Center, 25 Heckel Road,
McKees Rocks, PA, 15136
Phone: 4127776470

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 MechanicsburgHEALTHSOUTH Rehabilitation Hospital of Mechanicsburg, 175 Lancaster Blvd.,
Mechanicsburg, PA, 17055
Phone: 7176913700 Fax: fax: 717/697-6524

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 MonroevilleHEALTHSOUTH Rehabilitation Hospital of Greater Pittsburgh, 2380 McGinley Road,
Monroeville, PA, 15146
Phone: 4128562400 Fax: fax: 412/856-9320

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 PalmertonPalmerton Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 135 Lafayette Ave.,
Palmerton, PA, 18071
Phone: 6108261246 Fax: fax: 610/826-1282
Contact: Nancy Collins RN
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 PaoliMain Line Hospitals, Inc.- Paoli Memorial, Pulmonary Diagnostic & Wellness Center, 255 W. Lancaster Ave.,
Paoli, PA, 19301
Phone: 6106481651 Fax: fax: 610/648-1312
Contact: Rita Edwards RRT RPFT
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 PhiladelphiaGermantown Hospital and Community Health Services, One Penn Blvd.,
Philadelphia, PA, 19144
Phone: 2159518000

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 PhiladelphiaMCP/Hahnemann Hospitals, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehab Programs, Presidential Blvd. & City Ave.,
Philadelphia, PA, 19131
Phone: 2158781234 Fax: fax: 215/878-8999
Contact: Linda H. Brody RN
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 PhiladelphiaNazareth Hospital, Pulmonary Rehab-Cardiac Rehab, 2601 Holme Ave.,
Philadelphia, PA, 19152
Phone: 2153356556 Fax: fax: 215/335-3708
Contact: William J. Rosen RRT RN
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 PhiladelphiaPennsylvania Hospital, Pulmonary Wellness Center, 700 Spruce St.,
Philadelphia, PA,

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 PhiladelphiaTemple University Hospital, Pulmonary Rehab Prgm - Parkinson Pavillion, Broad & Ontario Sts.,
Philadelphia, PA, 19140-5189
Phone: 2157073531 Fax: fax: 215/707-5454
Contact: Peter J. Rising MS
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 PhiladelphiaUniversity of Pennsylvania Medical Center, Ground Rhoads, 3400 Spruce Street,
Philadelphia, PA, 19104

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 PittsburghAllegheny General Hospital, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehab Services, 320 E. North Ave.,
Pittsburgh, PA, 15212
Phone: 4123594662 Fax: fax: 412/359-6833
Contact: David Seigneur MS
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 PittsburghJefferson Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 575 Coal Valley Rd.,
Pittsburgh, PA, 15236
Phone: 4124695042 Fax: fax: 412/469-7163
Contact: Robert Bizila RRT
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 PittsburghSt. Clair Hospital, Healthy Hearts & Second Wind Rehab, 1000 Bower Hill Rd.,
Pittsburgh, PA, 15241
Fax: fax: 412/344-6385
Contact: Elizabeth M. Concilus RN MSN
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 PittsburghThe Mercy Hospital of Pittsburgh, Pride and Locust St.,
Pittsburgh, PA, 15219
Phone: 4122328102

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 PittsburghUPMC Shadyside, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 5230 Centre Ave.,
Pittsburgh, PA, 15232
Phone: 4126231684 Fax: fax: 412/623-6214
Contact: Deborah J. Kaczynski MS
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 PittsburghUPMC St. Margaret, Cardiac Rehabilitation, 200 Delafield Rd. 200 MAB - Suite 3000,
Pittsburgh, PA, 15217
Phone: 4127845120 Fax: fax: 412/784-5134
Contact: Andrew Petrini MS MPMEmail: petriniom@msx.upmc.edu

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 Pleasant GapHEALTHSOUTH Nittany Valley Rehabilitation Hospital, 550 West College Ave.,
Pleasant Gap, PA, 16823
Phone: 8143593421 Fax: fax: 814/359-5898

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 PottsvilleAmerican Rehab Center, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 200 E. Arch St.,
Pottsville, PA, 17901
Phone: 5706289100 Fax: fax: 570/628-4505
Contact: Harwinder Ahluwalia MDEmail: amrehab@pottsville.infi.net

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 Reading St. Joseph Health Center at Shelbourne Square, Exeter Township, 12th & Walnut St.,
Reading, PA, 19604
Phone: 6104042230

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 ReadingHEALTHSOUTH Reading Rehabilitation Hospital, 1623 Morgantown Road,
Reading, PA, 19607
Phone: 6107966000 Fax: fax: 610/796-6306

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 ReadingThe Reading Hospital and Medical Center, Heart Health & Fitness/Pulmonary Conditioning, PO Box 16052,
Reading, PA, 19612
Phone: 6109889860 Fax: fax: 610/988-5177
Contact: Maryann Karwejna RRTEmail: karwejnam@readinghospital.org

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 SellersvilleGrand View Hospital, Cardiac Rehabilitation, 700 Lawn Ave.,
Sellersville, PA, 18960
Phone: 2154534213
Contact: Kristin Jaros
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 ShippensburgShippensburg Health Services, Shippensburg Medical Campus, 46 Walnut Bottom Road,
Shippensburg, PA, 17257
Phone: 7175305333

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 SomersetSomerset Hospital, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 225 S. Center Ave.,
Somerset, PA, 15501
Phone: 8144435603 Fax: fax: 814/443-5609
Contact: Jay Krestar RRT CPFTEmail: jaykrestar@somersethospital.com

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 SpringfieldDelco Therapy Center, Springfield Plaza, 130 S. State Rd. - Suite 200,
Springfield, PA, 19064
Phone: 6105445579 Fax: fax: 610/544-6368
Email: delco.therapy@verizon.net

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 West ChesterThe Chester County Hospital, The Center for Cardiopulmonary Rehab, 795 E. Marshall St. - Suite G-2,
West Chester, PA, 19380
Phone: 6104312285 Fax: fax: 610/431-0611

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 Wilkes-BarreJohn Heinz Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, 150 Mundy Street,
Wilkes-Barre, PA, 18702
Phone: 5708263789

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 WilliamsportSusquehanna Health System/Heart Center, CHAMPS, 777 Rural Ave.,
Williamsport, PA, 17701
Phone: 5703212799 Fax: fax: 570/321-2798
Contact: Dale Ulmer RRT
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 WynnewoodMain Line Hospitals, Inc.- Lankenau Hospital, Pulmonary & Diagnostic Wellness Center, 100 W. Lancaster Ave.,
Wynnewood, PA, 19096
Phone: 6106452104
Contact: Theresa White RRT RPFT
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 YorkHEALTHSOUTH Rehabilitation Hospital of York, 1850 Normandie Drive,
York, PA, 17404
Fax: fax: 717/764-1341

