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Advocacy, Awareness & COPD in the News


Talking Points for Presentations

Latest Statistics — CDC By State

COPD Foundation — The COPD Action Center

2002 Statistics — National Lung, Heart and Blood Institute

COPD Awareness Month

NIH statement on World COPD Day 2018

State COPD Legislation Passed in 2012

2012 COPD Proclamations Page

2011 COPD Proclamations Page

Letters to Editor

COPD in the News & Advocacy Projects

2019 COPD Foundation News and Events

2019 Important Alert for Medicare Patients Who Use Supplemental Oxygen–especially Liquid O2 Circulated 1/16/2019 via copdfoundation.org

LUNG REGENERATION Mayo Clinic center For Regenerative medicine

What exercises can help increase lung capacity? Last reviewed 11/23/2018

Optimizing US Home Oxygen Therapy – Addressing patient and clinician reports of problems with home oxygen accessibility Published in December 2018 Abstract

COPD and Anxiety: Researchers Test Promising Approach Published 11/27/2018

Which Patients With COPD Are Affected the Most by Extreme Weather? Published 11/14/2018

New Mucus Study Could Hold the Key to Clearing Your Phlegm Published 11/13/2018

Humidity Levels and COPD Last reviewed 11/12/2018

To Better Treat COPD, Scientists Look to Tailored Approaches for Deadly Lung Disease Published 11/9/2018

What to know about steroids for COPD Last reviewed 10/25/2018

Mucus, Cough and Chronic Lung Disease: New Discoveries Public Release 10/24/2018

Myths about COPD Circulated 10/17/2018 via copdfoundation.org

Does COPD Show Up on an X-ray? Last reviewed 10/17/2018

Does High Altitude Affect COPD? Last reviewed 10/9/2018

Smoking & Tobacco

Still Smoking with Emphysema?

Cigarette Anyone?

Patient Stories

Quitsters–Stop Smoking Group


American Lung Association

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