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 YorkYork Health System, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 25 Monument Rd. - Suite 199,
York, PA, 17403
Phone: 7177418175 Fax: fax: 717/741-8031
Contact: Barbara Shultz AS RTT
(Verified: 9/16/2011)


MontrealMontreal Chest Inst. of Royal Victoria Hosp., "PEP" Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program, 3650 St. Urbain,
Montreal, PE, H2X 2P4
Fax: fax: 514/843-2881
Contact: Dr. Antoinette DiReEmail: adire@is.rvh.mcgill.ca

(Verified: 9/27/2011)

Rhode Island

BristolVanderbilt Rehabilitation Center, 450 Hope Street,
Bristol, RI, 02809

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 NewportVanderbilt Rehabilitation Center at Newport Hospital, 11 Friendship Street,
Newport, RI, 02840
Phone: 4018451845

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 WakefieldSouth County Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehab/Wellness & Prevention MOB-70 Kenyon Ave,
Wakefield, RI, 02879-4299
Fax: fax: 401/782-3113
Contact: Delaine M. Wright MS CDE
(Verified: 9/16/2011)

South Carolina

AndersonAnderson Area Medical Center, Lifechoice, 2000 E. Greenville St.,
Anderson, SC, 29621
Phone: 8642611505 Fax: fax: 864/716-6736
Contact: Leigh Miller RN C MSEmail: lmiller@anmed.com

(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 BeaufortBeaufort Memorial Hospital, Heart & Lung Fitness, 955 Ribaut Rd., PO Box 1068,
Beaufort, SC, 29901
Phone: 8435225781 Fax: fax: 843/522-5454
Contact: Jill Bolin BSN
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 CharlestonHEALTHSOUTH Rehabilitation Hospital of Charleston, 9181 Medcom St.,
Charleston, SC, 29406
Phone: 8438207777 Fax: fax: 843/553-4025

(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 ClintonLaurens County Health Care System, PO Drawer 976,
Clinton, SC, 29325
Phone: 8648339131
Email: PR@LCHCS.org

(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 ColumbiaProvidence Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 2435 Forest Dr.,
Columbia, SC, 29204

(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 FlorenceCarolinas Hospital System, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, PO Box 100550,
Florence, SC, 29501-0550
Phone: 8436613811 Fax: fax: 843/661-3851

(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 GreenvilleGreenville Hospital System Heart Institute, Heartlife, 875 W. Faris Rd.,
Greenville, SC, 29606
Phone: 8644557952 Fax: fax: 864/455-5698
Contact: Cindy Farmer
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 GreenvilleSt. Francis Hospital Cardiopulmonary Rehab at Vitality Center, 1 St. Francis Dr.,
Greenville, SC, 29601
Phone: 8642551862 Fax: fax: 864/255-1989
Contact: Pat Barnes CRIT RCP
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 GreenwoodSelf Memorial Hospital, Optimum-Life Center Pulmonary Awareness Program, 1325 Spring Street,
Greenwood, SC, 29646
Phone: 8642275760

(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 Hilton Head IslandHilton Head Medical Center & Clinics, Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 25 Hospital Center Blvd., PO Box 21117,
Hilton Head Island, SC, 29569
Phone: 8436815651 Fax: fax: 843/681-5316
Contact: Cathy Reinhart RN
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 LorisLoris Healthcare System, The Center for Health & Fitness, 3207 Casey St.,
Loris, SC, 29569
Phone: 8437169765 Fax: fax: 843/716-7114
Contact: Paula Cox RN CCRNEmail: wellness@sccoast.net

(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 MarionCardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, PO Drawer 1150,
Marion, SC, 29571
Phone: 8434312620 Fax: fax: 843/431-2618
Contact: Polly Fisher RN
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 OrangeburgRegional Medical Ctr. of Orangeburg & Calhoun Counties, TRMC's P.A.C.E. Center, 3000 St. Matthews Rd.,
Orangeburg, SC, 29571
Phone: 8035332549 Fax: fax: 803/533-2498
Contact: Victoria Carson RN BSN
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 Rock HillPiedmont Medical Center, Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Rehab, 222 S. Herlong Ave.,
Rock Hill, SC, 29732
Phone: 8039854651 Fax: fax: 803/985-4673
Contact: Marilyn A. Finch RN MS
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 West ColumbiaLexington Medical Center, Training Station Cardiac Pulm & Vasc Rehab, 2720 Sunset Blvd.,
West Columbia, SC, 29169
Phone: 8037912621 Fax: fax: 803/939-8686
Contact: Robin Stephins MS
(Verified: 9/15/2011)

South Dakota

AberdeenAvera St. Lukes, Pulmonary Rehab, 305 S. State St.,
Huron, SD, 57350
Phone: 6056225548 Fax: fax: 605/622-5127
Contact: Sharon Haverty RRT
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 HuronHuron Regional Medical Center, HRMC Cardiac-Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 172 4th St. S. E.,
Mobridge, SD, 57601
Phone: 6053536511 Fax: fax: 605/353-7383
Contact: Myrna M. Lakner RN
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 MobridgeMobridge Regional Hospital, Mobridge Cardiopulmonary Rehab, P. O. Box 580,
Rapid City, SD, 57701
Phone: 6058458211 Fax: fax: 605/845-7028

(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 Rapid CityRapid City Regional Hospital, Pulmonary & Cardiac Rehabilitation, 353 Fairmont,
Sioux Falls, SD, 57117-5045
Phone: 6053418311 Fax: fax: 605/399-2249
Contact: Robyn LarvieEmail: rlarvie@rcrh.org

(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 Sioux FallsAvera McKennan Hospital, Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Rehab, 800 E. 21st St.,
Sioux Falls, SD, 57117-5039
Phone: 6053225375 Fax: fax: 605/322-5379
Contact: Jean Snyders CRTT CRFT
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 Sioux FallsSioux Valley Hospital, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 1305 W. 18th St.,
Aberdeen, SD, 57401
Phone: 6053281890
Contact: June Schulz RRCPEmail: schulzju@siouxvalley.org

(Verified: 9/15/2011)


BartlettRippee Rehab, 5134 Stage Road - Suite 100,
Bartlett, TN, 38138
Phone: 9013884444
Contact: Teresa Rippee
(Verified: n/a)
 ChattanoogaErlanger Medical Center, Cardiopulmonary Rehab, 325 Market St. - Ste 307, ,
Chattanooga, TN, 37402
Phone: 4237787416 Fax: fax: 423/778-9401
Contact: Brenda Anderson, MSEmail: andersbs

(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 ChattanoogaHEALTHSOUTH Chattanooga Rehabilitation Hospital, 2412 McCallie Ave.,
Chattanooga, TN, 37404

(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 ChattanoogaMemorial Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 2525 De Sales Ave.,
Chattanooga, TN, 37404
Phone: 4234956064 Fax: fax: 423/495-8438
Contact: Allan Lewis, MSEmail: allan lewis4memorial.org

(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 ChattanoogaParkridge Medical Center, Healthy Heart, 2333 McCallie Ave.,
Chattanooga, TN, 37404
Phone: 4234936714 Fax: fax: 423/493-6713
Contact: Rhonda Weaver
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 ColliervilleMidsouth Therapy Center Inc., 1133 Polo Drive - Suite 102, ,
Collierville, TN, 38017
Phone: 9018535950

(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 ColumbiaMaury Regional Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehab, 1224 Trotwood Ave.,
Columbia, TN, 38401
Phone: 9313804014 Fax: (931
Contact: Cindy Kington, LPT, HTEmail: smoore'umrhs.com

(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 CrossvilleCumberland Medical Center, Cardiac;Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 421 S. Main St.,
Crossville, TN, 38555
Phone: 9314567379 Fax: fax: 931/707-9912
Contact: Larry Robinson.Email: lrobinson@cmchealthcare.org

(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 HartsvilleTrousdale Medical Center, 500 Church Street,
Hartsville, TN, 37074
Phone: 6153742221
Contact: Wm D Mize
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 JacksonJackson - Madison County General Hospital, Pulmonary Health & Rehab Services, 708 W. Forest Ave.,
Jackson, TN, 38301
Phone: 9014253577 Fax: fax: 901/425-8900
Contact: Nita Hensley, RRT
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 Johnson CityJohnson City Medical Center, Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program, 310 State of Franklin Rd. - Suite 102, ,
Johnson City, TN, 37604
Phone: 4234313600 Fax: fax: 423/431-3611
Contact: Debbie Cestaro-Seifer, MS, RNEmail: dis4icmc.com

(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 KingsportHEALTHSOUTH Rehabilitation Hospital, 113 Cassell Drive,
Kingsport, TN, 37660

(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 KnoxvilleFt. Sanders Regional Medical Center, Cardiopulmonary Wellness & Rehab, 220 Ft. Sanders W. Blvd. - Suite 205, ,
Knoxville, TN, 37922
Phone: 4235315570 Fax: fax: 423/531-5596
Contact: Victoria S. Durham
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 KnoxvilleUniv. of Tenn. Medical Ctr-Knoxville, Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Rehab, 1924 Alcoa Hwy. , PO Box 52,
Knoxville, TN, 37920
Phone: 4235446920 Fax: fax: 423/525-0869
Contact: Ann Moore, RN, BSN
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 MemphisHEALTHSOUTH Rehabilitation Hospital of Memphis, 1282 Union Ave.,
Memphis, TN, 38104

(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 MemphisRippee Rehab, 2900 Kirby Road - Suite 4,
Memphis, TN, 38119
Phone: 9017554441
Contact: Teresa Rippee
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 MorristownMorristown Hamblen Healthcare System, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 908 W. 4th North St.,
Morristown, TN, 37814
Phone: 4235851436 Fax: fax: 423/585-1230
Contact: Sara Smith, RRT, BSOM
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 NashvilleBaptist Hospital, Cardiac Rehab-Mandrell Heart Center, 2000 Church St.,
Nashville, TN, 37236
Phone: 6153295526
Contact: Paul Watts, CRTT, BS
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 NashvilleSt. Thomas Hospital, Cardiac Health & Breathe Easy Pulmonary Rehab, 4220 Harding Rd.,
Nashville, TN, 37205
Phone: 6152226806
Contact: Bobby Pitcock, RRT
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 NashvilleTennessee Therapy Centers Inc, 28 White Bridge Road - Suite 110, ,
Nashville, TN, 37205
Phone: 6154250371
Contact: Charles D Walker RRT
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 NashvilleVanderbilt University Medical Center, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 1500 22nd Ave. S.,
Nashville, TN, 37232-8288
Phone: 6153224751 Fax: fax: 615/343-7671
Contact: Andres Digenio, MDEmail: andres.digenic mcmail.vanderbilt.edu

(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 Oak RidgeMethodist Medical Center of Oak Ridge, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 90 Vermont Ave. - Suite 310, ,
Oak Ridge, TN, 37831-2529
Phone: 4234811677
Contact: Sharon Ollis, RRT
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 SeviervilleFort Sanders Sevier Medical Center, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 709 Middle Creek Rd.,
Sevierville, TN, 37862
Phone: 4234296122 Fax: fax: 423/429-6657
Contact: Christine L. Davis, RN
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 SpringfieldNorthcrest Medical Center, 214 Northcrest Dr.,
Springfield, TN, 37172-3962
Phone: 6153841714 Fax: fax: 615/382-3812
Email: Kate weiland@northcrest.com

(Verified: 9/15/2011)


AbileneHendrick Medical Center, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation,
Abilene, TX, 79601
Phone: 3256702872 Fax: fax: 325/670-4476
Contact: Bonnie Coxe RRT/RPFT
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 AmarilloBaptist Health System - St. Anthony's, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 5111 Canyon Dr.,
Amarillo, TX, 79110
Phone: 8064677022 Fax: fax: 806/359-8636
Contact: Bruce Gray
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 Arkansas PassNorth Bay Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 1711 W. Wheeler,
Arkansas Pass, TX, 78336
Phone: 3617580542 Fax: fax: 361/758-0991
Contact: Pete Avila
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 ArlingtonHEALTHSOUTH Rehabilitation Hospital of Arlington, 3200 Matlock Road,
Arlington, TX, 76015
Phone: 8174684000 Fax: fax: 817/468-1906

(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 ArlingtonMedical Center of Arlington, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 3201 Omega Dr.,
Arlington, TX, 76014
Phone: 8174724849 Fax: fax: 817/472-4946
Contact: Rosann Clay PT RN
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 ArlingtonPulmonary Rehabilitation, Kindred Hospital Arlington, 1000 North Cooper Street,
Arlington, TX, 76011
Phone: 8175483446 Fax: fax: 817/548-3421

(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 AustinNorth Austin Medical Center, Cardiopulmonary Program, 12221 MoPac Expy. N.,
Austin, TX, 78708-5075
Phone: 5129011870 Fax: fax: 512/901-1859

(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 AustinSeton Pulmonary, Rehabilitation, 6330 E. Highway 290 - Suite 315,
Austin, TX, 78723-1035
Phone: 5123248719 Fax: fax: 512/324-8759

(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 BeaumontHealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Beaumont, 3340 Plaza 10 Blvd.,
Beaumont, TX, 77707
Phone: 4098350835 Fax: fax: 409/835-1401

(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 BeaumontSt. Elizabeth Hospital, Cardiac Rehabilitation, 2830 Calder Ave.,
Beaumont, TX, 77702
Fax: fax: 409/899-7299
Contact: Kim Clanahan
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 ConroeConroe Regional medical Center, 504 Medical Center Blvd,
Conroe, TX, 77304
Phone: 9365391111

(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 DallasBaylor University Medical Center, Cardiac & Plulmonary Rehabilitation, 411 N. Washington Ste. 3100,
Dallas, TX, 75246
Phone: 2148203500 Fax: fax: 214/820-9799
Contact: Mary Hart RRTEmail: fb.halcomb@baylordallas.edu

(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 DallasMedical City Dallas Hospital, Health & Rehabilitation Center, 7777 Forest Lane,
Dallas, TX, 75230
Phone: 9725667836 Fax: fax: 972/566-6734
Contact: Jody K. Dodson BS
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 DallasMethodist Hospital Dallas, Folsom Fitness & Rehab Center, 1441 N. Beckley Ave., PO Box 655999,
Dallas, TX, 75265-5999
Phone: 2149471890 Fax: fax: 214/947-1895
Contact: Cathy Borski
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 DallasSt. Paul Medical Center Health & Fitness Ctr, Cardioplmnry Rehab, 5939 Harry Hines Blvd. - Ste. 150,
Dallas, TX, 75235
Phone: 2148796233 Fax: fax: 214/879-7888
Contact: Deborah Leslie MSEmail: debbieleslie@hmhs.com

(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 Fort WorthHarris Methodist Southwest Hospital, 6100 Harris Parkway,
Fort Worth, TX, 76132
Phone: 8172633735
Contact: Mary Saldana CRTT
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 GainesvilleGainsville Memorial Hospital, 1016 Ritchey,
Gainsville, Tx, 76240
Phone: 9406128138

(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 HoustonAsthma & Lung Center of Houston.,
Houston, TX,
Phone: 7138399473

(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 HoustonRed Oak Cardiovascular Center, 17200 Red Oak Drive Suite 107,
Houston, TX, 77090
Fax: fax: 281/893-5976
Email: redoak@redoak.com

(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 HoustonSpring Meadows Medical Plaza, 2600 N. Gesner,
Houston, TX, 77080
Phone: 7136907069
Contact: Shaun NicholasEmail: usm89@msn.com

(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 HoustonSt. Lukes Episcopal Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 6624 Fannin 11th Floor MC 6-402,
Houston, TX, 77030
Phone: 7137918224 Fax: fax: 713/791-8242

(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 HumbleHEALTHSOUTH Rehabilitation Hospital, 19002 McKay Drive,
Humble, TX, 77338
Phone: 2814466148 Fax: fax: 281/446-8022

(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 KerrvilleSid Peterson Memorial Hospital, Peterson Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 219 Clay St.,
Kerrville, TX, 78028-5302
Phone: 8302587486 Fax: fax: 830/258-7676
Contact: Sarah DuBose RRT SWA
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 KingwoodKingwood Medical Center, 22999 US Hwy 59,
Kingwood, TX,
Phone: 2813481418

(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 LewisvilleFreedom Rehab Specialties, 190 Civic Cir,
Lewisville, TX, 75067
Phone: 9722211212

(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 McAllenCardiopulmonary Fitness and Disease Mgmt, 338 Lindberg,
McAllen, TX.,
Phone: 9566181055

(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 MidlandHEALTHSOUTH Rehabilitation Hospital of Midland/Odessa, 1800 Heritage Blvd.,
Midland, TX, 79707
Phone: 9155201600 Fax: fax: 915/520-1704

(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 NacogdochesNacogdoches Memorial Hospital Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 1018 N. Mound Ste. 105,
Nacogdoches, TX, 75961
Phone: 4095689933 Fax: fax: 409/568-9965
Contact: Charles R. (Randy) Lawson
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 PlanoAssured Comprehensive Rehab, 5072 West Plano Parkway,
Plano, TX,
Fax: fax: 972/818-3889
Email: Info@assuredrehab.com

Website: http://suredrehab.com
(Verified: 9/22/2011)
 PlanoMedical Center of Plano, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 3901 W. 15th St.,
Plano, TX, 75075
Phone: 9725191253 Fax: fax: 972/519-1263
Contact: Michelle Minor RRT RN
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 RichardsonBaylor/Richardson Medical Center, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 401 W. Campbell Rd.,
Richardson, TX, 75080
Phone: 9724987359 Fax: fax: 972/498-4706
Contact: Debra Patrick RRT
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 RichardsonTexas Therapy Center of Richardson, 2095 N. Collins Blvd. Suite 100,
Richardson, TX, 75080-2636
Phone: 9722341600 Fax: fax: 972/234 6460
Contact: Deborah J. Townend RN Clinic Administrator
Website: http://www.therapycenters.com
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 San AngeloShannon Wellness Center, 102 North Magdalen,
San Angelo, TX, 76903
Phone: 9154818819
Contact: Sherry or Tresa Anderson
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 San AntonioChristus Santa Rosa, Downtown, 519 EW. Houston St.,
San Antonio, TX, 78207
Phone: 2107042640
Contact: George Koehler CRTEmail: george_koehler@srhc.iwhs.org

(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 San AntonioMethodist Healthcare System, SWTX Methodist & San Antonio Hospitals, 7700 Floyd Curl Dr. & 8026 Floyd Curl Dr.,
San Antonio, TX, 78229
Phone: 2105754600 Fax: fax: 210/575-4602
Contact: Renee R. Fletcher MSN RN
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 TexarkanaHEALTHSOUTH Rehabilitation Hospital of Texarkana, 2223 Morris Lane,
Texarkana, TX, 75501
Phone: 9036144400 Fax: fax: 903/793-0899

Website: http://www.christusstmichael.org/body.cfm?id=109
Notes: Cardio rehab for stroke patients
(Verified: 10/18/2011)
 WacoHillcrest Baptist/Getterman Wellness Ctr., Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 7300 Bosque Blvd.,
Waco, TX, 76712
Phone: 2542023800 Fax: fax: 254/202-3802
Contact: Wendy Deacon-Segrest MSEmail: well@hillcrest.net

(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 WebsterPulmonary Rehab, 655 E Medical Center,
Webster, TX, 77598
Phone: 2812838789

(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 Wichita FallsHEALTHSOUTH Rehabilitation Hospital Of Wichita Falls, 3901 Armory Road,
Wichita Falls, TX, 76302
Phone: 9407205700 Fax: fax: 940/720-5765

(Verified: 9/15/2011)


OgdenOgden Regional Medical Center, Cardiac Wellness Center , 5475 S. 500 E.,
Ogden UT, UT, 84405-6978
Phone: 8014792286 Fax: fax: 801/479-2285
Contact: Jeff Storey MSEmail: jeff.s.@columbia.net

(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 Salt Lake CityUniversity of Utah Hospitals & Clinics, Madsen Preventive Cardiology/Pulm. Rehab., 50 N. Medical Dr.,
Salt Lake City, UT, 84132
Phone: 8015851015 Fax: fax: 801/585-5350
Contact: Bill PazosEmail: william.pazos@hsc.utah.edu

(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 West Valley CityPioneer Valley Hospital, Wellness Center, 3460 S. Pioneer Pkwy.,
West Valley City, UT, 84120
Phone: 8019643912 Fax: fax: 801/964-3247
Contact: Sandy Stennett MS
(Verified: 9/15/2011)


BenningtonSouthwestern Vermont Medical Center, Phase II Cardiac Rehab/ Pulmonary Rehab, 100 Hospital Dr.,
Bennington, VT, 05201
Phone: 8024475140 Fax: fax: 802/447-5429
Contact: Kathryn Sleeman PT RSC
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 BrattleboroBrattleboro Memorial Hospital, Pulmonary & Cardiac Rehab Program,  9 Belmont Ave.,
Brattleboro, VT, 05301
Phone: 8022578897 Fax: fax: 802/257-8309
Contact: Jeff Harr RRT
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 ColchesterFletcher Allen/ Fanny Allen Campus, 101 College Parkway,
Colchester, VT, 05446
Phone: 8028471902
Contact: Betsy HarperEmail: rehab@chsi.org

(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 MorrisvilleCopley Hospital, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 528 Washington Hwy.,
Morrisville, VT, 05661
Phone: 8028888230 Fax: fax: 802/888-8244

(Verified: n/a)


AlexandriaInova Alexandia Hospital, 4320 Seminary Road,
Alexandria, VA,
Phone: 7035043398

Website: http://www.inova.org/healthcare-services/rehabilitation/locations/inova-alexandria-hospital/index.jsp
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 ArlingtonVirginia Hospital Center, 1701 N George Mason Drive,
Arlington, VA,
Phone: 7035586271

Website: http://www.virginiahospitalcenter.com/medical/cardiology/treatments/rehabilitation.aspx
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 BedfordBedford Memorial Hospital, 1613 Oakwood St .,
Bedford, VA, VA,
Phone: 5405862441

Website: http://www.carilionclinic.org/carilion/cardiac+and+pulmonary+rehabilitation
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 CharlottesvilleMartha Jefferson Hospital Outpatient Care Center, Cardiopulmonary Fitness & Rehab, 595 Peter Jefferson Pkwy,
Charlottesville, VA, VA,
Phone: 4346544501

Website: http://www.carilionclinic.org/carilion/cardiac+and+pulmonary+rehabilitation
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 ChesapeakeChesapeake Regional Medical Center, 736 Battlefield Blvd., North,
Chesapeake, VA, VA,
Phone: 7573126132

Website: http://www.chesapeakeregional.com/pulmonary-rehab
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 ChristiansburgCarilion New River Valley Medical Center, 2900 Lamb Circle,
Christiansburg, VA, VA,
Phone: 5407312000

Website: http://www.carilionclinic.org/carilion/cardiac+and+pulmonary+rehabilitation
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 CulpeperCulpeper Regional Hospital, 501 Sunset Lane,
Culpeper, VA, VA,
Phone: 5408294126

Website: http://www.culpeperhospital.com/svccardiopulmonaryrehab.html
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 Falls ChurchInova Fairfax Hospital, 3300 Gallows Road,
Falls Church, VA, VA,
Phone: 7037763392

Website: http://www.inova.org/healthcare-services/lung-transplant/pulmonary-rehab/index.js
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 FarmvilleCentra Stroobants Heart Center, 900 West 3rd Street,
Farmville, VA, VA,
Phone: 4343923205

Website: http://cardiology.centrahealth.com/services/pulmonary-health-and-rehabilitation
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 FredericksburgMary Washington Hospital Cardiopulmonary Health and Fitness, 1201-B Sam Perry Blvd. - Suite 240,
Fredericksburg, VA, VA,
Phone: 5407411348

Website: http://www.marywashingtonhealthcare.com/vhvi/vhvi-services/welcome-to-cardiopulmonary-rehabilitation
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 Front RoyalWarren Memorial Hospital, 120 North Commerce Avenue,
Front Royal, VA, VA,
Phone: 5406360279

Website: http://www.valleyhealthlink.com/c&prehab
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 GretnaGretna Medical Center, 1220 West Gretna Road,
Gretna, VA, VA,
Phone: 434656.8535

Website: http://cardiology.centrahealth.com/services/pulmonary-health-and-rehabilitation
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 HarrisonburgRockingham Memorial Hospital, 2010 Health Campus Drive,
Harrisonburg, VA, VA,
Phone: 5406891888

Website: http://www.rmhonline.com/rmhservices/pulmonaryservices/rehabilitation/tabid/216/default.aspx
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 LeesburgInova Physical Therapy Center – Lansdowne, 44045 Riverside Parkway,
Leesburg, VA, VA,
Phone: 7038586674

Website: http://www.inova.org/healthcare-services/rehabilitation/locations/inova-loudoun-hospital/index.jsp
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 LexingtonCarilion Stonewall Jackson Hospital, 1 Health Circle,
Lexington, VA, VA,
Phone: 5404583300

Website: http://www.carilionclinic.org/carilion/cardiac+and+pulmonary+rehabilitation
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 LurayPage Memorial Hospital, 200 Memorial Drive,
Luray, VA, VA,
Phone: 5408434577

Website: http://www.valleyhealthlink.com/c&prehab
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 LynchburgCentra Stroobants Heart Center, 1901 Tate Springs Road,
Lynchburg, VA, VA,
Phone: 4342003431

Website: http://cardiac.centrahealth.com/services/pulmonary-health-and-rehabilitation
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 Newport NewsRiverside Regional Medical Center, 12200 Warwick Blvd - Suite 210,
Newport News, VA, VA,
Phone: 7575345854

Website: http://www.riversideonline.com/rrmc/pulmonary-rehabilitation.cfm
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 NorfolkThe Therapy Center, 400-B W. 21st St.,
Norfolk, VA, VA,
Phone: 7572525340

Website: http://www.sentara.com/hospitalsfacilities/therapy-services/therapy-centers/pages/the_therapy_center.aspx
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 PearisburgPearisburg, VA, 159 Hartley Way,
Pearisburg, VA, VA,
Phone: 5409216000

Website: http://www.carilionclinic.org/carilion/cardiac+and+pulmonary+rehabilitation
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 PortsmouthBon Secours Maryview Medical Center, 3636 High St,
Portsmouth, VA, VA,
Phone: 7573982449

Website: http://www.bonsecourshamptonroads.com/our-services-heart-and-vascular-pulmonary-rehab.html
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 RichmondChippenham Hospital, 7101 Jahnke Road,
Richmond,VA, VA,
Phone: 8043238857

Website: http://www.cjwmedical.com/custompage.asp?guidcustomcontentid=%7b73808ccb-355f-11d4-a2e0-00508b62be1f%7d#pulmonaryrehab
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 RichmondHealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Virginia, 5700 Fitzhugh Avenue,
Richmond,VA, VA,
Phone: 8046734410

Website: http://www.healthsouthrichmond.com/outpatient_programs.asp
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 RichmondHenrico Doctors' Hospital, 1602 Skipwith Road,
Richmond,VA, VA,
Phone: 8042894982

Website: http://henricodoctors.com/custompage.asp?pagename=rehab
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 RoanokeCarilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital, 1906 Belleview Ave.,
Roanoke, VA, VA,
Phone: 5409817000

Website: http://www.carilionclinic.org/carilion/cardiac+and+pulmonary+rehabilitation
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 Rocky MountCarilion Franklin Memorial Hospital, 180 Floyd Ave.,
Rocky Mount, VA, VA,
Phone: 5404835277

Website: http://www.carilionclinic.org/carilion/cardiac+and+pulmonary+rehabilitation
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 South BostonHalifax Regional Health System, 2204 Wilborn Ave,
South Boston, VA, VA,
Phone: 4345173846

Website: http://hrhs.netreturns.biz/healthinfo/story.aspx?storyid=792ed69e-f10a-4748-b6e3-a0b999543a05
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 South HillCommunity Memorial Healthcenter, 125 Buena Vista Circle,
South Hill, VA, VA,

Website: http://www.cmh-sh.org/content/cardiacrehab.htm
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 SuffolkSentara Obici Rehabilitation Services, 2800 Godwin Boulevard,
Suffolk, VA, VA,
Phone: 7579344653

Website: http://www.sentara.com/hospitalsfacilities/therapy-services/therapy-centers/pages/sentara_obici_rehabilitation_services.aspx
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 Virginia BeachBayside Therapy Center, 816 Independence Blvd. - Suite 3F,
Virginia Beach, VA, VA,
Phone: 7573636178

Website: http://www.sentara.com/hospitalsfacilities/therapy-services/therapy-centers/pages/bayside_therapy_center.aspx
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 Virginia BeachHilltop Therapy Center, 1725 Laskin Road - Suite 535,
Virginia Beach, VA, VA,
Phone: 7573337000

Website: http://www.sentara.com/hospitalsfacilities/therapy-services/therapy-centers/pages/hilltop_therapy_center.aspx
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 Virginia BeachIndian River Therapy Center, 5660 Indian River Road - Suite 121,
Virginia Beach, VA, VA,
Phone: 7579614974

Website: http://www.sentara.com/hospitalsfacilities/therapy-services/therapy-centers/pages/indian_river_therapy_center.aspx
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 WarrentonFauquier Health System, Wellness Center, 419 Holiday Court - Suite 200,
Warrenton, VA, VA,
Phone: 5403162650

Website: http://www.fauquierhospital.org/body.cfm?id=524
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 WilliamsburgSentara Williamsburg Regional Medical Center, Outpatient Rehabilitation Services, 100 Sentara Circle,
Williamsburg, VA, VA,
Phone: 7579847125

Website: http://www.sentara.com/sitecollectiondocuments/sentara/pdfs/pulmonary_rehab_brochure.pdf
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 WinchesterWinchester Medical Center, 1840 Amherst Street,
Winchester, VA, VA,
Phone: 5405368188

Website: http://www.valleyhealthlink.com/c&prehab
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 WoodbridgeSentara Potomac Hospital, 2300 Opitz Blvd,
Woodbridge, VA, VA,
Phone: 7036701881

Website: http://www.potomachospital.com/services/pulmonaryrehab.asp
(Verified: 9/15/2011)
 WoodstockShenandoah Memorial Hospital, 759 South Main Street,
Woodstock, VA, VA,
Phone: 540459114822664

Website: http://www.valleyhealthlink.com/c&prehab
(Verified: 9/15/2011)


AuburnAuburn Regional Medical Center, Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 202 North Division St. - Plaza One,
Auburn, WA, 98001
Phone: 2533332559 Fax: fax: 253/333-2607
Contact: Karen Edwards MS
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 BellevueNorthern Cross, Pulmonary Rehab, 12121 Northup Way - Susite 203,
Bellevue, WA,
Fax: fax: 425/895-8110
Email: northerncrosss456@gmail.com

Website: http://www.westcoastcorfs.com/locations-wa.html
(Verified: 6/20/2012)
 BremertonCapri Heart & Lung Institute, 2601 Cherry Avenue - Suite 111,
Bremerton, WA, 98310
Phone: 3604793886 Fax: fax: 360/479-0671
Contact: Ann Taylor RN MS
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 EverettProvidence Everett Medical Center's, Pulmonary Health and Rehabilitation, 1330 Rockefeller Avenue,
Everett, WA, 98206-1147
Phone: 4252613782
Contact: Rebecca Rose RRT
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 Gig HarborHealthsouth Rehab Center, 6712 Kimball Dr. - Suite 101,
Gig Harbor, WA, 98335
Phone: 2538583550 Fax: fax: 253/858-6922

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 KentWestcoast Therapy Center, 25022 104th Ave SE - Suite B,
Kent, WA,
Fax: fax: 253/856-0674
Email: westcoasttherapy@gmail.com

Website: http://www.westcoastcorfs.com/pulmonaryrehab.html
(Verified: 6/20/2012)
 KirklandEvergreen Community Heath Care, Cardiac Health Center, 12040 N. E. 128th St.,
Kirkland, WA, 98034
Phone: 4258993770 Fax: fax: 425/899-3778

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 OlympiaProvidence St. Peter Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 413 Lilly Rd. N. E.,
Olympia, WA, 98502
Phone: 3604937496 Fax: fax: 360/493-7924
Contact: Daniel Kosenski, RRT
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 Port OrchardCapri Heart and Lung Institute, Cedar Heights Medical and Professional Ctr., 1950 Pottery Avenue - Suite 10,
Port Orchard, WA, 98366
Phone: 3608768566

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 Port OrchardHarrison Hospital P.T, 450 South Kitsap Blvd. - Suite 2400,
Port Orchard, WA, 98366
Phone: 3608956220 Fax: fax: 360/895-6239

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 Port TownsendPulmonary Rehabilitation, Jefferson General Hospital, 834 Sheridan,
Port Townsend, WA, 98368

Email: jclyde@jgh.org

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 PoulsboCapri Heart and Lung Institute, Liberty Bay Building, 20201 Front Street, NE,
Polusbo, WA, 98370
Phone: 3606972581

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 PuyallupGood Samaritan Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 16515 Meridan E. - Ste. 200-B,
Puyallup, WA, 98375-6207
Phone: 2534358141 Fax: fax: 253/840-8142
Contact: RoNell Chaisson RN BS
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 SeattleNorthwest Therapy Center, Pulmonary Rehab, 320 NE 97th Street - Suite B,
Seattle, WA,
Fax: fax: 206/523-1330
Contact: Nicole DannerEmail: northwesttherapycenter@gmail.com

Website: http://www.northwesttherapycenter.com/rt.html
(Verified: 6/20/2012)
 Sedro WoolleyAffiliated Health Services, L. I. F. E. Services, 1971 Hwy. 20,
Sedro Woolley, WA, 98284
Phone: 3608567524 Fax: fax: 360/856-7254
Contact: Rosemarie Seholm RN CEmail: cairoldi@affiliatedhealth.org

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 SheltonMason General Hospital P.T., 901 Mountainview Dr.,
Shelton, WA, 98584
Phone: 2064279545 Fax: fax: 206/427-3603

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 SilverdaleGreen Mountain - Harrison Rehab, 1800 NW Myre Road,
Silverdale, WA, 98383
Phone: 3603378980 Fax: fax: 360/337-8983

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 SpokaneSt. Luke's Rehabilitation Institute, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 711 S. Cowley - Suite 1044,
Spokane, WA, 99202
Phone: 5096253032 Fax: fax: 509/625-3375
Contact: C. Joyce Kratz Klatt MSEmail: klattc@empirehealth.org

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 StanwoodStanwood Camano Medical Center, 9631 269th NW,
Stanwood, WA, 98292
Phone: 3606295823

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 TacomaAllenmore Hospital - MultiCare Health System, 19U-H1-RT, PO Box 11414,
Tacoma, WA, 98411
Phone: 2534596623 Fax: fax: 253/459-6212
Contact: Kathy Bailey RRT RPFT
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 White SalmonSkyline Hospital, Pulmonary Conditioning , 211 Skyline Dr., PO Box 99,
White Salmon, WA, 98672
Phone: 5094931101 Fax: fax: 509/493-3270
Contact: Michelle Gilmer LRCP
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 YakimaYakima Valley Memorial Hospital , Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 2811 Tieton Drive,
Yakima, WA, 98902
Phone: 5095758110
Contact: Holly Tull RRT
(Verified: 9/16/2011)


AppletonAppleton Medical Center, Cardiac Rehabilitation, 1818 N. Meade St.,
Appleton, WI, 54911
Phone: 9207386363 Fax: fax: 920/831-5000
Contact: Tess Reedy-Strous RN
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 AppletonSt. Elizabeth Hospital, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 1506 S.  Oneida St.,
Appleton, WI, 54915
Phone: 9207382448 Fax: fax: 920/738-2685
Contact: Harriette Janssen RRT
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 BaldwinBaldwin Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 730 10th Ave.,
Baldwin, WI, 54002-0300
Phone: 7156843311 Fax: fax: 715/684-4757
Contact: Bonnie Berger RN ESEmail: bonnieberger@hotmail.com

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 Beaver DamBeaver Dam Community Hospital, CAREing Hearts / PREP Pulmonary Rehab, 707 S. University Ave.,
Beaver Dam, WI, 53916
Phone: 9208874039 Fax: fax: 920/887-5970
Contact: Tracy Herrewig MS
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 CharlestonCharleston Area Medical Center, Cardiovascular Rehabilitation, 3200 MacCorkle Ave. S.E.,
Charleston, WV, 25304
Phone: 3043488724 Fax: fax: 304/348-5961
Contact: Chuck Menders RRTEmail: tfocht@camcare.com

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 ClarksburgUnited Hospital Center, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, PO Box 1680,
Clarksburg, WV, 26302
Phone: 3046242740 Fax: fax: 304/624-2932
Contact: Cheryl A. Forley RN BSN
(Verified: n/a)
 Eau ClaireLuther Hospital-Mayo Health System, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 1221 Whipple St.,
Eau Claire, WI, 54702-4105
Phone: 7158386137 Fax: fax: 715/838-3845
Contact: Kurt Steil MAEmail: steil.charlie@mayo.edu

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 Eau ClaireSacred Heart Hospital, Cardiac Rehab Program/Pulmonary Rehab Program, 900 W. Clairemont Ave.,
Eau Claire, WI, 54701
Phone: 7158394342 Fax: fax: 715/833-6102
Contact: Brad McNutt
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 FairmontFairmont General Hospital, 1325 Locust Ave.,
Fairmont, WV, 26554
Fax: fax: 304/367-7167
Contact: Alanna Wyant RN BSN
(Verified: n/a)
 Fort AtkinsonFort Atkinson Memorial Health Services, Cardiopulmonary  Rehabilitation, 611 E. Sherman Ave.,
Fort Atkinson, WI, 53563
Phone: 9205685447 Fax: fax: 920/568-5042
Contact: Katy O'Brien RN BSN
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 Green BayBellin Hospital, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 744 S. Webster Ave.,
Green Bay, WI, 54301
Phone: 9204333626 Fax: fax: 920/433-3771
Contact: Joseph Roethle MSEmail: cardiac@bellin.org.

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 Green BayGreen Bay Heart Care SC, Cardiac Rehabilitation, 1727 Shawano Ave.,
Green Bay, WI, 54303
Phone: 9204968877 Fax: fax: 920/496-9040

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 GreenfieldSunrise Health Center Greenfield, 4848 South 76th Street - Suite 203,
Greenfield, WI, 53220
Phone: 4142828180

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 HillsboroSt. Joseph's Community Health Services Inc, Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 400 Water Ave., PO Box 527,
Hillsboro, WI, 54634
Fax: fax: 608/489-2211
Contact: Toni Tengblad RN MS
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 JanesvilleMercy Health System, Cardiopulmonary Rehab, 1010 N. Washington St.,
Janesville, WI, 53545
Fax: fax: 608/756-6570
Contact: Laura Baumgardner RRT
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 KenoshaKenosha Hospital & Medical Center, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 6308 8th Ave.,
Kenosha, WI, 53143
Fax: fax: 414/656-2124
Contact: Sally Berzinsky MS RD
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 La CrosseGundersen Lutheran Medical Center, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 1836 South Ave.,
LaCrosse, WI, 54601
Fax: fax: 608/791-4466
Email: pfkothar@gundluth.org

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 La CrosseMayo Clinic Health System Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation , Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 700 West Ave. S,
La Crosse, WI, 54601

Contact: Rachael Feucht RN
(Verified: 1/15/2016)
 La CrosseUniversity of Wisconsin-La Crosse, La Crosse Exercise & Health Program, 221 Mitchell Hall,
La Crosse, WI, 54601
Fax: fax: 608/785-8686
Contact: Kristi CadwellEmail: porcari@mail.uwlax.edu

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 MadisonMeriter Hospital, Center for Health Promotion, 202 S. Park St.,
Madison, WI, 53715
Fax: fax: 608/267-6198
Contact: Jane Nelson WorelEmail: jnelsonworel@meriter.com

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 MadisonSt. Mary's Hospital Medical Center, Cardiac Rehabilitation, 707 S. Mills  St.,
Madison, WI, 53715
Fax: fax: 608/258-6176
Contact: Meg Sanville RN BSNEmail: msanville@ssmhc.com

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 MadisonUniversity Hospital & Clinics, Preventive Cardiology, 621 Science Dr.,
Madison, WI, 53711
Fax: fax: 608/263-1987
Contact: Eileen Statz BSNEmail: dk.corradini@hosp.wisc.edu

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 ManitowocHoly Family Memorial, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 2300 Western Ave.,
Manitowoc, WI, 54220
Fax: fax: 920/684-2522
Contact: Nancy White
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 MarshfieldMarshfield Clinic, Marshfield Heart Care Cardc & Pulm Rehab, 1000 N. Oak Ave.,
Marshfield, WI, 54449
Fax: fax: 715/387-5240
Contact: Chris Radtke MSEmail: radtkecj@mfldclin.edu

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 MartinsburgCity Hospital Inc., Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 1418 Dry Run Road,
Martinsburg, WV, 25401
Fax: fax: 304/264-1331
Contact: Carol Copenhaver RN
(Verified: n/a)
 Menomee FallsCommunity Memorial Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, W180 N8085 Townhall Rd.,
Menomonee Falls, WI, 53051
Fax: fax: 414/253-7170
Contact: Cherie Rybicki MS RRT
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 MequonEndeavor Therapy, 11649 N. Port Washington Rd.,
Mequon Wisconsin, WI, 53092
Fax: fax: 262/241-8894
Contact: Karen Block
Website: http://deavortherapy.com
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 MilwaukeeColumbia Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Wellness &Rehabilitation, 2025 E. Newport Ave.,
Milwaukee, WI, 53211
Fax: fax: 414/961-5542
Contact: Sandy Harris MSN RNC
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 MilwaukeeSt. Joseph's Hospital, Cardiac Rehabilitation, 5000 W. Chambers,
Milwaukee, WI, 53210
Fax: fax: 414/874-4327
Contact: Patti White RNEmail: pwhite@covhealth.org

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 MilwaukeeSt. Michael Hospital, 2400 West Villard Avenue,
Milwaukee, WI, 53209

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 MorgantownWest Virginia University Hospitals Inc, Cardiac & Pulmonary Health Rehabilitation, 8003 Medical Center Dr, ,
Morgantown, WV, 26506-8003
Fax: fax: 304/598-4277
Contact: Robert M. Ortiz RRT RPFTEmail: johnsonm@rcbhsc.wvu.edu

(Verified: n/a)
 New RichmondHoly Family Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Services, 535 Hospital Rd.,
New Richmond, WI, 54017
Fax: fax: 715/243-7222
Contact: Greg Gartner RRT RN
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 OconomowocOconomowoc Memorial Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Services, 791 Summit Ave.,
Oconomowoc, WI, 53066-3896
Fax: fax: 262/569-0374
Contact: Kris Crabtree CRT
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 ParkersburgHEALTHSOUTH Western Hills Rehabilitation Hospital, 3 Western Hills Drive,
Parkersburg, WV,
Fax: fax: 304/420-1374

(Verified: n/a)
 PetersburgGrant Memorial Hospital, Heart Healthy Cardiopulmonary Rehab, ,
Petersburg, WV,
Fax: fax: 304/257-2537
Contact: Christopher A. PetskoEmail: epetsko@access.mountain.net

(Verified: n/a)
 ReedsburgReedsburg Area Medical Center, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 2000 N. Dewey Ave.,
Reedsburg, WI,
Fax: fax: 608/524-6566
Contact: Bonnie L. Falk RN
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 Rice LakeLakeview Medical Center, Cardiac Rehab, 1100 N. Main St.,
Rice Lake, WI,
Fax: fax: 715/234-4465
Contact: Kathy J. Linden RN BSN
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 RiponRipon Medical Center, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 933 Newbury St.,
Ripon, WI,
Fax: fax: 920/748-9104
Contact: Rose Lindekugel RRT
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 ShawanoShawano Medical Center, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 309 N.Bartlette Street,
Shawano, WI, 54166-2199

Contact: Kathy Kilboy RRT RPFT
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 SheboyganSheboygan Memorial Medical Center, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 2629 N. 7th St.,
Sheboygan, WI, 53083-4998
Fax: fax: 920/451-5367
Contact: Sandra Pungarcher RN
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 SheboyganSt. Nicholas Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 1601 N. Taylor Dr.,
Sheboygan, WI, 53081-1930
Fax: fax: 920/451-7284
Contact: Carolyn Verhage RN C BSNEmail: cverhage@mail.tcbi.com

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 StanleyVictory Medical Center, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 230 E. 4th Ave. Stanley,
Stanley, WI,

Contact: Lydia Awe RT
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 Stevens PointSt. Michael's Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 900 Illinois Ave.,
Stevens Point, WI,
Fax: fax: 715/346-5418
Contact: Kelly Shields Med
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 SturgeonDoor County Memorial Hospital, Cardiopulmonary, 323 S. 18th Ave.,
Sturgeon Bay, WI,
Fax: fax: 920/746-9701
Contact: Barbara Landowski RN
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 ViroquaVernon Memorial Hospital, HEART Center Cardio-Pulmonary Rehab, 507 S. Main,
Viroqua, WI,
Fax: fax: 608/637-2141
Contact: Bonnie Anderson MSEmail: banderson292@hotmail.com

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 WatertownWatertown Memorial Hospital, 125 Hospital Drive,
Watertown, WI,

Contact: Jill Smith RCPEmail: pulmonaryrehab@wahs.com

(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 WaukeshaWaukesha Memorial Hospital, Cariovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 725 American Avenue,
Waukesha, WI,
Fax: fax: 262/928-4676
Email: heidi.becker@phci.org

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 WausauWausau Hospital, Cardiac Rehabilitation, 333 Pine Ridge Blvd.,
Wausau, WI,
Fax: fax: 715/847-2026
Contact: David Sazama RRTEmail: daves@waushosp.org

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 WeirtonWeirton Medical Center, Cardiac-Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 601 Colliers Way,
Weirton, WV,
Fax: fax: 304/797-6421
Contact: Carletta Williams MSN CCRN
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 West BendSt. Joseph's Community Hospital, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 551 S. Silverbrook Dr.,
West Bend, WI,
Fax: fax: 414/334-8484
Contact: Maggie Seideman RN CCRN
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 Wisconsin RapidsRiverview Hospital Association, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 410 Dewey St., PO Box 8080,
Wisconsin Rapids, WI,
Fax: fax: 715/421-7576
Contact: Kim Radtke MSEmail: car.radkim@rha1.org

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 WoodruffHoward Young Medical Center, Cardiopulmonary Rehab, P. O. Box 470,
Woodruff, WI,

Contact: Beverly Hart RRT
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CheyenneCheyenne Regional Medical Center Pulmonary Rehab, 2600 East 18th Street,
Cheyenne, WY,
Fax: fax: 307/633-7287
Contact: Karen Buck
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 RivertonRiverton Memorial Hospital, Cardiac Health & Rehabilitation, 2100 W. Sunset Dr.,
Riverton, WY,
Fax: fax: 307/857-3586
Contact: Kemper Funk RN
(Verified: 9/16/2011)
 SheridanWyoming Rehabilitation Clinic, Cardio & Pulmo Rehab & Wellness , 17 E. Grinnell, PO Box 6542,
Sheridan, WY,
Fax: fax: 307/674-1634
Contact: Jeannine W. Beisher MS EP
(Verified: 9/16/2011)

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